Molly and the Hoola Monsters DVD premiere and giveaway

October 21, 2013 at 4:56 pm

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post and I was not compensated for writing this. Hoola Monsters was nice enough to offer a DVD/hoop combo for me to give away on my blog. All opinions are my own.

Yesterday the boys and I had the privilege of attending a premiere showing of our friend Molly’s newest endeavor: Molly and the Hoola Monsters. The premiere party took place at one of my favorite spots in St. Pete, Sunken Gardens.

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Upon entering the building at Sunken Gardens we were transported into the magical world of Hoolaville where Hoola Monsters, like Bouncy and Dizzy below, teach Molly their signature hoop moves, instilling confidence with every spin.

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Miss Abby was also on hand teaching hoop moves to all the eager kids in attendance.

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Also known as Abby Albaum, she is the founder of Hoola Monsters, LLC, Florida’s first full-service hoop dance company. Hoola Monsters specializes in classes, pro fitness hoops, kids’ birthday parties, and event entertainment. Hoola Monsters, LLC was founded by Abby in 2008 and the St. Petersburg-based company teamed up with Suzanne Garth to create Albaum/Garth Enterprises in January of 2013. Together, along with Three Chairs Productions, they created this wonderful DVD.

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“The goal of the DVD is to instill a message of self-confidence and fun fitness through the art of hoop dance,” said Abby. “Hooping with pro dance hoops burns an average of 420 calories an hour, so not only is it a ton of fun, it’s also the perfect way to keep kids active and healthy.”

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Before the premiere showing, Molly gave a little speech and graciously thanked Abby and all of her co-stars.

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Then the movie began.

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It really is adorable and all the kids and adults watched with rapt attention. Molly and the Hoola Monsters follows the story of Molly – the new kid at school – who discovers a golden tunnel that transports her to Hoolaville…a vibrant, funky village filled with super hooping creatures called Hoola Monsters. With each Hoola Monster that Molly meets, she builds her self-confidence. In the final scene we were all wowed by Molly’s skill with the hoop. Check out the preview on YouTube:

Afterward watching the DVD, we all got into the action. Or, at least tried.

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Charlottes Hoola pic

Thanks to my friend Charlotte of Charlotte Smiled for that last photo of my friend Nikki and me.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-20(me, Nikki, and Charlotte)

We were also treated to a debut performance by the Mini Monsters Squad, a kids’ hoop troupe with Molly in the center of course. She doesn’t know the meaning of “stage fright”.

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The kids were eating it up. My boys were a little shy about hooping, but not Nikki’s boys…they were into it.

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The premiere event was also a fundraiser to benefit Molly’s Crusaders for a Cure which funds research for Alzheimer’s and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has a fundraiser walk this Saturday in Straub Park…get more information here: .

For the fundraiser they raffled off a DVD/hoop combo set and I’m pretty sure every kid there was hoping they were going to win. My friend Ali was busy selling raffle tickets in her monster gear the whole afternoon.

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We loved the DVD Molly! Congratulations! You are amazing!

The Molly and the Hoola Monsters DVD includes bonus tutorials and original, dance-
along music by Orlando-based funk band, Beebs and Her Moneymakers. The DVD also features 3-D artwork by Tampa visual artist, Bean Spence. Signature hoops in the Molly and the Hoola Monsters line and DVDs are sold separately for $24.99 or as a hoop/DVD package for $39.99 and are available for purchase at the St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market, or online at

But wait! Abby was nice enough to give me a hoop/DVD combo package to give away on my blog!

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If you would like to win this hoop/DVD combo, please leave a comment** telling me which little monster in your life would like to visit Hoolaville! This giveaway will be open for one week and the winner will be randomly selected on Sunday, October 27th by Mack drawing a name out of a bowl (as usual). The winner does not need to be local!


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