A clean shower and puppies

December 4, 2012 at 5:49 pm

Last night the boys and I went on the family evening walk.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-70

I’m happy to be back in the routine of walking with them whenever possible. I’m also back into the routine of walking Mack to school, which we did this morning.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-10

Sprinkler offender:

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-71

After I got Cal off to the bus stop I made breakfast.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-72

Then I did everything I could think of to avoid doing my main task for the day…cleaning my tub and shower. I hate this job. It takes over an hour, mostly because I do it so infrequently. It’s awkward and back-breaking. After doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and wasting time on social media I finally tackled it.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-74

Now that’s a clean shower. So glad I don’t have to do that again until March at the earliest.

This is probably too much information, but I usually clean the tub and shower naked because I end up covered in water and toxic chemicals. As soon as it was all clean, I took advantage of it by taking a shower and removing all of the Comet and bleach and CLR from my body. By then it was lunch time.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-1

After lunch I went to school to help out with a project by All Children’s Hospital.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-2

A while ago they did a survey about how the kids in the car line were secured in their cars. Then they had an event where they distributed free booster seats to any families that wanted them. They have also been running a booster seat/seat belt educational campaign at the school to inform the kids of how important it is to use these things correctly. Today they were doing a follow-up survey to see if there had been any improvement in booster seat/seat belt usage.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-4

I helped out until car line was done, then ran by Publix. I didn’t take a picture, but it looked like this:

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-11

On the way home from Publix I picked Mack up from his after school reading enrichment program, then it was snacks and homework and gifted project until time to go pick up Cal from the bus stop. When we dropped off our car pool friend we got to play with the puppies!

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-5

They were too busy searching for palm tree dates and worms to pose for a proper picture.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-6

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-7

They’ve gotten so much bigger already!

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-8

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-9

Now I’m making dinner (picture tomorrow) and then I’ll be going on the family evening walk and heading out for Restore the Core on the waterfront. Tonight is the last class of this session. Fill you in on that tomorrow.