Above the Barre Fitness review

January 20, 2013 at 4:35 pm

Yesterday I had the opportunity, thanks to my blogger friend Raffi, to check out the new fitness craze that I have been hearing so much about…barre fitness!


Above the Barre Fitness recently opened a new location in Allendale at 3326 MLK St. N. (that’s 9th Street to us locals) and I was psyched to get to check it out.

Barre fitness is influenced by classical and modern dance (though it’s not a dance class) and utilizes a barre to help with optimal positioning. It uses insights from Pilates, yoga, and orthopedic stretching in its approach. Many of the moves we did reminded me of the Pilates-based exercises I have been doing in Restore the Core.

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The new location was beautiful and pristine. I loved the shiny, organized class room.

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They also have a large child care room.

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I met up with seven of my fellow Tampa Bay Bloggers to give Above the Barre Fitness a try.

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We were goofy as usual before the class started…

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but soon got down to business and all jokes were over.

Maria Gerelus, the owner of Above the Barre Fitness, was great about introducing us to the concept of barre fitness and explaining all the moves in detail. She was also sure to encourage us to go at our own pace and not to be embarrassed to take a break if necessary (whew, it was necessary for me). She was very welcoming and friendly and not at all intimidating despite her rock-hard frame. That’s her on the far left below:

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The class uses precision-oriented technique, focusing on small, isolated movements within deeply held, challenging positions. I started out with tiny two-pound weights for all the shoulder and arm movements, but quickly had to change to even tinier one-pound weights in order to be able to (sort of) hang in there. Within minutes I was dripping with sweat.

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If you do squats on your toes, are they called pliés? We did a bunch of them in a variety of ways and I was momentarily transported back to my youth which involved years and years of ballet lessons. It’s embarrassing to admit that considering how klutzy and uncoordinated I am now.

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Runners lunges at the barre:

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I was impressed by how challenging all of the moves were, and thought it was really cool how the barre was integrated into otherwise-familiar moves. It was tough and sometimes awkward as a newbie, but hey… AWKWARD IS AWESOME!

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(Check out my friend Robin’s great challenge called “Awkward is Awesome” if you have tried anything new lately. If you haven’t tried anything new lately, you should! Robin is the genius behind Southern Fried Fitness and is one of my fellow Mom Power Team members. She’s giving away prizes!)

Thank you so much for having us Maria!

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I had a great time and would definitely recommend Above the Barre Fitness if you are looking for a new, fun, challenging work out. Raffi gave us her own stellar testimonial as she has been going to Above the Barre for a while now, and you can check out other testimonials on their website.

Be sure to “Like” Above the Bar Fitness on Facebook to be in the loop about classes, challenges, and specials. Check out the Above the Barre Fitness website for class schedules and pricing. First class is free!

Thanks to all my blogger friends for being so awesome.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-18(me, Mindy, Stephanie, Margarita, Katie, Lora, Raffi, and Tess)