Now it’s November

November 1, 2012 at 2:19 pm

I have so many fascinating things to blog about that have happened in the last day and a half since my last post. Run(walk) and Restore on Tuesday night. The Creepy Crawl kids’ obstacle course at Mack’s school yesterday. Trick or treating last night (of course!). A fieldtrip today to the St. Petersburg International Folk Fair Society festival. BUT. I’m in the process of moving my blog from to and it’s not going smoothly. Plus, I’ve basically been having too much fun to blog. Tonight I’m attending a fun Trek Women event, so the fascination just keeps piling up.

I’ll have to do a back up and catch up eventually, but I just wanted to mention this fun local event that I’m going to on Friday. It’s a shopping event called Angels After Dark.


First, it’s at The Tower at One Progress Plaza. My first job upon moving to St. Petersburg was in that building. I worked for Barnett Bank on the 18th floor doing commercial and commercial real estate loan closings while I was studying for the Florida Bar and then for quite a while after I actually became an attorney. So that building is very nostalgic for me.

Second, who doesn’t like shopping? Here’s the newspaper’s blurb about the event:


I’m planning to go around 10 a.m. tomorrow, so if you are there say, “Hi!” Leave a comment or get in touch with me if you are local and would like to go with me. My friend Amy already signed on!

Here is the Facebook event page (this is the page to RSVP for the event, which isn’t actually necessary, but you can go there to see if any of your friends are going).

Check out the Angels After Dark Facebook page for more information about all of their awesome vendors and sponsors.

I’ll leave you with cute Halloween pictures of my nephew Cody.


My sister said that everyone kept saying he looked like Clint Eastwood, so that’s what they went with. Personally, I would have said he was Wild Bill Hickok, or almost any other cowboy, but he sure does look cute.

I miss him and my sister.


And my brother-in-law.


I love you guys so much!