Baking with Amy

August 18, 2012 at 12:44 pm

Lately Cal has shown lots of interest in cooking. He stumbled across a YouTube video for making “pancakes” a while ago and was adamant about making them. It turned out that the YouTuber was British, and the “pancakes” were actually crepes, but Cal did a great job and they turned out pretty delicious.


When I posted that picture on Instagram and Facebook, my friend Amy (fellow IRunMommies member and blogger at Bake with Amy) invited us over for a little baking session. Cal was totally into the idea.


Amy is part of a group of bloggers who are following along with the blog Tuesdays with Dorie and baking recipes from the cookbook Baking with Julia. The book is based on the television series that Julia Childs did where she baked with America’s most famous bakers. This month they were making the popover recipe.


Amy was very patient with Cal and explained to him some basic baking concepts and we talked about how baking differs from cooking, like the fact that you have to be precise in your measurements when baking.


The popover recipe is pretty quick and simple. Everything just gets whizzed up in the blender, then poured into buttered muffin tins.


Cal helped with all the steps.


While the popovers were baking, Cal taught Amy’s daughter, Dorothy, how to make paper hats out of newspaper.


Isn’t Dorothy adorable? She is totally a mini-Amy.


Amy is pretty mini to begin with…did you notice that Cal is almost as big as she is?

cal and amy

The popovers smelled amazing and we all got hungry and impatient waiting for them to come out of the oven, but finally it was time.



They did stick to the pan just a bit, and were kind of hard to get out mostly because the pan and the popovers were both piping hot.


But finally Amy got them all out and they were beautiful.



Amy had a variety of condiments for us to choose from…honey, butter, several types of jam.


There was lots of “mmmmm-ing” going on around the table. The popovers were so good right from the oven. They are pretty much hollow inside and have kind of an eggy flavor.


I chose “bourbon peach” jam for mine. Amy said she got that jam in a jam exchange that she participated in.


Both boys said that they had so much fun baking with Amy. Thanks for having us Amy…you are the best. I can’t wait to see what you make next!

We’ll see if Cal’s interest in cooking and baking continues. I’ll definitely be encouraging it! I’d be more than happy to turn the kitchen over to him as long as everything he wants to make doesn’t involve syrup or jam (but I’m not holding my breath).