Egret crossing

October 4, 2012 at 1:42 pm

This morning, even though it wasn’t International Walk to School Day, Chewie and I walked Mack to school.


It was totally dark out and I was standing under a street lamp when I took that. I’m so tired of walking to school in the dark! Also, it sucks walking to school in the dark at 6:30 in the morning and sweating. Will fall ever come to Florida? I can’t wait to wear a jacket while walking to school. I will probably complain about the never-ending Florida summer for at least the next month. You have been warned.

Once Chewie and I got home, Cal got off to the bus stop and I made breakfast.


Pecan Kodiak Cakes. I’m obsessed with these pancakes. They are so simple (just add water) and they are whole grain. I’m so happy that they have them at Target now. I used to have to order them online.

After breakfast I biked to the gym.


I was headed to yoga, so I used my Yopa backpack to carry my yoga mats while riding Specialized Snowflake.


It is so hard to get a picture of your own back. The backpack is very long and when standing it is awkward and hits the bike seat, but while riding it’s not too bad. Two yoga mats plus the other things I need for the gym are pretty heavy, but for my three miles to the gym then three miles home it’s tolerable. The straps have no padding, so they aren’t super comfortable, but at least they are fairly wide. I do love how the bag has many different pockets.

I really need to concentrate on biking and swimming over the next few weeks. I can’t remember whether I have mentioned it on the blog, but I am doing the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Cycle for Life in three weeks, and signed up for the 50 mile ride. I have to raise $150 in donations, so if you would like to help support me there is a button in the sidebar where you can donate. Even $5 would really help! I have never ridden 50 miles in one day. The most I have ever done is 30, and that was stretched out over a whole day with several long stops (like the mall) interspersed. My Ironman friend Beth (of Discom-BOB-ulated Running) talked me into it. I need to get back to the pool to get ready for the TriRock Clearwater triathlon, where I am doing the swim leg (1500 meters open water) on a relay team in November.

Anyway, it felt good to be on the bike today even though it is still so stinking hot.


The bike path was covered with freshly cut grass this morning.


When I got to the gym it seemed so deserted. It’s just weird. Yoga was at 10 and there was no group fitness class before that, which is also new and strange.


In the past the gym was always hopping in the mornings and there were always back to back classes. I guess LA Fitness doesn’t care that people are leaving in droves. It just seems like they should have had an action plan that transitioned seamlessly to a new full staff and a new full schedule of classes. I guess it’s just growing pains, but they took over Lifestyles at the beginning of July. They’ve had a while to get things in order. I’m hoping it will get better and I’m going to give the new classes a chance before I decide what to do.

An empty group fitness room meant that I could take awkward pictures of myself without risk of embarrassment.


Then I can post them on the internet for maximum risk of embarrassment.

Yoga was good and the room did mostly fill up by the time class started. Most of my yoga class friends are still there.

On the bike ride home they had cleared the cut grass off of the path.


I had to yield to an egret that lackadaisically crossed the road in front of me.


I love Florida despite the heat.

Once home I showered then made a taco salad with some leftover meat sauce that I took out of the freezer.


In a few minutes I have to go pick up Mack from school. Then we’ll be picking up Cal in the car line at his school to hurry to karate. We’ll be going straight from karate back to Cal’s school for a PTSA (like PTA, but with an S) meeting and fish fry dinner. Cal is excited because they are supposed to have information and displays for all of the clubs at his school and he wants to show me what they’ve been doing in Robotics Club. I’ll fill you in on that excitement tomorrow.