Turning 11 and starting middle school

August 19, 2012 at 9:20 pm

On Friday my first born baby turned eleven years old. How did this happen?


It just so happened that the day of his birthday was also the day of sixth grade orientation at his new middle school. It was a big day for Cal. Thanks to my friends Tanya and Julie for driving the carpool that day so I didn’t even have to drive at all!


When Cal got home from his half day of school he filled me in on everything that happened and was excited to show me the combination lock for his first ever school locker. Then we opened some birthday presents from family.



The rest of the day was spent running some errands and getting ready for Cal’s sleepover birthday party. In the late afternoon all his buddies arrived and they played outside for a while.


Mack had one friend over also so he wouldn’t be left out.





After they were good and sweaty we headed inside for Cal to open gifts from his friends.


Pretty soon Chad got home bearing Baconators (well, Sons of Baconators) from Wendy’s, which was Cal’s request for his birthday dinner.


Then they headed outside and took turns shooting arrows in the back yard.



When they came back in things settled down and they had some screen time. Five kids, three iPods, three laptops. Overprivileged much?


It’s amazing how quiet they were during screen time. Who needs to talk anymore when you can just message the kid sitting next to you?

Soon it was time for cake!



After they were fully loaded with sugar they ran around the house and acted like immature children until it was good and dark outside so that we could launch a few sky lanterns.



Those things were so cool! Since it was pitch dark out I couldn’t really get a picture of the things floating off into space (I had to use a tripod to get the photos above), but watching the flaming balloon disappear into the sky was neat.

After the sky lanterns the kids all watched Billy Madison (Adam Sandler) and judging from the hysterical laughter I heard coming from our great room, they thoroughly enjoyed it. After that it was around midnight and they finally all went to bed. It only took about a dozen “you guys be quiet!”s before they all zonked out.

The next morning we served a healthy breakfast of Dunkin Donuts and bacon.



One by one the boys got picked up by their parents, Chad took Mack to his school’s open house, then he and the boys ran errands. In the afternoon Cal got to open all the rest of his birthday gifts from family.



He got a “penny board” skateboard, which both he and Mack have been riding all over the house ever since.


They are only allowed to ride it in the house while it is new. Once it hits the streets, it is no longer allowed on our floors.

Cal said he had a great birthday and I hope all the kids had fun. I handled the party pretty well with my trusty margaritas and the company of red angry bird.


I really like having “big” kids. I’m glad they are getting older and becoming the people they were meant to be. Still, I get wistful for the memories of my babies. It goes by so fast.