The mundane and the fabulous

November 12, 2012 at 9:52 am

Where was I? Let’s see…now it’s Monday and the last thing I blogged was the Tampa Bay Lady Blogger book club meeting on Wednesday night. There has been so much awesomeness since then. One of the problems with having such a fascinating life is that it is often too fun-filled to have time to blog about it. Cest la (my) vie. It’s rough, but I don’t want your pity.

I realize that the most fascinating stuff is the mundane, so I’m going to blog all of that first and then do separate posts for the fabulous.

Thursdays mundanity (WordPress does not think that’s a word):

Saw puppies!


Drove three boys to middle school.


Handed the camera to Cal:


Self portrait:


My awesome breakfast on Thursday:


Recipe for mini pumpkin muffins:


My closet was completely out of hand.


I have done a bunch of Christmas shopping lately and also pretty much have not put any clothes away in months. The closet is mostly blocked by piles of clean, folded clothes and shopping bags. The clothes piled on the chair in the left all needed to go to Good Will.

Clothes sorted into piles:


I have way too many cotton t-shirts from events:




All the gifts corralled into some large shopping bags:


Boots ready for cool weather:


The doors will even shut now:


I know I do this closet clean out post once every few months. But isn’t it interesting?

I even made the bed, but I still think making the bed is a waste of time.


The next pictures I have are from when I picked Cal up from school. They were having a memorial service for a teacher that recently passed away. While I was sitting in the car line they released doves.


The doves flocked together and continued to fly around over the school for a long time. It was really cool.


Next picture is from Tour de Pizza on Thursday night.


Chad actually took a day off of work to play in a charity golf tournament on Thursday.



Friday morning I ran by Crescent Lake Park to pick up my t-shirt for some of Saturday’s awesomeness:


Friday’s breakfast (I know this is random, but I took a picture so here it is):


Friday morning’s awesomeness included attending the Junior League of Tampa’s annual holiday shopping event at the Florida State Fairgrounds. I’ll be writing a separate post about that. After I picked Mack up from school we stopped by Christie’s to pick up my Karna Bar!


I have been seriously slacking on the resistance training since resigning from the gym. I could still be going there (until Dec. 11th), but now that I’ve given my notice I just haven’t felt like going back. Sad.

Dinner Friday night was leftover Crockpot Balsamic Pork with Onions, served with brown/wild rice and broccoli:


Christie O., the pork was awesome as leftovers!


Early Saturday morning we drove to Ybor City in Tampa to have some family photos taken. My friends at Embellished Simplicity did a 20 minute shoot with us. I’m going to post all the photos once I get them on disc, but here’s a couple that they posted on their Facebook page.




FB Profile Family-1

We went straight from the photo shoot to Woodlawn Sports Complex for a kickball tournament benefitting the charities of the Junior League of St. Petersburg. I was on team IRunMommies. Separate post to come!


During the lunch break at the kickball tournament, two of my kickball team mates and I headed to Clearwater to pick up our race packets for the TriRock Clearwater Triathlon.


My two kickball teammates were also going to be my relay teammates in the triathlon on Sunday morning.




20121110-DSC03513(Left to right: swim, bike, run)


My swag bag included a $1000 off coupon on a new Land Rover.



On the way back to the kickball tournament we stopped by PDQ to grab some lunch.



I got the crispy chicken sandwich. It was awesome. The chicken filet was so juicy and flavorful and huge!


After the kickball tournament I tried to take it easy all afternoon on Saturday to rest up for my swim early on Sunday.

Triathlon post to follow!


After the triathlon we hung out at home for a while, then Chad and I went out on a date night. Yelp Tampa Bay had an awesome party for the Yelp community (not just Elites) at Datz in south Tampa. If you had a Yelp account, even with no reviews, you could have RSVP’d to this party! It was great.


Separate post about the Livin’ La Vida Local Yelp party to follow.

There are already 27 reviews on the Yelp page for the event, and it just happened last night! I’m already behind.

Maybe I’m caught up with the mundane. I have a million photographs of the fabulous to go through now!