Elliptical, Bodypump, Yoga+Dali, Isaac

August 26, 2012 at 6:59 pm

Yesterday afternoon Chad took the boys and Cal’s buddy Cameron to see the movie ParaNorman. Chad said that he thinks it may be the best animated movie he has ever seen and that even the adults were LOL’ing throughout. Pretty high praise from Chad! They went to Panda Express for dinner afterwards and brought me home a Panda Bowl. It was half rice, half veggies, and mushroom chicken.


We love this place. This is one of the things I love most about it:


Great website. And wow, lots of sodium. That’s what makes it taste so good.

This morning Mack helped me make waffles.


Chewie was at his “somebody’s making something in the kitchen” outpost. We made our usual whole wheat oatmeal waffles.


My breakfast included eggbeaters+veg scramble and fruit.


After breakfast the boys and I headed to the gym. Cal was very vocal about his displeasure at having to go to the kids club at the gym. He is definitely too old for it, but he is not allowed to work out at LA Fitness until he is fourteen. At Lifestyles it would have been twelve so he was almost there. He’s really hating it now. He would like to just stay home, but Chad really enjoys those couple of hours at home alone. It’s the only time that Chad ever gets to be home alone. Cal will just have to suck it up. He spends the whole time on his laptop on the gym’s wi-fi anyway, which is exactly what he would be doing if he were home. Sorry Cal.

First I did fifteen minutes on the elliptical.


Next up was BodyPump, where my gym friend Phoy and I were twins. Sort of.


She may be tiny, but she is super strong. Dang I look like an Amazon next to her.


After BodyPump I dropped the boys off at home and headed downtown to the Dali Museum for yoga. It was so strange heading into downtown. I was worried about road closings and crowds due to the Republican National Convention and the opening party tonight at Tropicana Field, but it felt like a ghost town on Beach Drive. I guess tropical storm Isaac and wanting to avoid RNC crowds has people staying home. Usually lots of people are out on Beach Drive on Sunday mornings.

Rumor has it that Romney’s campaign has the top floor of the Vinoy.


I was stopped at a light when I took that photo, and that runner sitting on the curb asked if I was lost. I said, “No, just heading to the Dali for yoga.” She said, “Rock on!”

So far we have felt little effects of Isaac. Just a few random sprinkles and showers and a little wind.



The parking lot for the park at Albert Whitted Airport was deserted except for a couple of Pinellas County Sherriff’s vans.





The parking lot at the Dali was also mostly empty.


It was a little windy and just barely starting to sprinkle when I was walking in.




I love yoga at the Dali because the museum is just so darn beautiful. The helical staircase is amazing.



I need to actually eat at the café sometime.



The community room where they hold the yoga classes (sometimes outside too if the weather is nice, i.e. not so freaking hot or storming) is really cool also.


Awesome view.


News and weather helicopters buzzing around out there today thanks to the RNC and Isaac.


My friend Tori, super athlete training for the Augusta 70.3 Iron Man and blogger at In Love and Peanut Butter, met me for today’s practice.


The class was really good today and seemed to make my sore hip feel tons better. Tori took this photo of me so I could Instagram it, because that is so important obviously.


Thanks for coming today Tori! So much more fun with a friend. Thanks also for the cycling advice. Next time let’s get lunch at the café afterwards!

By the time I got home from yoga it was almost 2:00 p.m. and I was starving for lunch.


Chewie was at his outpost.


I spent the afternoon cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, and futzing around on the computer. Here’s what Isaac looked like this afternoon. Poor south Florida.

Hurricane Isaac

Forecast track as of 5:00 p.m. :

isaac cone 5 pm

It shows the center far west of us, but we’ll still likely get storm surge and some flooding. Hopefully it won’t be too bad. Despite that, they have canceled Pinellas County schools for tomorrow! The kids and my teacher friends are rejoicing.

Wind field predictions:

isaac windfield noon

It really doesn’t look that bad for us, knock on wood. I am amazed that they canceled school. But I guess anything could happen and the flooding could end up being pretty bad. We’ll see.

Chad made roasted salmon salads for dinner.


It was so good. I think a salad for lunch + a salad for dinner = ice cream for dessert later.

I have been doing really well with my new “moderation” plan. For one whole week I haven’t dieted or counted calories, but I think I have eaten very well. I haven’t overeaten or eaten outright junk for an entire week. I have exercised every day, but I don’t think it has been excessive. So far so good.

Well that’s it for today. True Blood season finale tonight!