Parenting party, biking, school

November 13, 2012 at 3:47 pm

Apparently nothing happened all day yesterday because I didn’t take any pictures. I know that I wrote four blog posts:

The mundane and the fabulous
Junior League of Tampa Holiday Gift Market
Showdown on the Playground 2012
Yelp’s Livin’ La Vida Local

I know that I picked the boys up from school and took them to karate.

Last night I went over to my friend Christie’s house for a parenting party.


Christie had yummy (and healthy) snacks for everyone.


We also were getting together to stuff some holiday care packages for some soldiers.


We worked on the boxes a little and then I grabbed a plate of food…


as Paige led the Parenting Party. It was interactive and basically offered strategies for dealing with common parenting issues. It was fun to hang out with a bunch of ladies and talk parenting, which is what we often talk about anyway. All of the other ladies there had very young children, so their issues are much different than the ones we are now dealing with.

I was exhausted and had only planned to stay about an hour. I snuck out before the party was over so that I could have some time to hang out with Chad. Thanks for having me Christie!

This morning I drove Mack to school. We have been seriously slacking on the walking to school. Every morning that extra half hour of sleep just seems irresistible. We must get back into the habit!

To make up a little for not walking, after Cal got off to school I biked downtown. I always feel like I need to take photos on the bridges.

The Saint Raphael’s bridge:



Towards the Snell Isle/Coffee Pot Bayou bridge:


On Coffee Pot Boulevard:


Towards downtown St. Pete:


Past Fit2Run:


Up First Avenue North:


Turning back down First Avenue South, at my destination:



I biked to the Times to sign us all up for the Turkey Trot.


A good source of natural sweat:



Here is last year’s post about the (then) St. Pete Times Turkey Trot 2011.

Back on the bike, this time heading down towards the waterfront:


St. Pete Yacht Club:


St. Pete Municipal Marina:


I kept noticing signs for the Boley Center Jingle Bell Run.


We all did the Jingle Bell Run last year as well. I guess we’ll do it again if it works with our schedule. I need to check it out.


Back over the Snell Isle/Coffee Pot Bayou bridge:


Back over the St. Raphael’s bridge:


A little over ten miles total:

Garmin bike table

The laps are all screwy because I still had it set up to lap every five miles from when I did the 55 mile ride a couple of weeks ago.

After I got home from my bike ride I got cleaned up and then headed to school for my volunteer day. It ended up being a “lunch with Mack” day and no volunteering was involved. His teacher didn’t have anything for me to do. Mack and I had a nice time hanging out in the courtyard.


He wanted to know why I killed Shrek. Doesn’t everybody have a chartreuse fur purse?


That purse is actually vintage Cynthia Rowley from the 80’s. I bought it at a thrift store for $10 once on a whim. It sheds. I still love it.

Apparently Prince William the hamster did not love Shrek the Purse very much.


In fact he peed on Shrek the Purse.


Prince William also was having a hard time with his little legs going through the holes in the top of the picnic table.




Outfit of the volunteering day (OOTVD):


Paper towel Pilgrim People:


After I left the school I ran to Publix. I made a quick dinner plan for the week.


Notice that Tuesday (tonight) says, “dinner”, meaning I would know it when I saw it.

This is new:


You can go online and put in your deli order and it will be there ready for you when you arrive! That would be a great idea if I ever actually thought that far in advance.


Veggie bags on sale again!


Pomegranate season!


So I’m failing miserably at photographing my food. I am just not wanting to do it, plus I haven’t had time to blog daily. I need to figure out something that works. Bleh. I may have to resort to calorie counting again. Whine.

Tonight’s dinner is going to be Teriyaki chicken skewers, potatoes, and Asian coleslaw. I knew it when I saw it.

I’m also planning to go to Run & Restore tonight, but JUST WALK. My hip is still sore from trying to run last week. Double bleh.


p.s. I still need to write my TriRock Clearwater Triathlon recap! Here is my TriRock Clearwater Marathon 2012 Recap!