Having an attitude problem

September 7, 2012 at 5:11 pm

I don’t know what happened last night, but it started with having frozen Cool-Whip with chocolate chips. We were out of any type of ice cream. That was desperation right there. Then things spiraled out of control and of course I didn’t photograph any of it. If there’s no picture it didn’t happen, right? So…tortilla chips and leftover pizza didn’t happen. Except that they did.

I stayed up way too late to watch Obama’s speech and then felt like crap this morning because of all that junk that I ate. Mack also ended up staying up later than normal because he remembered a homework assignment that he had forgotten AFTER he went to bed, so he got back up and did it. Because of all that I let us sleep an extra half hour and we drove to school instead of walking.

Today was Bucs day at Mack’s school.


Since we drove to school I had to stop to take a photo of the sun starting to come up over the water (my walking route doesn’t take me by the water).


Cal left for the bus stop with the car pool and I made a simple, restorative breakfast for my abused stomach. Will I ever learn? Probably not.

20120907-DSC00046(bran flakes…what I will be eating in the nursing home one day)

I really felt like a slug this morning and wanted to do nothing but read DNC coverage, but instead I forced myself to go to the gym for BodyPump.


I didn’t want to do it, but I knew I’d feel better afterwards.


Sweating for Obama this morning:


I also played with the new camera while there (thus so many redundant pictures), and my gym and Twitter friend Lorena took this goofy one for me:


Playing with the self-timer…I need to bring my mini tripod for these:


I did feel better afterwards. Or at least, I didn’t regret working out. You never do. I am feeling a little disgruntled with my gym, however. When I arrived this morning the manager was at the check-in desk talking loudly on the phone, complaining about his boss, while he scanned in my key tag. I’ve spoken with this manager a couple of times about things and he has not been helpful or very pleasant. Also, this sign really bugs me:


I have heard of some of my friends abandoning LA Fitness for other gyms where they are picking up the Les Mills classes. I may end up joining them. We’ll see. It will be sad because I have been going to this gym for nearly four years.

When I got home I showered then had lunch…a salad with the last of the crockpot French Onion Chicken dumped on top.


Once again I am the family garbage disposal.

After I ate lunch I participated in a Google+ hangout with a few of my Fifluential friends, like Roni Noone, Carla Birnberg, Emily Sanford, Rebekah Borucki, and Carrie Skoll. All we really did was stare at each other and complain about all the glitches with Google+ hangouts, but I still enjoyed interacting with all of theses extremely inspirational ladies.

I left the hangout to pick Mack up from school, and while preparing his snack I ate too many of these…


Here we go again. I need to just stop eating this junk! Now I’m in a funk again.

That’s all the photos I have for today, so that’s all I got. I’m making turkey burgers for the boys for dinner and baking a couple of potatoes. I think I’m just going to have a baked potato for dinner, because obviously I need more white carbs.

As of now I have no real plans for tomorrow. The plan I thought I had (Carlos Eats food tour) has been postponed. We may have a family outing tomorrow. On Sunday Chad is going to the Bucs game and the boys are doing the Palm Harbor Kids Triathlon. I’m ready to sleep in tomorrow! Happy weekend.