Fitlife Foods opening in St. Petersburg

January 25, 2013 at 9:19 am

Yesterday I got the opportunity to check out Fitlife Foods at their new location in St. Pete!

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They are in the little shopping center right next to our beloved Yogurtology.

I have had the privilege of trying Fitlife Foods twice in Tampa…once at their South Dale Mabry location when I did the Chevy Fit4Life event, and once from their mobile food truck at the Chevy Go for the Gold event.

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Yesterday was their soft opening and they invited the community to come in and try a meal on the house.

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I was greeted by happy Fitlife Foods employees and Ashley, a Fitlife Foods community store leader and wellness coach, gave me the grand tour.

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Fitlife has such a great concept. They use fresh, all-natural ingredients that are crafted by culinary experts into perfectly-portioned meals. They are great for someone trying to lose weight, eat healthier, get more fit, or someone who just wants a fresh meal on the go.

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Fitlife Foods has an extensive menu with something for everyone, including entrees, salads, and snacks. They have low carb, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Most of the meals come in multiple portion sizes to choose from.

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Menu items can always be purchased a la carte, but they also have a really cool program called “project U” which is a customized wellness program that can be a 7, 14, or 21-day project. The programs include three meals and two snacks per day, a wellness coaching baseline session, and a Fitlife Foods water bottle and cooler bag.

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For people participating in project U there is a discount on all meals. They also have a “member meal account” option where you can prepay a certain amount to receive discounts on meals and retail items.

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I love Fitlife Foods focus on all-around wellness.

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During a wellness coaching session they take a variety of measurements, including determining your metabolic rate and thus how many calories you should be eating per day.

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Each project U plan is completely customized to the individual customer.

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I explained to Ashley that I was currently doing the Whole30 and that I had MANY dietary restrictions right now. She quickly perused the huge cooler…

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and chose several options that would work with the Whole30.

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Each meal is labeled with nutritional information and they have a comprehensive allergen chart for all of their meals on their website if you are trying to avoid soy, gluten, or any other common allergen. All of the nutritional information for all of the meals is also available.

My Whole30 compliant meals: Spinach Waldorf salad, Supercharged Chicken, and Miami Beach Mixed Grill:

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I will skip their homemade dressings and sauces since I’m not sure of the exact ingredients, but I’m sure they are all delicious. Ashley assured me that the dried cranberries on the Waldorf salad did not contain any added sugar.

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I also plan to not eat the vegetables with the Miami Beach Mixed Grill since they included corn and I’m not sure what type of oil they were cooked in. I can not have any vegetable oil, peanut oil, or soybean oil. The broccoli is steamed and the sweet potato is ALL GOOD.

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(note: I ate both of the above meals for my dinner and they were delicious, even without the sauces.)

Ashley also gave me two of their Energy Dippers to give to the boys for snack later.

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The Energy Dipper is a smooth cinnamon almond dip. Both of the boys loved it.

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Creeper alert!

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I also brought home a sample of their Victory Bar, which is one of their signature items.

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The boys will also share that, but after my Whole30, I’m heading back to Fitlife Foods and I plan to sample some of their sweet stuff!

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Patronizing Fitlife Foods just feels good to me. I love to support a locally owned business that is so focused on healthy living. They give back to the community also, and have supported several of my friends’ small businesses and athletic teams.

The containers that the food comes in are really high quality with tight-sealing lids. They are microwavable, and can be washed and reused. However, if you have reached capacity in your cupboards with all of the container hoarding (kind of like my Cool Whip container collection…oops), then they have a recycling rewards program where you receive a discount on meals once you have returned a certain number of containers for recycling.

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Fitlife Foods makes me happy and I think they’ll make you happy too.

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I’ll definitely be back!

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Check out the Fitlife Foods website.
Like Fitlife Foods St. Petersburg on Facebook.
Follow Fitlife Foods on Twitter.

The grand opening is this coming Monday, January 28th. Welcome to St. Petersburg Fitlife Foods!