Heading to Baltimore

September 20, 2012 at 11:55 am

I’m so excited. I could have slept until 7:00 this morning, since Chad is working from home today and tomorrow and was taking over the morning boy duties today, but when he got up at 6:00 I just couldn’t go back to sleep. I tried, but eventually just gave up and got my coffee and parked myself in front of the computer to begin the Fitbloggin’ emersion. I rearranged my TweetDeck columns so that the #Fitbloggin hashtag, the attendees list, and the sponsor list were all front and center.


I made a hearty breakfast (actually, exactly the same as yesterday).


Then I got showered and dressed and finished up packing. I got a little insane over the packing. At first I was just bringing mostly workout clothes and nothing dressy. Then after seeing people post pictures on Instagram about which dress to bring to Fitbloggin’, I had to throw a dress (or two) in there. At first I was bringing jeans and sweaters, very hopeful for fall weather when I saw The Weather Channel showing lows in the mid-60’s. But then I noticed that the forecast high for Saturday was 87°, so a threw a couple of shorts outfits in there. I even decided at the last minute that I had to paint my toenails while Chad and I watched Sons of Anarchy last night because I saw people getting pedicures for Fitbloggin’ on Instagram.


Social Media has made preparing for trips much more fun, but easier and more complicated at the same time. It’s such a paradox.

But finally this morning Chad got both boys off to school and I was ready to go.


Yes, that’s the same dress that I wore to the Central Florida Blogger and Social Media Conference last weekend. It is literally the most comfortable, easiest outfit I own and is perfect for traveling. I wore it on the plane when we went to Tennessee last summer, so it has been tested. Sorry I’m not more of a fashion plate.

I have to give big love to my amazing husband. I am sorry that your husband is not as awesome as mine. As I said, he is working from home today and tomorrow so that he can be on Mommy duty for the boys. I am so lucky that he supports me in whatever I want to do. He has put up with me grinning and acting foolish for the last 24 hours as my excitement over this conference mounted. He even drove me to the airport.


Thank you honey! I love you! I’ll text you later with my appreciation.

I checked into the airport with the skycaps…


and once through security to the gate…


I grabbed some food to have for lunch on the plane.


Being mindful that I am going to a fitness blogging conference, I actually skipped my beloved Diet Coke (they didn’t have caffeine free anyway), and skipped the Doritos. I’m feeling very virtuous.


I don’t know how those Reese’s got in there!

I love Tampa International Airport. It’s such an easy in and out, and they have free wi-fi!

Now I’m hanging out and blogging until time to board. I don’t know how much blogging, if any, I’ll be able to do over the weekend. However, I will be micro-blogging on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr pretty much non-stop, I’m sure. The hashtag for the conference is #Fitbloggin, so follow along if you want to see what kind of debauchery Maggie and I are up to.

Cya in Baltimore. I’ve never been there before!