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September 1, 2012 at 3:10 pm

Yesterday afternoon’s snack and last night’s dinner:


I ate too many of the chips, so I went bunless on the turkey burger. It was still good.

Chewie haz turkey burger

I was just hungry yesterday. I ended up eating ice cream with Cool Whip while Chad and I (and Chewie) watched Wilfred last night.


Chewie loves Wilfred.


Breakfast this morning:


We’ve had half of a container of leftover pesto in our fridge for a while now and I added a tablespoon to my eggs this morning. It was so good. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that sooner.

I decided to take a total rest day from exercise today to do a few things around town. Now that I’m not a runner, Saturday mornings just seem wide open. I know it’s obvious from this blog that I am totally in love with St. Petersburg, and I am always wishing I had more time to visit local favorites. As my friend Meghann says…


After breakfast I headed out to run a bunch of errands. First up was my beloved Trek Bicycle Store of St. Petersburg.


After discovering that Specialized Snowflake had a flat tire and that I didn’t have the correct size spare tube, I knew I needed to stock up on a few tubes for both bikes. I actually looked online and discovered that they are cheaper at the Trek Store than anything else I could find. Also, I bought five tubes total so they gave me $1.00 off of each one, making them MUCH less than what I found on line.

When I was trying to change Snowflake’s tire yesterday I realized that changing a road bike tire is much more difficult than changing a fatter hybrid tire. I took the tire that needed a new tube with me this morning and asked Allen to give me tips as I changed the tube myself.


He was so great walking me through it and refreshing my memory with what I learned when I took the Trek Store’s FREE flat class a while ago. He also schooled me in how to use the CO2 charger to inflate the tire. As all the Trek Store employees have always been, Allen was very friendly and helpful and patient.


I love the Trek Store of St. Pete!


I left with a renewed bike tire that I fixed all by myself and a renewed sense of confidence in my ability to fix a flat on my road bike if I get one while out on the road. Now I just need to remember not to leave the house without my flat pack and a spare tube.

My next stop on today’s “shop local” tour was The Trunk Stylists on the 600 block of downtown’s Central Avenue shopping district.


I have been in this shop several times and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. They are a great example of a small, local shop that understands how to effectively use social media. They post photos of new inventory all the time, and when I saw these studded hair combs (handmade by a local designer) pop up, I just had to have one.


They spoke to me. They have had the metal spike bracelets for a while and I loved them also, so when I saw the hair combs I decided to get both. I actually was going to order them online last week because I didn’t know when I would get into the shop, but the hair combs were so new that they hadn’t been added to their website yet. I corresponded with Aneesha, one of the owners?, on Facebook and she set them aside for me until I could come in this morning. She was super nice and we had a great chat about how important it is for small businesses to utilize social media. She said that she gets tons of business from it. One small criticism though, is that they are not listed on Yelp. However, I will be rectifying that today!

The final stop on my “shop local” tour was my favorite produce stand in St. Pete. Chad went to Publix this morning but we had a really long fruit and veggie list, so I told him I would get all that stuff at the produce market.


I have mentioned this place on the blog before, but I love Graham’s Fresh Produce.


And not just because I am the Yelp Duchess there either.



The selection and prices are so good.





They had the largest peach I have ever seen. It was bigger than a jumbo grapefruit.


Graham’s was hopping this morning.


They had everything on my list, plus of course I ended up getting a few things that weren’t on my list.


All that for $24.00. Also, the employees are very friendly. In the check-out line the clerk asked if I found everything I needed. When I mentioned that I would really like pineapple that has already been trimmed and cored (they only had whole), she said that they had a corer in the back and would be happy to do it for me. I love good customer service more than anything.

After I left Graham’s I decided to grab lunch at Zeko’s which is nearby.


I had never been there but it is fairly highly rated on Yelp and have always wanted to try it. Plus, they have a drive-thru.


Once actually in the drive-thru line I realized there wasn’t actually that much on the menu that I was interested in. Their menu is heavy on the fried stuff, and the lunch “specials” were still pretty expensive. I ended up getting the small Greek salad and small side of hummus (together these were over $10).


The Greek salad was just okay…nowhere near the best Greek salad I’ve ever had. The hummus was excellent, though.

Now the boys are headed to a sleepover birthday party (happy birthday Joey Z.!!!), Chad has his fantasy football draft tonight, and I am going out with one of my oldest, dearest friends for what I’m sure is going to be a fabulous evening. With our plans, it couldn’t be anything else. Seriously, I am beyond excited for tonight. Fill you in on that tomorrow!

P.S. Speaking of eating local, my friend and food blogger superstar Carlos Hernandez of Carlos Eats is doing a Tampa food tour and I am planning to go. I am not that familiar with many of Tampa’s awesome restaurants, and this is a great way to get to try several in one afternoon. I’d love to have a friend join me…please let me know if you are interested!

Carlos Eats