Blog aversion Wednesday

August 1, 2012 at 11:37 am

I’ve been suffering from post-vacation letdown, feeling under the weather, PMS, laundry overload, and blog aversion.

Last days in Bristol:

Awesome visit to the beautiful farm of some friends. This is East Tennessee at its finest. Just minutes from my parents’ house.



The boys got to ride 4-wheelers and we got to see swarms of hummingbirds.


Chad and I went out Friday night and met up with a dozen or so of my Tennessee High School classmates.


I didn’t take any pics of our little pre-reunion reunion. It was so great to see my friends, though. After 25 years these people still feel like people I hang out with all the time. Growing up in a small town together really makes you close to your classmates.

On Saturday morning we went for a mountain trail hike at Sugar Hollow in Bristol, Virginia.


It was between 1.5 and 2 miles, but it was extremely vertical. First almost straight up, then almost straight down. It was beautiful hiking through the heavy Appalachian forest.


Afterwards we let the kids play at the park at the entrance to the trails.


Saturday night Chad and I got cleaned up for my 25th high school reunion (the official party). On my parents’ deck:




I had a blast at my reunion. I caught up with childhood friends from elementary school, my fellow band geeks who I spent high school traveling with (teenagers in hotels…fun times), the people who I went through puberty with.


I brought my yearbook and everyone passed it around and laughed at themselves with their 80’s hair.


We are so much cooler now.


It was great to see all of you!


After we got back my friend Jen sent me this on Facebook:

cc jj then and now

Sorry that taffeta and puffy sleeves are no longer in.

The evening went by very quickly for me, especially after that Patrón (double?) shot with Julie.


Thanks to Shannon for sending me this picture (trying to redeem my arms a bit after that photo above):


Chad was a very good husband at the reunion. I told him all he had to do was sit there and look pretty and I made him wear a name tag that said “Mr. Caroline Calcote”. He was a good sport and was our official photographer. You were awesome honey, thanks.

I was seriously dragging ass on Sunday when we had to head to the airport early for our flight home. I was so glad when we finally made it and I think I did less than nothing the rest of the day. No pictures, so nothing happened.

On Monday the boys started All-Sports Camp at Eckerd College.



They have been exhausted and sore ever since. Sounds like they are doing sports and games all day long, ending with swimming. They also went to karate Monday late afternoon after camp, and last night had testing for their next belts.




Mack is now a purple belt.


Cal is now a red belt. (At their karate place the top four belts are purple, red, brown, and black).


Chad met me at karate and we switched cars. I met my friend Ali downtown and we headed out to Gulfport for a food tour we had purchased on Living Social.


We were a little early so we started with a drink at the Neptune Grille.


Then we walked down and met our tour guide in front of Can San’s.


We had a fun evening stopping for tastes at six different restaurants in Gulfport. We ended up stuffed and got to try lots of places that we had walked by countless times over the years but never tried. It was really cool to get to see the venue and menu and have a sample at so many different places in one night. Thanks Ali and Deborah!

So I’ve been doing nothing but driving the kids and laundry and feeling blah since vacation. I know I need to get back to the gym. Back to reality! Maybe this post will break my blog and life aversion.