Spin, half of Pump, and packing

September 19, 2012 at 3:51 pm

Last night I made a frozen all-in-one dinner for the boys. One of those “Voila!” things that has pasta and chicken and veggies, to which I added additional frozen broccoli. For myself, I made this:


I bought three different varieties of these type of frozen entrees at Trader Joe’s and this is the first one I have gotten to try. It looked like this after I microwaved it and mixed the rice and the tofu together:


Not quite as pretty as shown on the box, huh?


But it was pretty tasty. It wasn’t very filling, though, as it seemed like a tiny portion for 330 calories. I ended up eating an English muffin a little while later. I also ate this while Chad and I watched television later on:


This, of course, was delicious. The little bits of graham cracker crust are awesome.

This morning Chewie and I walked Mack to school. After yesterdays torrential all-day rain, many of the sidewalks and gutters were flooded or wet this morning.


Chewie ended up getting kind of wet and dirty which sucked because he was freshly bathed last night. He got a rare Tuesday night bath after rolling in poop in the back yard, which he is wont to do. Good thing we love him.

My breakfast this morning:


After getting Cal off to the bus stop I headed to the gym. First up was spin class.


My friend Britt joined me as usual.


Next up was Bodypump.


I made it through the warm-up, squat track, and chest track, and just got started on the back/legs/glutes track when I got a phone call.


Mack wasn’t feeling well so I had to leave the gym to pick him up at school. He’s been sitting around watching television and playing video games all day. He doesn’t seem that sick, but Chad was kind of sick a few days ago, so I guess he might be. I am keeping them both beyond arms reach.

My lunch today was deconstructed guacamole made with another Florida avocado from one of Chad’s co-workers.


Delicious. I ended up eating half of the huge avocado it was so good.

All afternoon I have been trying to figure out what to take to Fitbloggin’.


It’s going to be mostly work-out clothes. I am so excited!

I just picked up Cal from the bus stop and in a bit we’re headed to karate. I threw some boneless chicken breasts, some Teriyaki marinade, potatoes, and green beans into the crock pot early. I’m calling whatever comes out of there dinner.

Now I have to go put all of that stuff in the last photo into a suitcase.