Bristol homecoming, day 2

July 23, 2012 at 5:28 pm

Coming back to Bristol is always nostalgic. Having grown up here, it will always feel like home. It only takes one trip to Food City, though, to remind me how glad I am that I don’t live here anymore. Bristol is in the heart of Appalachia and all that it entails. When I was in high school I could not wait to escape. Then again, my brain was probably affected by the amount of hair spray that I used back then.

This is one of my senior photos. I was the master at the big hair thing.


This family photo, taken the same year (1987), had to be entirely posed around my hair.


The 80’s were so awesome.

Last night started out with everyone hanging out in the basement.


Cody and the boys are enjoying each other so much.





They have taught Cody to do “foot high-fives”.



Nobody is enjoying themselves more than Grandma, though.




Cal FINALLY found someone who will listen to an explanation of how awesome Mine Craft is.



But the real reason we all headed to the basement was to listen to some of Dad’s classic vinyl. Elvis, Roy Orbison, Neil Diamond…this is what I grew up on.


Elvis was one year older than my Dad, and he has always been a huge fan.



I grew up having basement dance parties on the regular, and the tradition continues to the next generation.






Motorcycles, Elvis, and guns. That was my Dad when I was a kid. Oh, and surgery too. I know that he worked super long hours and had a very high-stress job, but what I really remember are the one-to-one motorcycle trips (that’s what he called it when he would take just me or just my sister on a long motorcycle ride, even some overnighters), the family picnics at Kettlefoot shooting range, and the dance parties in the basement. I must have heard “Sweet Caroline” (both Elvis’ and Neil Diamond’s renditions) a thousand times as a little girl.


Later in the evening the boys were playing outside and Cody slipped on the wet driveway and busted his lip.


There was lots of blood and tears, but he’s okay. Maybe my sister’s last words before she went back to Charlotte for the week shouldn’t have been, “Don’t let Cody get hurt!” Sorry Janet.

After that, things calmed down a bit and Cal introduced Cody to the wonders of YouTube.


This morning I grossed my Mom out with my oatmeal and scrambled eggbeaters.


Whatever. I was kind of grossed out by my Dad’s NRA mug.


Of the many ways in which I have disappointed my Dad, my ultra-liberalism is probably one of the biggest.

After breakfast the kids, my Mom, and I headed to the YMCA for some exercise and fun.



This is the same YMCA where we used to have “lock-ins” as a teenager. It really hasn’t changed much in 30 years.


Mom took the kids swimming and I headed to the Nautilus room to get my “ModelFit” workout on. Apparently east Tennessee has not heard of foam rolling, because I searched all the fitness rooms and storage areas and asked around, but no foam roller was to be found. I tried to use this old roller off of a Nautilus machine…


but it totally didn’t work. It was too squishy. I ended up doing all my “rolling” with my sky ball and tennis ball.


It wasn’t ideal, but I did the best I could. I did the ModelFit mobility (foam rolling + stretching) and warm up routines, then did the adaptation routine. You can see the entire ModelFit workout here: ModelFit Adaptation Routine. I think that link may not have worked previously, but it should work now. I hope.


I am still totally not sticking with the ModelFit diet plan, but at least I am consistently doing the workouts! My plan is to get back to the diet plan once I am home in Florida. That’s the “plan” anyway.

My Mom and I had taken separate cars to the YMCA and they got home way before I did. When I got home there was some more old family friends over to visit. It was one of our neighbors from the neighborhood that I grew up in, and she brought her granddaughter over to play with the boys. They had a great time and played for hours.



While the boys were entertaining and being entertained, I ran to Wal-Mart via Goosepimple Junction.



Goosepimple Junction, Virginia…population 154. Bristol is right on the state lines of Tennessee and Virginia. Driving to Wal-Mart involved driving through the boondocks and weaving back and forth through the Tennessee side and the Virginia side. That is life in Bristol. It may be podunk and rural, but there are mountain views everywhere you look.


Wal-Mart is pretty much the same everywhere.


I found what I was looking for. I guess east Tennessee HAS heard of foam rolling. It just hasn’t made it to the YMCA yet.


Now my Mom has taken all the boys to a nearby elementary school to play on the playground. The fun never ends at Grandma’s house! Tomorrow I am going to go to Rotary with my Dad. The fun never ends I tell ya! Cya.