Trek Store of St. Petersburg Dinner Cruise

September 16, 2012 at 4:34 pm

Yesterday was a whirlwind of fun at the Central Florida Blogger Conference. I’m working on getting my photos and thoughts in order to write about that, but first I need to back up to Friday night which was also a good time.

Just to record it for posterity, Mack got a package in the mail on Friday that he was pretty excited about.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-2

The whole house has gone skateboard crazy and although Cal has three skateboards, Mack didn’t actually have one of his own. Now he does.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-3

Chad must have lost his mind because he also ordered one for himself. I just hope I don’t have to take all of them to the emergency room.

Before I left for my fun evening I made dinner for the boys. A five minute dinner.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-1

I added extra frozen peas to it and I think it was really good based on my “tester” bite. The boys and Chad liked it.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-4

There are so many things I would buy regularly if Trader Joe’s was just closer! Still planning a product review. There are several individual frozen entrees I bought that I want to try first.

As soon as Chad got home from work I headed out to the Trek Bicycle Store of St. Petersburg with Star the Trek in the back of my car.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-5

They were having their monthly dinner cruise, which is a casual ride to a local restaurant for dinner.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-6

You know I love the Trek Store. I am such a regular there that I know most of the employees now and it sort of feels like home.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-7

My friend Kathy met me there for the cruise.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-27

We had ten people in all, including two kids.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-29

We left from the Trek store at 6:30 and followed the pedestrian/bike path down Coffee Pot Bayou.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-30

This is one of my favorite routes.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-31

I was in the middle of the pack.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-34

Within a few minutes we were on the North Shore Park path closing in on The Pier.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-36

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-38

And then we were downtown.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-39

The Vinoy marina.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-40

Heading past the St. Pete Yacht Club marina.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-42

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-43

By The Dali Museum.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-44

After four easy miles we arrived at Albert Whitted Airport…

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-46

home of The Hangar restaurant and flight lounge.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-8

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-9

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-23

I have been to the Hangar twice before, but once was for breakfast and one was for a cocktail party. This was my first time going there for dinner.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-10

First up, of course, was drinks.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-11

I chose the Turbo Prop, because I have been wanting to try Dragonberry Rum since I saw it on the AQUA menu the other night (and they were out of it). I don’t drink rum very often, but this drink was fabulous. And pretty.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-15

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-16

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-22

We sat out on the patio and had a great view of the runways.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-13

We watched the sun set and it was a beautiful evening.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-17

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-1-2

Time for dinner!

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-14

I got the stuffed chicken breast.

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-24

It was stuffed with spinach, sundried tomatoes, and goat cheese and topped with a truffle cream. I enjoyed it, but would probably try something different next time just for variety’s sake. The chicken itself was delicious, but the mashed potatoes and veggies were nothing special.

This little dude (Jace’s son) entertained us throughout dinner:

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-18

He told me he knew how to take pictures, so I gave him my old beater camera and told him to have at it. Here are his (and his sister’s) masterpieces:

Trek Store Dinner Cruise-2-2Trek Store Dinner Cruise-3-2

We had a great time hanging out and talking and lost track of time. I didn’t take any photos on the ride back because it was dark and we were moving. No point.

Thank you Anne and Jace and the Trek Store! Can’t wait to do it again. This dinner cruise was just a free fun event (except for the cost of dinner) organized by the Trek Store. They also have free bike maintenance classes and flat classes. Anne even teaches a free yoga class at the store once a week which I still haven’t had the chance to take advantage of. I encourage everyone to check out their local bike stores and see what kind of fun and possibly free events they have to offer. I love events that combine something active with something fun, like a delicious dinner and good people. Thanks for joining me Kathy!

Okay, on to Saturday. I still need to figure out what to say about it. It was overwhelming in a good way. Weekend’s almost over!


The Hangar Restaurant & Flight Lounge