Chevy Go For The Gold Challenge

August 13, 2012 at 2:40 pm

The last few days have once again thrown me for a loop. I have lots of things rolling around in my head that I would like to blog about, but this is the last week of summer vacation and I intend to enjoy it with the boys and not stress about the blog. I expect things will get back to normal around here once the boys start school again.

I did do something really fun yesterday that I want to share. The Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers were invited to participate in a fun event with GM in the Southeast.

chevy logo

Four of my blogger buddies and I teamed up to represent the TBLB.


Front Row: Kat of Sneakers & Fingerpaints, Jennifer of Delicious Fitness, Genna of R is for Running   Back Row: me and Steph of Kitchen Kilometers.

We met at Cinco Soccer in Tampa.



We were competing against three other teams for points based on athletic challenges and engaging in social media throughout the day (posting to the GM in the Southeast Facebook page and using the Twitter hashtag #ChevyGoForTheGold).


First up was, of course, soccer! We were up against Team FitLife Foods.


It was extremely hot at noon on that soccer field and although none of us knew what we were doing, we gave it our all. Thanks to Genna for being our goalie! Soccer is tough. I now have a real appreciation for shin guards, which we didn’t have. We did have cute socks, though.


Even though we lost our soccer match 2-0, we were ahead in points at the end of the first round due to our combined social media prowess. I may have been playing soccer with my phone in my hand (you can’t use your hands anyway, right?).

After round one lunch was provided at Cinco Soccer by FitLife Foods.


I had the Chicken Panong, which was cold Asian-flavored sliced chicken with an edamame and carrot salad.


They also had chicken wraps and salmon options, as well as cookies and chips.


As lunch was wrapping up Nicole, the event organizer, gave us our choice of vehicles as the big losers in the soccer match. I decided to go with the most luxury of the vehicles…the Escalade.


A white diamond Escalade hybrid, to be exact.


I snatched the keys and bolted to the driver’s seat got to drive first.


Steph was my co-pilot and these three misfits were the peanut gallery.



Compared to my 7 year old micro-minivan, I felt like I was driving a luxury model of the space shuttle. The technology in this vehicle was crazy.



Steph was familiar with the OnStar system, so she got us connected to the on-board advisor, who hooked us up with turn-by-turn navigation displayed on the dash board.


We had been given an envelope with the address of our next destination, but no other information. We were headed to Pinellas Park on the other side of the bay.

During our 40 minute drive we checked out all the cool features of the Escalade, like heated and cooled cup holders.


Individual monitors and DVD players on the back of the seats in the second and third rows.


USB ports on every seat!


An AC/DC plug in the back. For some reason I thought this was especially cool. I could blow-dry my hair in the car!


Finally we found our next location, Bogie’s Beach Bar.



We were playing beach volleyball!


Again, we lost to our opponents (I think the score was 17-21), but we still got 17 points to add to our overall total, and one of the teams we didn’t play against only got 5 points in volleyball, so we weren’t feeling too shabby. We were feeling hot and sweaty and sandy, though.


Genna drove the next leg of the challenge…back to Tampa.


This time I got to sit in the back and fiddle with all of the car’s features, while Steph relaxed in the third row.



The next destination was Stars Gymnastics.


We were wildly speculating what we would be asked to do here.


Ribbons on sticks!


We ended up choreographing a short routine and were scored by the judges. I think we got 15 points and all of the other teams each got 16. Drats. Still, once back in the car we were determined to tweet and post to Facebook as much as we could on the last leg, which Jennifer drove.


We got passed by the paparazzi.


Actually, the whole event was captured by a professional videographer and the edited video will be posted on the GM in the Southeast Facebook page once it is ready. I’ll try to remember to link to it once it is up so that you can hopefully check out our awesome gymnastics routine.

We ended up back at Cinco Soccer to sadly say goodbye to our beautiful Escalade.


Awards were given and in overall points, the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers tied for second place. I was happy with that, but mostly I was happy that I got to have a fun experience with friends. We were all exhausted but smiling at the end of the day.

Individually, I won “Best Use of Social Media” and got a Starbucks gift card!


I can type “#ChevyGoForTheGold” super fast now. Sorry if you follow me and got sick of the tweets yesterday.

Thanks to GM in the Southeast for the opportunity, and thanks to Genna, Kat, Steph, and Jennifer for stepping up to the challenge with me! You guys are awesome.

I was completely exhausted by the time I arrived home from the event. I have a huge bruise on the inside of my left shin from blocking a soccer ball, I somehow wrenched the big toe of my right foot, and of course my right hip hurts…but that’s another blog topic altogether. Basically I am now a triangle of pain and I’m wondering if I am too old for such shenanigans.

There are lots of fun and fascinating things coming up this week…hope I am inspired to blog about them!