Too much blogging

September 29, 2012 at 11:39 am

Last weekend was just too much. Too much exercise, too much social media, followed by too much blogging. Those Fitbloggin’ posts just went on and on and on. I had no desire to blog all week after that. But here’s a few photos I took throughout the week:

Tuesday I went to Mack’s school to volunteer, but I ended up just having lunch with Mack.


I had one of the bars we got as swag from Fitbloggin’.


I think those bars are very tasty, but they also seem like a very small portion. Mack had a bite and said he liked it.

Mack’s teacher didn’t really have anything for me to do this week, but I did get to meet Mack’s new classmate, Small Fry:


He is an albino gerbil. His eyes are red.


Mack is obsessed about when he will get to bring Small Fry to our house for a weekend.

The no-effort OOTVD (Outfit of the Volunteering Day):


I ran by Publix after I left the school and I used the coupon from Fitbloggin’ for a dozen free eggs. I also got a bag of the hard-boiled Eggland’s Best eggs. Cal loves hard-boiled eggs.


The next pictures I have are from Wednesday night when the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers book club met at Smokey Bones in Clearwater, across the Bayside Bridge.



My blogger friends Nanci and Debbie were there when I arrived and we waited at the bar for others to arrive. A dirty martini (tired of tequila for a while):


IMG_20120926_185705(Debbie, me, Nanci)

Soon Jacqui and Rachel arrived and we all ordered food.

20120926-DSC00957(Nanci, Debbie, Jacqueline, Rachel, and me)

My dinner was a grilled chicken sandwich with bacon and onion straws on it. I ordered cole slaw as my side item, but they brought fries. I figured it was the universe telling me to eat the fries, so I did.


We had fun eating and discussing the book “Let’s Pretend this Never Happened” by Jenny Lawson. She is also know as The Bloggess.


I always enjoy hanging out with the TBLB and it was great to meet Jackie (Jacqui?) for the first time.


Apparently at some point during the week I walked Mack to school in total darkness.


I had overnight oats in a jar at some point.


Yesterday afternoon the boys and I went to Fit2Run in downtown St. Pete to pick up my race packet for the Beach Beast obstacle mud run on Sunday.



I ran into my friend Tisha who is going to be one of my teammates on Sunday (Team Yelp), and also into two of my IRunMommies friends, Caricia and Dawn.


We are all doing the 11:30 heat on Sunday. It’s going to be HOT. I haven’t exercised all week. Wish me luck.


After picking up my race packet and chatting with the girls for a few minutes, the boys and I headed to Mack’s school for a Full Moon Friday PTA event.


They were having free hot dogs and chips, and I had signed up to help volunteer with the drinks, which were $.50 each.



.I worked in the back row getting drinks out of the cooler and handing them to the ladies taking the money. I also had to constantly refill the coolers because we were slammed and people were buying sodas in hoards. It was like a juggling act to bury the warm sodas in ice and keep the cold sodas on top. We definitely got outpaced by demand and some people got some not-very-cold sodas. Sorry. I was trying!

Mack helped out a bunch. He helped me man the huge coolers for about an hour.


Cal got to see his fifth grade teach from last year again…


as well as a bunch of his friends from elementary school that now go to different middle schools than he does. By about 7:00 I was ready to head home. I had to pry the boys away from their friends, but after slinging sodas for an hour and a half, then sweltering for another half hour, I was done. It was 90 degrees at 7 p.m. when we left. I am really missing the Baltimore weather. It will NEVER be fall here.

So that’s all I have from this week, other than some cute photos of my nephew that my sister texted me:



I bet they are having fall in Charlotte, North Carolina, near where she lives. I miss Cody.

Okay, fun stuff coming up for the rest of the weekend. Hopefully I will feel moved to blog about it. I’ll definitely check back in to tell the interwebs that I did not die during Beach Beast if that is the case.