Another flat tire

August 31, 2012 at 4:51 pm

This morning on the walk to school there was a huge full moon. Since it was dark outside and I didn’t have a tripod, I couldn’t get a decent picture.


But it was awesome. It was a “Blue Moon”, since it was the second full moon this month.

Most of the flood waters from the last week have finally dried up, but just in case I was missing water-filled gutters and impassable streets, the sprinklers were on around the neighborhood.


That’s okay. Chewie and I can just walk down the center of the street. Cars will get out of our way, I’m sure.


Cat drama!


It’s hard to hold the camera still when there is a 30 pound beagle pulling on you with a thousand pounds of force. Love the blur of his tail, though.



I made toast art. There’s peanut/cashew butter under there. I am loving the Chia Charger Buffalo Dirt nut butter by New York Super Foods. It has specs of espresso in it. I love the way the chia seeds stick in your teeth and get all gelatinous. It’s a little snack for later in your teeth.

After breakfast I set out to bike to the gym, wearing one of my Obama t-shirts to celebrate the end of the RNC.


However, I quickly realized once I left my driveway that the rear tire on Specialized Snowflake was flat. I tried to pump it up, but no go.


Leaky valve (again).

I had no time to change the tube if I wanted to make it to the gym for BodyPump, so I just changed out of my bike shoes quickly and took Star the Trek.


I’m so lucky to have two bikes. Star had lots of company at the gym today.




I always want to wear tank tops when biking because it’s so dang hot and I don’t want a farmer’s tan on my arms. But I also don’t want my chunky arms flapping around while lifting weights, so I change into a regular t-shirt at the gym.

Hot bike ride home and no flats, luckily.


When I got home I decided to try to change Snowflake’s tube. I was very confident after my successful tube change on Star a while ago. I realized that I didn’t have my flat pack on my road bike, so I’m lucky I didn’t get a flat while biking to the gym yesterday. I had to hunt for my spare tube and the other stuff I would need through my workout gear bins, which are a big jumble of junk inside.


After taking everything out of both bins, I remembered that the stuff wasn’t in there anyway. It was still in my study in the gift bag that it all came in for my birthday back in May. Way to be organized. I also remembered that I had no idea how to use a CO2 cartridge, which you need to inflate a road tire flat out on the road.


A small, portable hand pump like I have attached to Star can’t get the pressure high enough. But a big high-pressure hand pump like I have at home will work, so I didn’t have to worry about the CO2 inflator now. I do need to ask the nice people at the Trek Store to show me how to use it in the future.


Once I got the tire and tube removed…


I realized that my spare tube was not the right size. I thought I had ordered a spare tube for Snowflake, but apparently I had ordered a spare tube for Star. Oh well. I got dirty hands for nothing.


Guess I’ll head to the Trek Store tomorrow and stock up on a few tubes for both bikes and ask them to show me how to use the CO2 inflator.

I put the bikes away, washed my hands, took a shower, then made lunch.


I had a phone call at 1:00 p.m. with a very nice person who I hope is going to lead to something fun for me. Don’t you hate cryptic stuff? But it might lead to nothing, so I don’t want to spoil it.

Then I had to go pick up Mack from school. We hung out for a couple of hours and I didn’t take any pictures so I’m not sure what we did. Then we went to pick up Cal from the bus stop. They arrived at the bus stop right at the scheduled time! I guess all of our phone calls to the transportation center worked. I actually got there at 4:19 and they were waiting for me. Their scheduled arrival time is 4:17. Amazing.

I’m eating these as I type this:


I’m making turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, and something green for dinner. I’ll post it tomorrow on the blog, but tonight on Instagram if you can’t wait to see my turkey burger.

Fun weekend ahead! Good-bye August. Happy Labor Day Weekend!