Swim + FroYo Labor Day

September 3, 2012 at 5:51 pm

Last night Chad made roasted salmon salads for everybody for dinner.


Food always tastes better when somebody else prepares it, right? Fish and salad is kind of Chad’s Sunday dinner staple. The boys don’t love it, but they eat fish most Sundays. I realized that I had salmon for dinner two nights in a row. That’s okay, though. I love salmon.

It was nice to sleep until 7:30 this morning. I still haven’t really adjusted to my 5:30 a.m. school day wake up calls, if I ever will. I could have slept later, but 7:30 seems to be the latest my body will allow me to sleep no matter how late I stay up the night before. Breakfast this morning:


I had pecan Kodiak Cakes and pesto eggbeaters (with veggies) two days in a row because it was so delicious the first time. I may have it tomorrow too.

Chad, Chewie, and the boys went for a long walk this morning and when they got back the boys and I headed to North Shore Pool for some swim time.


My friend Christie, fitness guru of Baby Boot Camp, Karna Fitness, and IRunMommies met me there. She is also a swimming superstar of course, with lots of coaching experience. She and I are both going to be doing the swim leg on relay teams in the TriRock Triathlon in Clearwater in November. It was great to have her there to swim laps with me and to give me pointers to improve my strokes. Her two little girls and the boys swam their own laps and played in the pools while we swam. Of course her two girls are already great swimmers even though they are younger than Cal and Mack.

I did 2500 yards total in about an hour (it was like 1:05 or something).



The boys were great about entertaining themselves and letting me get my laps in. I may have bribed them with the promise of a special treat this afternoon.




Special afternoon treat:


Menchie’s! Besides using Menchie’s as a bargaining chip, I wanted to go today to get my 10 extra smileage points.

menchies smileage

It’s definitely worth it to get the smileage card and register it. We have only been to Menchie’s four times, I think, and I already had $5 worth of store credit on my card.

I got peanut butter froyo and some brownie bites…same as last time. My favorite combo.


I also bought a vanilla cupcake lip balm. Also delicious.


Happy boys.


Cal likes to make a mess of his concoction.



The atmosphere at Menchie’s is always fantastic. Kids love the chalk board.


We had some friends join us.



Everybody got a balloon and a sticker in addition to their collectable spoon (I love the spoons for lunchboxes).


Now Chad is grilling hamburgers and we’re just relaxing and enjoying the holiday. Guess I have to make school lunches for tomorrow and get ready for the week. Happy Labor Day!