Whole30, Day 18

January 25, 2013 at 4:27 pm

This morning Chewie and I walked Mack to school. It was super foggy (and dark).

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-2

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-1

Once I got home I made breakfast.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-3

The green stuff is spinach, turkey kielbasa, and mushrooms. I am obsessed with the combination of sweet potatoes and pecans.

After breakfast I dropped Cal off at the bus stop and headed to the gym for Bodypump.

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I am feeling so good. I have increased my weights at every class and I am almost back to my pre-Bodypump sabbatical weights. I feel like I have lost the holiday bloat and my muffin top is noticeably reduced.

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After the gym I ran by the Fitlife Foods soft opening “Friends and Family” event.

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My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-1

After I got home from Fitlife Foods I jumped in the shower and very stupidly hurt my foot. Not while “jumping” in, but it is so stupid that I don’t want to talk about it. Okay, I’ll talk about it. As I was about to get out of the shower I was shaking the water off my feet before stepping out (I’m not the only one who does this, right?) and I accidentally kicked the soap dish on the shower wall REALLY hard. I had to jump around the bathroom naked, dripping, and cursing for a few minutes until the pain subsided.

Now it hurts really badly whenever I put much weight on the outside of the ball of my right foot so I am walking around on my instep to avoid putting weight on it. I think I just bruised it pretty bad and I’m hoping it won’t impede my walking/running for too long.

I sucked it up and got all dressed to meet Chad for a lunch meeting. I have received several comments on the blog asking for “more Chad!” He’s on the blog as much as he is a part of what I do every day, but he works so much that I realize he doesn’t show up on the blog as often as the boys and I do. So here is a little insight into Chad’s world.

Here is the glass door leading into Chad’s office building:

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-6

Here is the inside of Chad’s office building:

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-7

Here is Chad’s austere office:

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-8

Here is Chad’s “honey, you’re embarrassing me at work” face:

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-9

This was a very exciting day for me. We were meeting with a friend who is also a realtor to discuss the first steps we need to take to sell our house and buy one that actually fits our family!

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-14

We had lunch with our realtor friend at Café Ponte.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-10

I reviewed the menu online before choosing Café Ponte, so I was pretty confident that I could get a Whole30 compliant lunch there.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-11

Our server was really nice and patient as I asked questions and requested substitutions.

I ended up getting the beet salad which was a special today, and I asked that they hold the gorgonzola cheese and candied walnuts (sadly). I should have asked to hold the golden raisins also, but I forgot about them. I tried to eat around them and in the end the bottom of my salad bowl was full of raisins, but I’m sure I ate one or two. I’m not going to consider my Whole30 derailed because of two raisins.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-12

The shredded stuff on top is apples. I also asked them to add grilled chicken (with no oil or butter) to the salad. It was great! I asked for oil and vinegar to use as dressing and the server was happy to accommodate me.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-13

The salad was just how I ordered it and the server made a point to ask me if it was the way that I wanted it. So far in my “dining out while on the Whole30” experience, restaurants are very willing to make accommodations for special dietary requests. I’m feeling pretty confident about my ability to eat out while on the Whole30 now.

Our lunch and meeting were awesome and I’m really excited about the prospect of finally making some progress towards buying a new house. We have lived in our current house for seventeen years. When we first bought our house (it’s our first and only house) we never intended to be here more than three to five years. It was a “starter” house. We NEVER intended to have children in this house. But our usual inertia kicked in and that combined with the housing market collapse a few years ago have had us stuck here much longer than we ever anticipated. We need more room!

After leaving our lunch date I stopped by Tour de Pizza to get the weekly pie for the boys (take and bake…love that).

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-15

After getting the pizza I picked Mack up from school and we headed home for the usual afternoon activities of snacks, homework, etc. Apple dipper snacks were provided by Fitlife Foods…

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-34

This piece of artwork was going in the garbage because it had mysteriously gotten ripped, but I loved his self-described character traits so I snapped a photo before trashing it.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-16

I’m not really overly sentimental about most of the artwork that they bring home from school. I like to take a picture then trash it. Of course I have saved just a few really special things.

The rest of the afternoon was spent taking Mack to karate, picking Cal up from school, picking Mack up from karate, then making dinner. The boys had pizza, and I had two of the entrees from Fitlife Foods.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-19

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-20

These were the small size portions, so two of them was about right for my dinner. I did remove the sauce that both of them came with…

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-17

and also removed the cooked veggies from the Supercharged Chicken entrée, as they contained corn and I wasn’t sure what type of oil they were cooked with. I replaced those veggies with a salad and half of an avocado. My dinner:

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-18

All of it was delicious, even without the sauce.

I love the little containers that the meals come in. They are heavy-duty and have tight-fitting lids. They can be washed and reused, which is awesome. I especially love the small containers that the Energy Dippers came in. I can see these being perfect for packing dips or salad dressing.

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That’s all I have for Thursday. Chad went to pool league…it was a playoff game and they won so now they will play in the finals next week. I watched Parenthood and New Girl (shows that Chad is not interested in) while futzing around on the computer all night.