Fitbloggin’ 2012 Day 3 – Saturday

September 25, 2012 at 8:20 am

Maggie and I stayed up stupid late on Friday night snuggling talking about everything under the sun. That and the ridiculous amount of tequila that I consumed made getting up for a 7 a.m. bootcamp on Saturday extremely difficult. But we did it. Fitbloggin’ must go on.


The bootcamp was led by Erin Kreitz Shirey and she was a bundle of energy and motivation at such an early hour. We did moving lunges in a circle, as well as lots of arm things (technical term), and squats. She just kept us moving. We ran up and down the hotel lobby stairs multiple times. We did Frankenstein walking around in circles throughout the lobby. Eventually we went outside and did all kinds of craziness on the waterfront, like burpees, inchworms, planks, and tricep dips. I was dripping with sweat by the time we finished.

(Click here for a live-blog of the Bootcamp with Erin Shirey from the Fitbloggin’ website.)

I swiped the following photos of the whole crazy bootcamp crew from the live-blog:


Look a my sweatiness close-up:

20120922-IMG_4680-2(that’s Dubyawife in front)

My hair was wet down to the tips.


Perfect time for a photo op with Reebok (hey, it got me a three pack of socks!):

20120922-IMG_20120922_071655(crappy cell phone photo)

20120922-DSC00842(photo with the nice camera)

We quickly grabbed a bite of first breakfast before our next workout. It was oatmeal and a hard-boiled egg, but I ate it before I remembered that it had to be documented.


It’s kind of hard to enjoy eating when you are in a sopping wet sports bra and t-shirt.


But there was no point in changing shirts, because the next workout was coming up quickly.


I guess you can see that it involved trampolines, and presumably jumping.


Me, Maggie, and Krystle of Skinny Jeans Dreams, ready to bounce in the JumpSport Fit Trampoline class:


You might imagine that I was extremely agile and graceful on the trampoline.


You’d be wrong.


The class actually involved timed exercises both on and off the trampoline. I was not very good at the specific jumping assignments, as I was too worried about landing wrong and falling off or something so I just had to look down at my feet the whole time. I can see that you would get more comfortable with it and better at it over time, though. The instructor, Jeff McMullen, was really great. Very funny and charismatic. He kept yelling “Affirmative!” after every instruction. There was also something about “smacking a bad kitty”, but I was concentrating too hard on not breaking an ankle to really be paying attention.

(Click here for the live-blog of the JumpSport bounce class on the Fitbloggin’ website.)

After the Fit Trampoline class we grabbed second breakfast…


and while still super sweaty we sat down for a presentation by Amanda Brooks of Run to the Finish about how to quit your crappy job with grace and advantage.


(Click here for the live-blog of the “How to Quit” presentation from the Fitbloggin’ website.)

I thought the presentation was interesting and lots of good information, but since I am a stay at home mom I’m still not quite sure how to give proper notice that I’m quitting.

Next up was workout number three for the morning. We were ready to Zumba. I guess. All three of us did all three workouts that morning.


I have never tried Zumba although I know it is very popular at my gym.


I am intimidated by choreography despite many years of ballet lessons as a little girl. I usually feel like I spend so much time worrying about what my feet are doing and trying not to slam into my neighbor that I don’t get a great workout. But the teachers Mrs. Fatass and Simplifying Sam made it very entertaining. I was Zumba-ing despite myself. Maggie was doing great too, despite her shimmy-impairedness.


After bootcamp, trampoline fitness, and Zumba, we could finally take a shower and put on dry clothes, which Maggie and I did. Not together, but consecutively. Then we went back down to the conference. We passed a table manned by some nice ladies from Grow Soul Beautiful who were doing yoga photos.


They are also doing a Yoga A Day photography challenge on Instagram in October. Looks like fun.


After getting our yoga photos taken, we went to a presentation by Alicia Hanson called Taking Your Online Community Offline.


I was very interested in this session as it was all about creating a real life (offline) community with your online blogging buddies, which is something I have some experience in with the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers. Alicia had many interesting tips and I will definitely be checking out some of the things she suggested.


(Click here for the live-blog of Taking Your Online Community Offline from the Fitbloggin’ website.)

After that session it was time for lunch, where we also received goodie bags from PuraVit.


Photos of the lunch buffet:







My lunch:


A packed house:


After lunch we snapped the official group Fitbloggin’ 2012 photo.

Fitbloggin group1

Oh, that reminds me that I found another picture from Crossfit yesterday on Reebok’s Facebook page.


After lunch SoyJoy set up afternoon snacks for us in the hallway…



and I cornered Roni Noone, Fitbloggin’ organizer, for a photo.


Next I attended a discussion group on the topic “When You Have a Lot to Lose” with Tara Martin and Meegan Dowe moderating.


This discussion was geared towards talking about the emotional aspects of having 100+ pounds to lose. In case you have forgotten, I fell into that category…


so I was interested to hear what others had to say. It was an extremely emotional session. The people in that room combined had lost over 4000 pounds.

(Click here to read the live-blog of the “lots to lose” discussion from the Fitbloggin’ website.)

After this session I felt totally exhausted. Maybe doing yoga, Crossfit, cardio-circuit, bootcamp, bounce class, Zumba, and walking about 10 miles around Baltimore over two days (combined with copious tequila) had something to do with it. I went back to my hotel room for a little while and just vegged out. I think I watched some of Meet the Fockers and ate Samoas.

I definitely wanted to attend the last session of the day, however. It was “Monetizing through the Pitch” with Kelly Olexa.


Kelly is the founder of Fitfluential and is kind of a marketing genius. I cornered her in the hallway before the presentation and talked to her for a few minutes. She was really cool and seemed exactly like she appears in her multitude of YouTube videos. I should have asked to have my picture taken with her, but I was too intimidated even though she was very nice.


Her presentation was very common sense and seemed to boil down to: don’t be an asshole.

(Click here for the live-blog of Kelly Olexa’s presentation from the Fitbloggin’ website.)

During Kelly’s presentation I sat with my Tampa Bay Lady Blogger friend Christie O. (Average Moms Wear Capes).


Christie invited Maggie and me to go out to dinner with her and a group of bloggers, so we piled into cabs to head to Baltimore’s Little Italy.

20120922-DSC00881(Me, Maggie, Jen, Kyra)

Baltimore from the cab:




Our destination: Gia’s.


Blogger overload:

20120922-DSC00887(Me, Elley, Toni, Amy, Tamara, Shira, Jessica, Christie)

20120922-DSC00888(Julie, Kyra, Jen, Thea, Maggie, me)


My love for Maggie was well cemented by this time. This conference would not have been the same without her.


My dinner:


It was Delmonico steak stuffed with goat cheese, pistachios, plums, and pancetta with mashed truffle sweet potatoes. Delicious.

I enjoyed getting to talk with all the ladies and discover some new bloggers. We all started walking back to the hotel (maybe a mile), but a few of the ladies grabbed a cab along the way.


The rest of us continued on walking.




We made it back to the Hyatt in time to enjoy a final reception hosted by Unilever Spreads (Country Crock, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, etc.).


They had a bunch of holiday appetizers made with their spreads, but I must have been sick of my camera because I only took a cellphone photo of the red velvet cupcake.


The drink ticket reminds me to mention that I was tea-totaling it on Saturday night. I felt like I was still detoxing from Thursday night and Friday night. I was happy to get to speak again with all of the new friends that I had made over the weekend, like Angel and Alena.


Those girls found smart new uses for the swag bag water bottle (flask) and meat thermometer (cork screw). We bonded.

I also randomly took a photo of the goodie bags provided by Unilever. I think this was our fourth or fifth goodie bag of the weekend.


Thanks for the appetizers, oven mitt, and wooden spoon Unilever!

Whew. That’s all I have for Day 3 – Saturday. There is still just a little Fitbloggin’ fabulousness left, though. Stay tuned for the final recap…Day 4.

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