Thunderstorms at school

September 18, 2012 at 5:15 pm

I had planned to be super motivated this morning and get out the door by 8:30 to try to ride 20 miles on my bike before volunteering at school. But as Chewie and I were walking Mack to school it began to sprinkle. While Mack made it to school without getting too wet, Chewie and I ended up walking back home (about a mile) in light rain. It was soon thundering and eventually really raining, so the bike ride didn’t happen. I don’t have a bike trainer and I’m not that hard-core anyway, so I ended up just spending the morning doing laundry and wasting time on the computer. For example, I posted this picture on every social media platform that I could find:


Those are part of the costume for my team, The Wonder Yelpster Women, for the Gorilla Challenge in early November. We are doing the challenge courtesy of Yelp and are going to have a blast. And yes, those socks have capes. Awesome.



By the time I was leaving for school the skies had really opened up and I got there in the midst of a torrential downpour and some violent lightning.


As I was signing into the office the principal announced that classes should stay in their classroom instead of heading to lunch until this band of storms passed. However, I thought Mack’s class might already be in the lunchroom so I headed down there. Some other classes were already walking down also and the kids were screaming every time a bolt of lightning struck. It was crazy. They have covered walkways everywhere, but it was sideways raining and as you can see above, the covered walkways have a few leaks. By the time I got to the cafeteria and met up with Mack, he and I were both soaked.


We started off in the ‘RClub area which is sectioned off by a sound-reducing barrier from the rest of the cafeteria, but a couple of minutes later the P.E. classes came in there so we had to move back over to the main café.


My crazy eyes show how thrilled I was about this. The children were like spastic animals with the storm raging outside. It was even louder than normal even though the cafeteria ladies and teachers were trying to get them under control.

It rained so hard so quickly that the retention pond in the center of the bus circle, which is usually just green grass, was almost overflowing.


We got wet again in the sideways rain as we walked back to Mack’s classroom which is as far away from the cafeteria as you can get on their campus. I helped Mack’s teacher do a bunch of small jobs that she had prepared for me. I got to fax some stuff.


I didn’t know people still actually used faxes! This was the first time that I have faxed something since I quit working eleven years ago. I used to fax like a mad woman when I worked in banking. For some reason I just thought this was dead technology.

I also got to work with some students on third grade math. Dude, I am gooood at third grade math. So much better than at fifth grade math. I can round numbers like nobody’s business.


OOTVD (outfit of the volunteer day):


I would have fixed the rick-rack this week, but the missing piece was nowhere to be found.

Astute readers may notice that this is the same top I was wearing yesterday at PDQ. I had that shirt on for a couple of hours yesterday. Definitely not long enough to warrant washing it. I didn’t spill milkshake on it or anything. Hey, I do the laundry. I am being frugal with it. What this really means is that I have definitely turned into my mom. She used to wear the same clothes a few times before washing them and my sister and I would make fun of her. We’d say, “Is that shirt just dirty? Or is it dirty-dirty? Mom, I think that shirt is dirty, dirty, dirty!” Luckily my kids are still clueless and don’t notice what I’m wearing. Although Mack has commented on the fact that I always immediately change into my pajamas when I get home unless I am going right back out very soon. He calls them my “lazy clothes”.

After I did all my volunteer duties for Mack’s teacher I took my dirty shirt and ran by Target…


before heading back to pick up Mack. While I was in the car line I ate a granola bar that I stuck in my purse this morning.


That wasn’t enough for lunch so when we got home I also ate this, leftover from my lunch from Café Gala on Sunday:


When Mack and I went to pick up Cal from the bus stop lots of the neighborhood had some flooding.


Eleven year old boy:


Mostly hair and attitude.


I’m pulling something out of the freezer for the boy’s dinner and for myself.

I MUST pack for Fitbloggin’ tomorrow. I haven’t given much thought to what I will bring. I know there will be some exercise stuff involved. There is a 5K, which Maggie and I will be doing. Mostly walking. She could run it, but I am not trained at all for any running at this point. I also signed both of us up for a trampoline fitness class. I’m excited about that. Besides fitness stuff, I’m not sure what to bring. The weather forecast for Baltimore shows highs near 80 every day, but lows in the 60’s. Sounds like shorts during the day and pants and sweaters at night. But we’ll mostly indoors for the conference, so I don’t know. I foresee over-packing. I’ll probably check a bag. I hate it when people try to cram bulging carry-ons into the overhead bins. Plus, I have to pack my special gift for Maggie (that I also got one of for myself). Hint: it is NOT apropos of a fitness blogging conference. My friend CC knows what it is as she facilitated it.

Must go take dinner out of the freezer.