Fat Photos

Okay, I know many people have read my “About Me” page and have seen that I have lost (and regained and lost, repeat) 100 pounds. But most of the pictures on this blog are recent and I haven’t really used this blog to chronical my weightloss, other than to mention it here and there. So I thought that what everybody would probably like to see is some Fat Photos. I read several weight-loss related blogs, and I always jump right to the progress photos. I find them inspiring and they give me a sense of belonging. I’m not in this alone.

So without further ado:

um, yeah.

This was taken on Hilton Head Island in July of 2007. Obviously things had gotten a little out of control. I was about 270 pounds. One night in Hilton Head Chad and I were watching TV and saw a Nutrisystem commercial. Chad said, “That might actually work for you.” With NS, you don’t have to make all these choices or even actually cook. All the measuring and whatnot is done for you. Easy Peasy. So as soon as we got home, I signed up. And it did work for me.

One year later:

That's more like it.

Also taken in Hilton Head, August 2008. 100# gone. Whew.

In the three years since then, I have maintained that loss. But “maintenance” means gaining and losing the same few pounds over and over again. It’s a constant struggle. During these last two years, I’ve been 15 pounds less than I was in the photo above, and 20 pounds more. I’m always either gaining or losing. Always. I try to find a balance between my hedonistic philosophies and the realities of what’s best for my health. It’s really hard. But you just have to keep fighting. So I do.

One last photo:

Nutrisystem asked me to fly to Philadelphia for a photo shoot! They do this all the time, keeping the ads fresh. It was a blast. My ad was on the Nutrisystem website for about a month and was used on QVC multiple times. The announcer even said, “Let’s take Caroline for example (cut away to my ad). I’m sure when she started out, 100 pounds seemed like an insurmountable hurdle. But I bet if you asked Caroline, she’d tell you that in hindsight those twelve months goes by so fast, and the results are so worth it.” And she was right! I was sandwiched right in there between Dan Marino and Marie Osmond ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyways, that’s my story. Or at least one of them.

P.S. Wow, I just realized how unhappy Mack looks in both of these photos. I guess every time I look at these photos I just zero right in on myself, not even noticing the little guy. Narcissistic much?