Casserole, spin, pump, crockpot

September 5, 2012 at 3:47 pm

Last night’s dinner, Potato, Kale and Sausage Casserole, was delicious.


Super easy too. I first saw this dish on my friend Katie’s blog, A Full Plate. She had altered it slightly from the original recipe on Poet in the Pantry, by subbing spinach for kale. I also altered it a little by using turkey hot Italian sausage. So good.


The boys loved it too. They even commented that their friends complain about having casseroles for dinner, but that they love them. Who doesn’t love a good casserole?

If you do make it, use as much kale (or spinach or whatever greens you like) as you can fit in a very large sauté pan. It shrinks by about 80%, I think.



This was my first portion…


but I went back for seconds and then couldn’t stop taking more bites. It was kind of irresistible.

Chad and I watched Newsroom last night. We had a few episodes piled up on Tivo, so the one we watched last night was where they do the mock Republican nominee debate.


I would so love to watch Will McAvoy (channeling Aaron Sorkin) moderate a real debate.

This morning Chewie and I walked Mack to school (it’s two miles round trip). It takes forever because Chewie has to pee fifty times, poop at least three times, and randomly lose his mind over invisible smells on the asphalt.


There’s nothing there Chewie! Mack says he’s checking is pee-mail.


After I got home and got Cal off to the bus stop with the car pool, I quickly ate breakfast. Luckily it was already prepared in the form of overnight oats in a jar, thanks to a spent jar of peanut butter.


All I had to do this morning was cut a banana up into it. So pretty.


So delicious and filling.

I’m always in a hurry on Wednesday mornings to get to the gym and sign up for spin class. It fills up fast and you have to get there early to reserve a bike. My friend Britt met me there, as usual.


Spin always totally kills me. I end up with soggy socks because of so much sweat running down my legs.




After spin I changed into a dry sports bra and t-shirt, which felt like heaven. I wore my triathlon shirts today…


to get me psyched up for my first open water swim, which will be attempted with the St. Pete Mad Dogs Triathlon Club tonight. Wish me luck.

After spin class I went to BodyPump.


Hope I have enough energy left to battle the ocean tonight.


When I got home from the gym I got all the ingredients together for dinner…


and threw them into the crockpot.


It’s going to be French Onion Chicken from The Crockin’ Girls (plus rice and broccoli).

After I got that going I took a shower, then remembered at the last possible moment that it was early release day in time to go pick up Mack. The long weekend has totally thrown me off this week. I spaced and forgot a doctor’s appointment that Mack was supposed to have yesterday. Luckily they had a cancelation so I can take him tomorrow. His birthday was in May, so he’s already a little overdue for his check-up. Bad Mama.


By the time I got him home I was starving so I threw together a salad with last night’s casserole leftovers dumped on top.


Mack and I hung out for a little while until it was time to pick up Cal from the bus stop. We’re leaving in just a bit for karate. I’m dropping the boys off then heading out to Pass-a-grille (St. Pete Beach) for my swim. I definitely have a little anxiety about it, but I’m sure it will be fine. I hope.