Biking and back to (volunteering at) school

September 4, 2012 at 4:04 pm

Last night I had chocolate ice cream with Cool Whip as a dessert while Chad and I watched Newsroom and Weeds.


I promised a recipe when I posted it to Instagram, so here you go. Open ice cream box and scoop some out into a bowl. Add two heaping tablespoons of Cool Whip. Enjoy.

This morning Chewie and I walked Mack to school. The sky looked really cool in the early predawn as we were leaving.


There was lots of fog at Foggy Bottom (aka Denver Park).


When I said, “Goodbye” to Mack, he showed off his new gap. The tooth fairy came last night.


Cat drama on the way home!




I let Chewie get within a couple feet of that cat and it never budged. It didn’t even look nervous. Cats be smart.

Sprinkler drama.




I had grand plans of trying to get in a twenty mile bike ride this morning, but I futzed around too long and ended up only having a half hour to spare.


My Garmin was dead (that’s what happens when you don’t use it for several weeks I  guess), so I just took a known route to Coffee Pot Bridge which is right at three miles from my house.


So six miles total. Something is better than nothing, right?


After I got home and showered I booked it to school for my first day of volunteering in the classroom this year.


I had wet hair and no make-up, but getting a bike ride in was more important than looking decent. Also, I think it’s good to set the bar low at the beginning of the year as to what I will be looking like when at the school. Now when I DO bother to dry my hair and wear make-up people will tell me how good I look. It’s all about managing expectations.

This year I’m going to be arriving at Mack’s lunchtime and then staying for a couple of hours afterwards to help out. So first up was lunch with Mack.


I brought a Larabar for myself since I knew I’d be starving before I would be back home.


After lunch I helped Mack’s teacher, Mrs. G, with a few things she had prepared for me.



Then I helped Mrs. P (she was Mack’s first grade teacher and has never let me stop volunteering for her) hang stars symbolizing the passing of the first ten days of school.


After hanging stars I ran by Publix…


then picked Mack up from school.

When we got home I had lunch #2 because that Larabar was not enough to keep my stomach from grumbling. I don’t really like Larabars much anyway. I just ate it because I’ve had it forever. To me they all taste the same…like dates. Lunch #2:


Mack has finished his homework and half hour of reading and it’s almost time to go pick Cal up from his bus stop. One of Mack’s buddies is coming over later to hang out while his mom goes to a school thing for his older brother. I’m going to make Sausage Kale Potato Casserole for dinner. I’ll let you know how it turned out tomorrow.

I’ve gotten lots of Yelp love today because I had the Review of the Day!


That’s fun.