Couch to 5K

I’ve always had this mental block that I’ve told myself (and everyone else) over and over: I can’t run. Nevermind that I walk about 20 miles a week and have logged hours and hours on the elliptical machine. I would always assert, “I can’t run!” But I knew, deep down, that there was really no reason, physically, that I couldn’t run. I would sort of “try” to run, but as soon as it felt a little uncomfortable, I’d just walk.

I think it’s subconsiously bothered me for a long time that I wouldn’t push myself to run. Since I lost the weight in 2007-2008, I’ve been sort of absent-mindedly collecting information about how to start running. I have a short stack of magazine articles ripped out and piled somewhere on the subject. I walked a 5K with a friend a couple of years ago and part of the registration fee included a subscription to Women’s Running. I wasn’t running, but I swear I read those magazines from cover to cover. I have a folder in my internet browser bookmarks with links related to the subject. But I just wouldn’t actually do it, because, you know, I can’t run.

Maybe I have emotional scars from always being last in the running portion of the President’s Physical Fitness test from elementary school. I know I have vivid memories of it. Maybe I carry a stigma from having flat feet and being forced to wear Buster Brown orthopedic shoes when I was little. Whatever! En0ugh is enough. I’ve been psyching myself up for it long enough. I’m going to do it!

I’m using the Couch to 5K running program devised by Cool Running. I know many people (virtually) who have had success with this program. Lately it seems like everybody is doing it. I’ve downloaded podcasts by Robert Ullrey and this creative girl named Nicole, which help you by telling you when the intervals change so you don’t have to constantly be checking a stopwatch, so I’m ready to go.

C25k Week 1

9/17/10 – Day 1 – I did it! I figured since I didn’t get to walk to school this morning, it would be a great day to start. I went to bodypump this morning, which doesn’t have much cardio, but it left me feeling energized and I was already sweaty. So I didn’t even come in the house when I got home. I pulled out my PalmPre and my earbuds, queued up Ullrey’s first podcast, and took off. It was great! I ran every 60 second interval completely. The last couple of running intervals were tough, but doable. I am so psyched. I CAN run! Knowing that I’m in no hurry, and can repeat weeks if I’m not feeling like I have conquered them, is liberating. I really want to stick with this program. I want to RUN a 5K race, not just walk one.

9/19/10 – Day 2 – I did it again! One more training day to go in week one. Why am I already scared of week two, when the running intervals increase? Today was fine. Again, I ran right after doing bodypump at the gym. It was right about noon this time, and about 93°, so that kind of sucked. But I ran every interval completely. This time I used Nicole’s week one podcast, and I liked the music much better. Ullrey’s is all techno, but he does have really pleasant helpful voiceovers for the interval changes. Nicole’s music is more pop/hip-hop/a little alternative/some 80’s redux (my favorite), and her voiceover is this Darth Vader voice that just counts down from five seconds at each interval. I’d like Ullrey’s voiceovers on Nicole’s music, please? I liked having something different, though. It occurred to me that as my running intervals get longer, it will get later in the fall season, so hopefully cooler. That’s something to look forward to!

9/22/10 – Day 3 – Whew. Week one down. It was tough, because again it was almost noon. Plus, I had already walked 2.2 miles and done bodypump at the gym, but I wanted to get it out of the way while already sweaty and warmed up. Nicole’s Wk1.2 music was awesome! Even some Smiths in there. I ran all the intervals and didn’t fall over like poor Corey on Biggest Loser last night, so that’s good. I loved Corey…hoping he comes back. Must be the Dead/Spread/Phish-head in me. Week 2 starts Friday…and I’m scared! Longer running intervals. Yikes.

C25K Week 2

9/24/10 – Day 1 – Noon again. Hot. Definitely felt the longer running intervals, but I survived and ran them all completely. I used the Ullman podcast. Since this was my first run on this week, I wanted his encouraging voice and more detailed prompts. His music sucks, though. As soon as I finished the last running interval I switched to Lady Gaga for the cool-down. I am really motivated because my friend Jeannie and I just signed up to “run” (as much as we can) a 5K on October 9th. It’s for a really good cause…Tampa police memorial fund. Check it out here.

9/26/10 – Day 2 – It was good. Definitely easier than W2D1. Loving Nicole’s music…lots of 80’s on her Wk2.1 track. Noon again. I like doing the C25K training right after bodypump, since I’m always very energized after that, so that pretty much means around noon. I just wish we’d get some cooler weather. I hate this time of year in Florida. Summer just won’t end. I felt like I could have run longer at the end today. I’m not going to be scared of week 3, I think.

9/29/10 – Day 3 – The cardio aspect of running today was fine, not even a struggle. But my knees are hurting! I’m not sure if it’s because of the running or because I have recently been walking in some of those “toning” shoes. Well, I had the Reebok Easytone shoes since February, but they totally wore out (not worth the $100 folks), so this time I bought some Avia “toning” shoes. They are really comfy, but I don’t know if they may have changed my gait or something. I wear them to walk, but run in Asics.  Anyways, I suffered through walking the kids to school, bodypump and then running today, refusing to let the knee pain stop me. Tomorrow is a totally “off” day…no exercise at all. Hopefully by Friday, when I have to start Week 3 and increase my running intervals, my knees will feel better.  I’m actually psyched to push myself through a 3 minute run. Wow, that sounds puny, but I know it won’t feel that way.

C25K Week 3

10/1/10 – Day 1 – What just happened? OMG. That was my best training run yet! I was not scared, having been really inspired by Fat Bridesmaid’s recent post. And today was a bit cooler and MUCH less humid than on any previous run, and it made a huge difference. There are two 90-second and two 3-minute running intervals this week. That’s it. After the last running interval, I switched off Ullrey, put on Lady Gaga, and enjoyed the sunshine for the cool-down walk. Then something happened. Maybe it was Allejandro? I felt like running again. So I did another running interval! A long one! One that was not even REQUIRED! What? Happy Happy Happy.

10/3/10 – Day 2 – All I can say is, I think I love running. Maybe it’s this gorgeous weather. I chose a longer route today, since it’s so beautiful out, figuring I would just have an extended cool-down walk and enjoy the day. After the regular week 3 training program was done, I switched my music over to Lady Gaga, as I have been doing lately. I walked all through Bad Romance (4:55), then decided I could run some more. I then proceeded to run all through Poker Face (3:56) AND Papparazi (3:28). I ran for seven minutes and 24 seconds! Without stopping! Sorry for all the exclamation points. I even felt like I could have kept going, but I was close to home by then and wanted at least a short cool-down walk. I know I keep going on and on about it, but this is amazing to me. I wanted to be sure I could do five minute running intervals for the 5K next Saturday, and now I am! I’m so excited. Okay, I’ll shut up about it now, as I know you are rolling your eyes.

10/6/10 – Day 3 – Last day of week three! 5K in three days! I’m so excited! Exclamation Point ❗ Today was gorgeous. This weather is so amazing. I don’t ever remember having so many cool days in a row at the beginning of October. So today…the first running interval (90 sec.) was by far the hardest. The next three running intervals (3 min., 90 sec., 3 min.) were easy peasy, as Mack has been saying all the time lately. Then I walked to Gaga’s Papparazzi (3:28). Then I ran and ran and ran. Telephone (3:40), Bad Romance (4:54), Just Dance (4:02). That’s TWELVE MINUTES AND THIRTY-SIX SECONDS of running bitches! And I could have just kept going. When I stopped, I wasn’t even really out of breath. Granted, my running pace is slow. But I always thought I had this cardio block about running. But it’s not the cardio. My legs were feeling heavy. My left knee was hurting a little. I didn’t want to overdo it. (I had already walked 2.2 miles and done bodypump this morning). I wanted to have a bit of a cool down before getting home. So I walked to Allejandro the rest of the way. I feel like I don’t even know how far I could have run. I want to run! Anybody have any advice about the knee? I just got new shoes, but should I go to a running store and invest in some expensive running shoes? Will that really help? I don’t want to stop 😀

C25K Week 4

10/9/10 – Day 1 – I used the 16th Annual Tampa Police Memorial Run to do day one of the week four training. Read all about it here.

10/11/10 – Day 2 – For some reason today felt harder than the 5K! I just ran the program, nothing extra. Maybe it was harder because it was pretty warm today (close to 90). Maybe my legs were still sort of tired from the 5K? Anyway, I got through it. Ran all the intervals. Then walked home listening to a Two Fit Chicks podcast. But now I’m a little scared of week 5. Eh. I’ll survive! I’ll prevail!

10/13/10 – Day 3 – And thus endeth week 4. Today was better than Monday. It was still hot, though. I MUST e-mail Nicole Blum and tell her how much I have enjoyed her music selections. I think I’ll have to stalk her blog and learn all about her, because I feel like I half-way know her just from her music. Some great stuff there. The runs were really no problem today (3min/5min/3min/5min, with short walks in between). However one week from today I will be running 20 minutes straight! What? Yikes.

C25K Week 5

10/15/10 – Day 1 – The kids are out of school today for some reason, so I planned on doing today’s run at the gym on the treadmill while they were in the gym’s childcare. However, my BFF and neighbor and I arranged a child-swap so she watched the boys this morning, so I could have come home and run outside. But I decided to stick with the plan because I had become curious as to how the treadmill would compare to running outside. This was the first time I can remember actually running on a treadmill (I’ve walked on them many times). I have to say, it is SO MUCH EASIER than running outside. It was so easy that on the last interval (3 x 5 min. running intervals today), I doubled it and ran 10 minutes instead of 5. I’m so glad that I didn’t start out running on the treadmill, or I would never have wanted to run outside. Now I’m just afraid that my run on Sunday (8run/5walk/8run minute intervals) will be tough. But that just doesn’t seem like much running, so maybe I’ll be OK. Then next Wednesday…20 minutes running non-stop! yikes.

10/17/10 – Day 2 – Made it through. It seems like the first couple of minutes of running are always the hardest for me. Is it like that for everyone? Once I get in the groove I end up being sort of surprised once the voice says it’s time to walk. There were only two 8 min. running intervals today. I didn’t think that was much, but half way through the second interval I was toughing it out. Then Nicole’s mix started up with “Eye of the Tiger”. Totally made me smile and feel like Rocky running up those steps. I thought, “Yeah…I can do this!” Then “Eye of the Tiger” came to the end and I expected that to be the end of the interval. BUT IT WASN’T! I felt gypped and kind of mad. Then Violent Femmes “Blister in the Sun” started up and I smiled again. Short song. I can do this! Then before the vocals even started the voice said, “And you’re done!” Oh Nicole, you prankster you. I must e-mail you to tell you how much I have enjoyed your running mixes. So next up is the dreaded Day 3 of Week 5…20 minutes non-stop running! That seems like a leap. But I have faith. I’m going to do it.

10/20/10 – Day 3 – I JUST RAN TWENTY MINUTES STRAIGHT! Yes, I had to yell it. I was nervous, but felt confident. I just felt like I could trust the plan and trust my body. Besides, did you know that today is Love Your Body Day? I’ve been thinking about that since I woke up this morning. I do love my body. Loose skin, stretch marks, flat feet and all. I ask alot of my body, and it is living up to the task. Anyway, I have to say I was kind of disappointed in Nicole’s music today. It was all extended dance mixes. Bleh. I’d rather have a bunch of short, killer songs. There was a nice “Happy Ending” in the middle of the first extended song, so that was a comic relief, but still. The first five minutes of the run were the hardest, as usual. After that I just got into a groove with my (very) slow pace and kept trucking. When I read back to my first entries on this page and think about how tough those first 60-second and 90-second intervals were, I am really amazed and proud of myself. Yay me!

C25K Week 6

10/22/10 – Day 1 – So today was three running intervals…5 min, 8 min, 5 min. Not too bad. Of course the worst part is the first half of the first interval. Always. Doubt always creeps in, in those first few minutes. Then I become confident again. I am feeling really confident about the whole program, now that I did that 20 minute run on Wednesday. If I can do that, I can do another ten minutes in a couple of weeks. I’m not scared of the rest of the training. Excited to get through it and RUN a 5K at the beginning of December. Come on Jeannie! Keep running! You have to do it with me!

10/24/10 – Day 2 – Today was two 10 minute running intervals with a 3 minute walking interval in-between. This is the last day in the program with any short running intervals. From here on out, every training day is 25 minutes or more of straight running. I’m psyched! Did I just type that? Today was HOT (mid 90’s, ugh) but good. Nicole redeemed herself with the music. The first song of the first running interval was Berlin’s “The Metro” (which I had also just heard on 1st Wave on Sirius this morning) so that put me in a good mood. It occurs to me that my C25K updates on this blog have maybe been more about the music than the running. Oh well. I think I’ll make my own mixes for the rest of the runs anyway, since there are no intervals and I don’t need a Darth Vader voice telling me when to walk or run. 5K, here I come!

10/27/10 – Day 3 – My hands are sort of shaking and I may be dripping a little sweat from my wrists onto my laptop, but I wanted to write this while it was still fresh in my mind. I JUST RAN TWO MILES! I truly can’t believe it. I decided to change the way I was doing the program today. You can either do C25K by time or by distance. For example W6D3 (today for me) says to run 25 minutes or 2 miles. I’ve been doing it by time, obviously, since it’s hard to measure out short interval distances. But since all my intervals are long from here on out, I decided to switch to distance. My pace is so slow, I knew if I just kept doing it by time, even though I would be running 30 minutes by the end, that would not equal a 5K. So, I drove my route this morning and figured out exactly what would be two miles. I was determined. But why did it have to be 90° and 75% humidity today? And of course I was running near noon. Oh well. I did it! Half-way through it was getting tough, but I was going to do it no matter what. With about 1/4 mile left, I thought I was going to die. I really thought I couldn’t make it. But I was going to fall down in the street before just quitting. I swear I heard Jillian Michael’s voice in my head telling me not to be a pussy (she doesn’t talk like that on Biggest Loser, but I imagine she does talk like that to her private clients…well, maybe not to Maria Shriver). Anyway, my playlist with 25 minutes of running music ended about one block from my 2 mile mark. I think I ran that last block in about a minute. So I think I ran two miles in about 26 minutes. I was closer to the time that I thought I would be. The last quarter mile, though, was so rough. It was all I could do to keep jogging and stare at the ground right in front of my feet. I couldn’t even lift my head to look ahead! By the very end I think I looked like one of those marathon champions at the finish line…face covered with snot and slobber, slack-jawed. After just two miles! But I did it. And I didn’t die. Okay, I’ve stopped trembling, so I guess I’ve cooled off enough to shower. Week 7 starts on Friday! Two and a quarter miles. OMG.

ETA (Edited to Add): Crap! I just looked at the Cool Running C25K page again. I was supposed to do 2 1/4 miles today. Week 7 is 2.5 miles. Oh well. I truly don’t think I could have done another 1/4 mile today. I’m going to start Week 7 at 2 1/4 miles and shoot to end it with 2.5 miles. I really hope the weather cools off. So that’s the plan!

C25K Week 7

10/29/10 – Day 1 – I decided to run on the treadmill today instead of outside. Two factors went into this decision. One, although it has cooled off a little, it is still pretty humid today and really not very cool (cooler than 95 degrees, but still in the 80’s). I think I was dying so much on the last run in large part due to the heat and humidity. Two, I really wanted to run the proscribed distance: 2 1/2 miles. I knew it would be much easier on the treadmill. So, after bodypump this morning I just stayed at the gym and did my run. As always happens, after about the first quarter mile, when my heart rate starts to rise and it starts to feel difficult, I was thinking, “I don’t want to do this! This sucks!” But I made a conscious decision to replace that thought with, “I KNOW I can do this. I WILL do this.” I just kept thinking that over and over. And it worked. It was not easy, but I stuck it out. Slow pace (had the treadmill set at 4.6 mph). But I’m not worried about pace right now. I want to get the distance first and then maybe I’ll work on pace. Or maybe not. I really don’t care how fast I can run a 5K, I just want to be able to run the whole thing. Maybe that will change. I’m hoping it’s going to get cooler and dryer (drier?) outside so I can do the W7D2 run outside on Sunday.

10/31/10 – Day 2 – I own 2 1/2 miles! Outside! It was still pretty hot out, but slightly less hot and humid than last week when I nearly died running two miles. And it was hard. About halfway through I was having doubts. Serious doubts. But I asked myself if I felt like I was going to collapse in the street. The answer was “no”, so I kept on going. When I rounded the last corner which I knew was about two miles, I thought, “I just ran two miles. No way I can’t run another 1/2. I’ve got this.” And I did. Just to prove I owned it, I picked it up and “sprinted” the last block. Probably a lurching, uncoordinated, extremely unattractive “sprint”, but I did pick up the pace. I ran 2.5 miles in 34 minutes. I know that’s not very fast, but I don’t care. I’m very happy. I’m dying to run in actual chilly weather. I feel like that would be heaven. Enough about running. Must talk about the most important part. The music. I sprinkled my running playlist today with some Halloween-ish songs…Thriller, Dead Man’s Party (OingoBoingo) and Werewolves in London. That helped. Also, My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas has to be one of the greatest work-out songs ever. Always puts a little bounce back into my step. Finished off my cool-down with Sweet Caroline (Puck from Glee version…love the original Neil Diamond, but the mental image of Puck is just, I don’t know, better?). One more day of running 2.5 miles, then it’s up to 2.75. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

11/3/10 – Day 3 – It didn’t seem any easier, but I did 2.5 miles outside again today. It was maybe two degrees cooler. Still seemed hot and humid. Running is just hard! But I can do hard stuff. I finished law school and passed the bar. I lost 100#. I gave birth twice, once with 18 hours of back labor and zero drugs. All hard things to do. I made a conscious effort when I noticed myself shuffling to pick it up a bit, lengthen my stride, hoping to maybe shave a couple of minutes off my dismally slow time. I “sprinted” (that ugly jerking motion that is slightly faster than my shuffle) the last two blocks. Nope. Same time. 34 minutes. Possibly 33.5 minutes, since I am just going by looking at the time on my phone when I started and stopped running, not a stopwatch. Oh well, at least I did it. Friday is 2.75 miles. BUT. BUT. BUT!!! It’s supposed to wayyy cooler. I have yet to run when it wasn’t in the 80’s or 90’s (right now it’s about 83°). Friday, the high is supposed to be in the low 70’s! Hallelujah! I’m hoping that will make a big difference. And I MUST make a new mix. I used the same one today, and those stupid Halloween songs made me feel like gagging.

C25K Week 8

11/5/10 – Day 1 – Wow, week 8. I can’t believe I will have done the entire program in less than two weeks from now! Today was awesome. 63° and 60% humidity. That’s 20 degrees lower than any other day I’ve run! Not that it was easy. Everything after the first minute of running is hard. But I’m no longer using “hard” as meaningful in any way. Who cares if it’s hard? I can do hard things. But the cool air (and it was a bit windy) felt wonderful. I felt better throughout the entire run, I think. I never felt like I was shuffling, as I have every other “long” run. I did 2.8 miles in 36 minutes. It was supposed to be 2.75 miles today, but the car only measures in tenths of a mile 🙂 So I improved my per mile time from 13.6 min. to 12.8, or 8/10’s of a minute faster per mile. I wasn’t totally dead at the end like I have been on every other run. I know I could have run the rest of a 5K today, so I feel great. Assuming it stays cool (and I know it’s going to warm up darnit), I’m going to concentrate on improving my pace a bit, I think. I walk/ran that 5K with Jeannie on Oct. 9 in 41:37. Surely if I run the whole thing I can improve upon that by at least 4 minutes. So I’m going to shoot for 37:30. We’ll see.

11/8/10 – Day 2 – Gorgeous day. About 66°. I usually run on Sundays, which would have been yesterday, but I wasn’t feeling so hot all day yesterday due to complete debauchery at a friend’s overnight birthday party Saturday night. So I took it easy yesterday with just a long walk with Chewie. I was worried that it might affect me today, but I felt pretty good. I walked the kids to school, then went to a Total Tone class at the gym (and I really don’t like that class much), then ran. My mind set is so different now. I don’t question whether or not I will be able to do it anymore. I know I can do it. So I just do. Today I did 2.8 miles in about 36 minutes. About the same as Friday. I’m not worried about the pace. It wasn’t easy, but it felt good in the end (of course). The biggest difference is that I am not almost dead afterwards. A walk around the block and I feel totally recovered.  I listened to Nicole Blum’s week 8 podcast, then added My Humps (Black Eyed Peas) onto the end. Love having that song at the end of the run. Picks things up and makes me happy 🙂 Just one more day of week 8. I really can’t believe I’m almost at the end of the program!

11/10/10 – Day 3 – Today felt harder. It was about ten degrees warmer today than the previous two runs, and I think that makes a HUGE difference. I did 2.8 miles in about 37 minutes, so a little slower. Oh well. I listened to the first podcast by The Blog Girls while I ran, and I think it made the time seem to pass more quickly than running to music. They talked about running, so that was fun. I think I’m going to check out more podcasts to listen to while running. Any suggestions for good ones? I do listen to the Two Fit Chicks podcasts while walking sometimes, so that’s an option. I need to check out the NPR podcasts. Friday starts week 9, the last week of the program…running three miles! I feel ready.

C25K Week 9

11/12/10 – Day 1 – I made it to the last week! Today I ran three miles in about 40 minutes. My timing is not at all accurate, I’m sure. I just add up all the songs in my playlist that I ran to. I ran/walked that 5K in Oct. in 41:37, so surely running the whole thing has to be more than one minute faster! We’ll see, and I don’t really care. Today was great. I mapped out a new route (unscientifically using my car’s odometer) and ran from Riviera United Methodist Church all the way down 62nd Ave. to the bay and back. Locals will understand that. I stayed on the south side of the street both directions as it was about 80% shady and awesome. I started at about 10:45 after having walked the boys to school (2.2 mi.) and doing bodypump at the gym. It was about 73° and 58% humidity. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t excruciating either. As usual, the first ten minutes were the worst. I always struggle at the beginning, but just keep telling myself that I KNOW I can do it. Not doing it is not an option. I listened to the latest Two Fit Chicks podcast and a variety of music as well. Really love running to podcasts, so I am on a quest to find more that I like. At one point I passed another guy running and we waved and smiled. Totally made me feel like a real runner!

11/14/10 – Day 2 – I ran at night for the first time tonight. It was cool. Chad was supposed to go to the Bucs game today, so I would have the boys all day. I could have run on the treadmill at the gym while they were in the childcare there, but the weather is so nice I really wanted to run outside. So I decided to run in the evening after he got back from the game. He ended up not going to the game (poor guy had to work from home ALL day), but I decided to stick with my evening run because I wanted to see what it was like. Plus, I knew it would be cooler at night. It was really nice. And for all you poor folks up north, I ran in shorts and a t-shirt in the dark and it was lovely 🙂 I hooked a light onto the back of my shirt for safety (the one we usually use when doing our family walks in the evenings). I listened to this week’s NPR On the Media podcast for the whole run. Definitely LOVE listening to podcasts while running. The stories really take me out of my head and make me forget I’m running, sort of. I’d LOVE podcast suggestions if anyone has any favorites. As usual, the first mile was the toughest. I just doubt myself for the first 2/3 of the run. Then when I know I only have a mile or so left I start to feel confident and the end is awesome. I have no idea my time on the three mile run, as I didn’t take note of my start time. I listened to an hour-long podcast  which ended very close to the end of my time out. But I walked all the way around the block once to warm up, then all the way around the block again at the end to cool down. I’m thinking each block lap was about 10 minutes, so probably about 40 minutes for the three miles again, but I don’t really know. Or care. I am truly amazed that I can run three miles. I can’t believe that I only have one run left in the training program, and that I ran three times a week every single week for nine weeks without getting sidetracked at all. Wow. I sort of feel like I could do anything. Chad is very worried that I am going to be addicted and train for longer runs. He is NOT supportive of that at all. I really have no plans to train for a marathon or anything like that (although I kind of sort of did make a pact with a friend to run the Disney half marathon next year). Truth is I will do what I want and it really irks me that Chad is being negative about running. He just knows my obsessive tendencies and doesn’t want it to take over my life. I’ll worry about that later. Right now I’m just going to bask in the glow of my three mile run!

11/17/10 – Day 3 – I COMPLETED THE ENTIRE C25K PROGRAM! Sorry to shout.  I can’t believe I am done with the program. Now I feel sort of free. But I know I have to keep running if I want to keep being able to run. I actually ran 3.5 miles today. I have no idea how long it took. I listened to an old TwoFitChicks podcast about running while I ran. Love that. It was pretty warm today, around 80 degrees, so I considered running on the treadmill after bodypump. But I have this voice inside my head that tells me that treadmill running is cheating, although I would never think that about anybody else running on a treadmill! But I know how much easier it is to do than outside. So I sucked it up, and ran outside (my 62nd Ave. route). It was hot, I sweated, I didn’t die. I started out by walking about half of a mile (not counted in my 3.5 mi. run), then started jogging. At about mile two of running I got a stitch in my side that made things harder. But I used my standard principal of “if I don’t collapse in the street I’m going to keep going” and I got through it. By mile three it had diminished and I decided to go another half mile that I had measured out. That sucked, but I just want to be SURE that I can actually run 5K (which my mind still just won’t really accept). I did it, then walked back another half mile to the gym. So my Turkey Trot 5K is one week from tomorrow. I think I’m going to run Friday and Monday in between now and then, 3.5 miles each run. Yippee Skippee! I’m excited.

Post-C25K Runs

11/19/10 (Friday) – I want to close this page of my blog out with the first 5K where I actually RUN the entire distance. That will be the St. Pete Times Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. So I’m going to go ahead and post my maintenance runs until then. Today I ran 3.5 miles. It was 1 p.m. and pretty hot (near 80 degrees). I went on a fieldtrip this morning with Mack’s class then rushed home to get the run in before carpool. Chad and I are going out tonight for a friend’s birthday, so I knew this would be my only chance to get it in. It was tough, but I did it. It is still tough from pretty much the beginning. But now I have the confidence that I KNOW I can do it, even though it is hard. So I don’t even worry about it. I just keep going, one foot in front of the other. That cool-down walk after I finish is so awesome.

11/22/10 (Monday) – Today is the first day of Thanksgiving break for the boys…they are off school all week. I got up at 5:50 a.m. this morning to go run so I would be home before Chad left for work. It was 6:15 by the time I got out the door, and I knew with my warm up and cool down walks that it would be about an hour. Since I have the boys all day, and I wanted to run outside, not on the treadmill at the gym, I knew an early morning run would be my best bet. I did 3.5 miles in about 45 minutes. It was cool since it was 6 a.m., but very humid…the weather channel said 87% humidity! It was about 68 degrees. I ran in shorts and t-shirt. I was drenched in sweat by the end and the humidity was evident (that sweat was NOT evaporating). But I did it. Again. No matter what, I know I can run this 5K in three days. I’m really proud of myself, and I want to keep it up. I want to keep doing events to keep me motivated. I wanted to do the Jingle Bell run in St. Pete in December, but Chad will be out of town and it’s like a Wednesday evening, so that’s probably not happening. I might still see if I can finagle it somehow (maybe ask my neighbor to watch the kids?). I’ll find more events…right now I’m just excited for Thanksgiving!

11/25/10 – Thanksgiving Day – I did it! I RAN an entire 5K race 🙂 Feeling so great right now. I wrote all about it here. This will be the last update to this page. Maybe I’ll start a “5K to 10K” page. No Chad, I’m not obsessed. Promise.