Back to school again and a new plan

August 21, 2012 at 9:14 am

Yesterday was the boys’ first day of school…again!

first day of school

The first day of school always feels like another New Years Day. A new beginning. So I have been telling myself for the past couple of weeks that this would be a new beginning for me as well. I am starting a new plan. It’s called moderation. I’ve never done tried this plan before, but I’ve heard that it’s the way to go.

I’ve made vague references to having “issues” regarding working out recently, and I guess the reason that I haven’t just written it all out until now is that I’ve been seriously bummed out about it. Two weeks ago from today was my week to start back with running and begin my training program for the Women’s Half Marathon in November. My first run of two miles went pretty well. I was slow and there was some walking, but my hip felt fine and I didn’t have pain afterwards.


Two days later I set out for another two miles and I thought it went even better. I did the two miles with no walking and shaved a minute off of my pace from the previous time. I was feeling really good about it right when I was finished.


However, as the day wore on my hip started aching, and I iced it. When I woke up the next morning it was really painful…the pain was back in full force, as strong as it had ever been. I was limping and felt morose. After multiple orthopedic visits, oral and injectable steroids, four weeks of physical therapy, and six weeks completely off of running I was right back where I started. I felt like all of that time and considerable money (all eight PT sessions, two ortho appointments, and the meds all required co-pays) was just a waste.

I limped around for a couple of days and finally came to the conclusion that I just shouldn’t run. The orthopedist had warned me that this could happen, because the root of my problem is a congenital defect in my hip. The ball of my femur doesn’t sit in my hip socket quite right, which is what eventually led to my IT band tendonitis. It’s a mystery to me that I was able to run for two years without this intense pain and now I can’t, but that’s just the way it is.

So for now, my running days are behind me. The ortho told me that I would almost certainly have arthritis in my hip when I am older, and it just isn’t logical for me to continue stressing it just so that I can keep crossing finish lines and getting medals. I really want to be able to walk when I am 70.

I withdrew from my Ragnar team and I don’t plan to do half marathons this season. I’m not going to say “never again” to running, because who knows? Maybe if I take a really extended amount of time off of running, like a year or something, I can go back to it. I still think I can do shorter races which don’t require training to be able to complete, like 5K’s or obstacle course runs (shorter ones). Of course I’m thinking “run/walk” when I say that. Races and events are fun, and I don’t want to think that I can never do them again. I still want to be able to do family 5Ks, and I think I can. I just don’t think I can run three times a week and continue to pile on the miles during training any more. Time will tell what I am able to do.

Realizing that I was going to have to give up on my Ragnar dream really put me in a funk. I didn’t work out at all for a week. I just kept thinking about what I really want to do as far as fitness goes, and finally I came to the conclusion that I just want to get back to basics. The ModelFit program has been amazing and I have learned so much. Chris the trainer is a great guy and I’m so glad that I met him and got to work with him, but for now I just want to go back to what I love…Bodypump, yoga, the elliptical, biking, swimming, walking.

To that end I went back to the gym on Sunday for Bodypump for the first time in over six weeks.


It felt great.


Afterwards I did twenty minutes on the elliptical.


I don’t want to be a fitness model. I don’t have to try to be this middle-aged, overweight athlete. I just want to be healthy. My new plan is to try to get some kind of exercise every day, try not to get pulled into the lure of “excessercising”, and to try to eat well. I really hate making any pronouncement of what I’m going to do, because then it won’t happen. I just want to try to break my “all or nothing” mentality.

So back to yesterday and the first day of school…new sneakers.


I drove Mack to school since I had about six grocery bags full of supplies for his teacher from her wish list.


Hello Mrs. G! Ready for third grade.


Albert McGhee = “Mack”.


Cal’s school starts an hour later than Mack’s. After I got home from taking Mack to school I drove Cal to his bus stop where he met up with his friend Cameron.


The bus stop is .7 miles from his house and eventually Cal and Cameron may walk there, but for now I’m driving him. I stuck around so I could watch him get on the bus…


his first time ever riding a school bus to school. In our county, if you live closer than 2 miles from your school, there is no bus. We are only about a mile from their elementary school, but the middle school he is going to is quite a bit further away.


When I got home I made breakfast, featuring strawberry butter and cantaloupe from Parkesdale Farm Market.


After breakfast I took Chewie for a long walk since we didn’t walk to school yesterday.


It was already scorching hot, even at 9:00 a.m.



After walking I showered and got cleaned up to meet some friends for a moms’ back to school yahoo lunch.


We went to Bowled, a local favorite.



My friend Kathy recently won $200 in gift cards from Bowled by getting the most friends to “like” their Facebook page, so she treated me!


I got the “this ‘n’ that”, which is a 1/2 and 1/2 combo of wrap and/or sandwich and/or salad and/or soup. I got the BLT&T (BLT & turkey) and black bean soup.


Both were good, but the black bean soup was really outstanding. Kind of spicy. Kathy also ordered the sweet potato chips (made fresh in house) with Thai chili sauce and I had to try them. Amazing.


I had a great time hanging out with the ladies. Thanks for inviting me and treating me to lunch Kathy!

After lunch I ran back home for a few minutes, then picked Mack up from school. We hung out at home for a bit until it was time to go pick Cal up.


He will ride the bus home some days, but today I had to pick him up so that we could make it to karate on time. New school, new car line.


I got there pretty early because I was worried about the timing and making it to karate, so Mack and I had to sit in the car line for about 25 minutes. He got his daily reading done while we were sitting there. It worked out fine, though, and we made it to karate. I spent almost the entire hour and a half (the boys have back to back 45 minute classes each) filling out forms for Cal’s school. I did the same thing for Mack’s school on Sunday after his open house on Saturday. Filling out the same info on form after form, year after year, is so annoying. Aren’t we in the digital age?


Each teacher had a rules sheet that Cal and I had to sign. Geez.


Cal’s middle school is a “fundamental” school, which means they have strict rules. I was never interested in a fundamental school for the boys for elementary, especially since our neighborhood school is so good, but mostly because all the rules freak me out. Parents must attend all the PTA meetings, you must sign all homework and the agenda every day, and a ton of other things. It just makes me nervous that I’ll screw up somehow and Cal will pay the price. I guess we’ll get used to it.

Before we left to pick Cal up from school I stuck a few frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the crock pot with some potatoes and poured a little lite balsamic vinaigrette over the whole thing. When we got home from karate the house smelled awesome. This looks kind of gross because I forgot to take a picture before I cut everything up, but it turned out pretty good. I love the crock pot.


Now I’m caught up through the end of yesterday! Wish me luck in my quest for moderation. It does not come naturally to me.