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Flowers Just Because

July 31, 2006 at 12:56 am

Not doing so good with the blogging thing. Again. I’ve done about a dozen SB pages since I last posted, but oh well. So much for using this as a place to store and display my pages.

The boys brought me flowers home from Publix today. Beautiful pale peach colored roses. A dozen. Just because. Chad said it was just because he loves me. Just because he thought they were a pretty color. Just because they looked really fresh and nice today at Publix. Just because he knew I’d like them.

I’ve had girlfriends say that they didn’t want their husbands to bring them flowers. That they would rather them not waste the money on something that would just be dead in a few days. Whatever. I wholly disagree. I LOVE it when my husband (and boys) bring me flowers. Especially when it’s unexpected and Just Because.

Tonight we went to a three-year old birthday party. The boys were such a blast. They just played and enjoyed and experienced. The best part was watching all of the kids shaking their tiny booties to the “Cars” soundtrack. I am absolutely NOT biased, and my kids were the BEST dancers. They can really shake it! Must be all those impromptu dance sessions we have in the foyer all the time. So cute.

One of the party host’s neighbors commented to us as we were leaving how sweet and well-behaved our boys are. Ahhhh. Just LOVE that.

Hello world!

July 15, 2006 at 8:03 pm

Okay, I REALLY want to do this blogging thing. I’ve been wanting to start an online journal forever. I’ve even actually started one and not kept up with it. So I’m starting FRESH today.

We are taking the boys to Kids Night Out at Playtime Express tonight and going to see Pirates of the Carribean 2. Psyched. This will be their 2nd time going to KNO there. Mack loves that place so much, since we’ve been doing Music with Mar there since he was basically a newborn. He had a blast last time (such a relief) and of course Cal did too.

Here’s my scrapbook page of the day:

opening presents