Still Running

I always thought I couldn’t run, but my first 5K (where I ran the entire distance) is ancient history. I even managed to run a half marathon and then another one. I guess I CAN run! Who knew?

What now? I want to keep running, to run longer distances, to run faster. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I kind of love running. [edit: I have a love/hate relationship with running.]

So I’m going to keep recording my runs here. Catch me if you can.

My Most recent run:

Two sad miles with the IRunMommies:20120515 2 miles

The Meek & Mighty Triathlon. I forgot to turn off my Garmin after the run.
20120428 MeeknMightyOfficial results:
My mnm results-2

The Iron Girl Half Marathon (walking):
20120422 Iron Girl Half

What turned out to be my last run before the Iron Girl Half Marathon (12 days later):
20120410 5 miles

Sunrise over St. Pete (two weeks to go until the Iron Girl Half Marathon!):20120407 11miles in St. Pete

20120405 4 miles

Running the Meisner Bridge (part of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge Complex):
20120331 Meisner Bridge 10mi

20120329 5 miles

20120327 2.5miles

20120327 5 miles

The Belleair Causeway and the Sand Key Bridge:
20120324 10 miles Belleair

20120322 3 miles

20120320 2 miles with IRM

20120320 5 miles

On St. Patrick’s Day (March 17, 2012) I ran the Harvey’s 5K in downtown St. Pete, but I forgot to turn on my Garmin until the race had already started so I just ran it without it. It felt strange and I hadn’t run for a week, so I was really slow and did tons of walking. But I still want to get credit for the 5K!

Running the Belleair Causeway:
20120310 Belleair Causeway

20120308 4 miles



Gasparilla Distance Classic 15K:
20120303 Gasparilla 15K




Suncoast Classic 10K:   garmin Suncoast Classic Feb 25

garmin runwalk feb 23

Look inside my head on this five mile run:
garmin run feb 21

Belleair Sunset 5K with the whole family!
garmin run Belleair 5K feb 18

garmin run feb 18

garmin run feb 16

garmin run feb 14

Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon:
garmin run feb 12 rnr half

Last run before the RnR half! No walking! Felt great. So excited…
garmin run feb 9

I did 3:1 run/walk intervals on this one, since I really didn’t feel like running at all. Turned out great! This is going to be my new plan whenever I just don’t want to run. Do it anyway!
garmin run feb 7

Last long training run before the Rock ‘n’ Roll half!
garmin run feb 4

garmin run feb 2

garmin run jan 31

I accidentally hit the “lap” button here at 1.5 miles, so the laps are a little screwed up, but still 12 miles total.
garmin run jan 28

garmin run jan 26

Great five miler this morning! I felt so good.
garmin run jan 24

10 miles with my friends Callie and Katie. Tons of walking, due to some knee issues Katie was having, but all the walking in the last two miles was due to my own lack of fitness. Still, got ten miles done!
garmin run jan 21

While the boys were in karate. Lots of walking in the last two miles.
garmin run jan 19

garmin run jan 17

Wrucha’s Run (1 mile fun run with the boys):
garmin wruchas run jan 15

The St. Pete Beach Classic 10K! Ran the entire distance and it was awesome.
garmin run jan 14

01-12-12 Garmin run

01-11-12 garmin run

garmin run jan 9

New Year’s Eve in Lexington with my friend Krissie! I actually enjoyed the hills. Much less monotonous than running in Florida. It was pretty cold too.
garmin run Dec 31

In Lexington, Kentucky:
garmin run Dec 29

Christmas Eve 2011 (slow, but very consistent!):
garmin run dec 24

garmin run dec 20

garmin run dec 17

garmin run dec 13

garmin run dec 10

garmin run dec 8

garmin run dec 6

garmin run dec 3

12/1/11 – Thursday – 4 miles. Yay! A really awesome run. No walking! I feel like I’m back in the game.
garmin run dec 1

11/29/11 – Tuesday – 5 miles. Much better than Saturday. Still a little walking mixed in, but my legs felt great and overall I felt good about it.
Garmin run nov 29

11/26/11 – Saturday – 6 miles. It was brutal. I had weird burning shins and my legs felt like tree trunks. I walked a lot during the first four miles and finally just gave up and completely walked the last two…slowly. Oh well. I guess I’m still recovering! Also, not running for six days was really strange.
garmin run nov 26

11/20/11 – Sunday – The Women’s Half Marathon! Here are the stats…
Garmin run WHM Nov. 20

I wrote exhaustively about the race here, here and here. It was just an amazing, wonderful experience.

11/17/11 – Thursday – 4 miles. Well, this is it. My last training run before the half. I’m as ready as I’m going to be. It was HOT today! Oh, please cool off before Sunday!
garmin run nov 17

11/15/11 – Tuesday – 5 miles. Really good. Just a tiny bit of walking to drink water at my turn-around point. I was actually excited to run tonight. The half is so close! Just one more training run to go.
garmin run nov 15

11/12/11 – Saturday – 8 miles. Awesome. Just three very short walk breaks (just to take a few sips of water). Last three miles with no stopping. Very happy with my average pace. Legs felt really good. Very excited about the half marathon now. One week to go!garmin run nov 12

11/10/11 – Thursday – 4 miles. Okay, I don’t hate running anymore. Today was awesome. No walking and my average pace was under 12 minutes/mile. I felt great the whole time and never felt like I was struggling. It cooled off as evening approached and was perfect for running. Oh running, you are such a fickle mistress.
garmin run nov 10

11/08/11 – Tuesday – 5 miles. I ran the first half and ran/walked the second half. I almost didn’t do the run at all because my phone was dead, but Chad let me borrow his mp3 player, so I did it, and I’m happy with what I did. It was better than nothing!
garmin run nov 8

11/05/11 – Saturday – 10 miles. It was awesome. As negative as I’ve been about running lately, I have to admit that very rarely it does not suck. I will go on and on about this on my main page today, but it was such a great morning. I even had negative splits! And my average pace was under 13 min./mile!
garmin run nov 5

11/03/11 – Thursday – 4 miles, very hot out. Did the first two miles with no walking, then a few walking breaks in the last two miles. Whatever.
garmin run nov 3

11/01/11 – Tuesday – 5 miles, almost no walking. Nice and cool out. Felt good. Still so sick of running. Bleh.
garmin run nov 1

10/29/11 – Saturday – 12 miles, mostly all in the rain. Who am I? Still, it was much better than my long run last Saturday.garmin run oct 29

Compared to the same distance last week, I cut my average pace by a minute per mile, so (duh, do the math), my over all time was about 12 minutes faster. And I just felt much better because my calf was not so wonky. I’d say it was about 98% today. I didn’t have to favor it at all really. I walked .15 miles at each Women’s Half Marathon water break mark, and probably about .05 miles at 11.5 miles because I was DEAD by then. I’m happy with this one.

10/27/11 – Thursday – a little over 3 miles. First mile was pretty fast (for me). Last mile included some walking. I’m so over running. Just don’t want to anymore.
garmin run oct 27

10/25/11 – Tuesday – 5 miles.
garmin run oct 25

10/22/11 – Saturday –  12 miles, last mile mostly walking. I ran .2 miles at all the Women’s Half water stop distances. After the 10.2 mile water stop, my legs just did not want to keep going! I was running after straining my calf again, so I went very slowly from the beginning and was being very careful about every step and I think I really fatigued my legs in a different way than they were used to. It was so hard.
garmin run oct 22

10/20/11 – Thursday – No stats. Run turned into a walk due to calf pain. Bummed. Only ran about half a mile, then walked another four miles.

10/18/11 – Tuesday – 5 miles on the treadmill in under an hour. No walking. Sucked.

10/15/11 – Saturday – 11 miles. It was great. Nice and cool. I felt really good. After two crappy shorter runs, so nice to have a nice longer one. That’s not to say it was easy. I walked at every point where there will be a water stop at the Women’s Half (written on my hand in sharpie), so out of 11 miles I walked 1.75 and ran 9.25. The last half mile of “running” walk likely shuffling and lurching, but I did it. Best part is…I don’t have to run again until Tuesday! I think it’s kind of crazy that I have the exact same average pace as last Saturday’s 10 miler. I guess that’s my run/walk pace, huh?

garmin run oct 15

10/13/11 – Thursday – 4 miles. Sucked. Just like Tuesday. It was hot. I’m sick. Bitch. Moan. Can I please just get another cool, crisp day? Can I please just not be sick anymore? Running sucks.

garmin run oct 13

10/11/11 – Tuesday – 5 miles. Blah. I’m sick. It was hot. Whatever.

garmin run oct 11

10/8/11 – Saturday – 10 miles bitches. I just ran from home and got a little bit late of a start than usual. Very proud of this run. I only walked at the points which will be water stops at the Women’s Half Marathon. I walked 1/4 mile at each stop and ran every other interval. I’m feeling stronger! Although still slow by most “runners” standards, my average pace was better than for my 9-miler last Saturday, so I’m happy. Also, my first mile was 12:15…also makes me happy.

garmin run oct 8

10/6/11 – Thursday – 4 miles. I dropped the boys off at karate a few minutes early so I could try to squeeze in a full four miles, which I did. It was super hot (close to 90 degrees), and I started out okay but got slower and slower and finally mixed in some walking in the last couple of miles. Oh well. At least I did it!

garmin run oct 6

10/4/11 – Tuesday – 5 miles. I decided to do five miles with no walking. I was determined. It was after sunset when I took off and not too hot, so I didn’t take water. I pushed through and by about three miles my mouth was feeling very dry. By three and a half miles I was dying and couldn’t swallow because my mouth was so dry. I’m pretty sure I was kind of dehydrated. So the last mile involved some walking. I stopped my Garmin whenever I walked. I’m not sure why. Habit? Anyway, here are the stats:

Garmin run oct 5

I’m happy that my average pace was under 13 min./mile. Of course, the last mile’s pace doesn’t really count, since it doesn’t include the walking.

10/1/11 – Saturday – 9 miles! I did a run/walk interval of one mile running, a quarter mile of walking and repeated that for the entire run up until the last mile where it was just run/walk as best I could. It felt great!

garmin run oct 1

You can see lap 1 and lap 6 (which was mile 5) were all running. I’m kind of psyched that my fifth mile was under 13 minutes. Actually it looks like my pace overall was really consistent. Yes, I’m slow. Yes, I’m still proud. This is my biggest Garmin stats table yet! Piling on the miles.

9/29/11 – Thursday – 3.5 miles while the boys were in karate at 4:30 in the afternoon. It was so dang hot. Lots of walking. Still, happy I squeezed it in.

garmin run sept 29

9/27/11 – Tuesday – 5 miles with the IRunMommies (well, sort of. I started early, but met up with them at the end). The last two miles had some walking mixed in, but it was HOT and I think overall I overdid it on my workouts yesterday. Anyways, here’s the stats:

garmin run sept 27

9/24/11 – Saturday – 8.75 miles! The last few were mostly walking, but I’m still happy with it. Also, I’m happy with my one 12-minute mile.

garmin run sept 24

9/22/11 – Thursday – 3 miles while the boys were in karate in the rain! No walking, but I felt very slow. It was late afternoon and HOT despite the rain. Regardless, I’m proud of myself for managing to squeeze in a run on a day when I really didn’t have time for it!

garmin run sept 22

9/20/11 – Tuesday – 4 miles with no walking!

garmin run sept 20

9/17/11 – Saturday – 7 miles walk/run. Once again it’s been a week, due mainly to somehow injuring my left calf when I first started to run on Tuesday night. But my leg is feeling much better so I just decided to do what I could and see how it felt. I could feel a slight soreness in my left calf every time I came down on that foot, but I wouldn’t call it pain. Just an awareness that it is not 100%. I had to be conscious of it and keep my stride short, but over all I was very relieved. I ran most of the way, but did intersperse some short walking breaks here and there. I did not stop my Garmin except at two water breaks and to take a couple of pictures (when I actually stopped, but not when I walked). So my pace includes the walking. I’m happy with it. Now I just need to double the distance in the next eight weeks. Yikes. Here are the stats:

garmin run sept 17

9/10/11 – Saturday – 5 miles with my IrunMommies group. The first half was no walking and the second half had a couple of stops for photos. Here are the stats:

garmin run stats sept 10

Slow, I know. Especially when I look below and see that I ran six miles with an average pace of 12:12 on July 2nd. But all I need to finish the half marathon within the 4-hour window (that’s the maximum time limit for the race) are 18 minute miles, so I don’t care. I know if I just keep running my time will get better. Right now I just want to have the endurance and don’t really care about the speed. I wrote more about this run on my main page (here).

9/7/11 – Wednesday – I did 3.5 miles today with no walking breaks! It was super slow, but I’m happy with the fact that I toughed it out and didn’t walk. Here are the stats:

9/5/11 – Monday – I got up early today (it’s Labor Day!) and ran 3 miles. It was miserably hot and humid, even at 6:30 a.m. There were a couple of walking breaks…you can see a map of my run (including the walking breaks) and a few pictures on my main page (here). I’m considering this my first training run for the Women’s Half Marathon I am going to do on November 20th. Here are the stats for today’s run:

8/9/11 – Tuesday – Another run in Hilton Head with my sister! Check it out on my main page here. The stats:

8/7/11 – Sunday – Running in Hilton Head with my sister! Check it out on my main page here. The stats:

8/2/11 – Tuesday – I’ve been such a slacker with running this summer! I decided at the last minute to run with IRunMommies tonight. It was hot and hard. I did a four-mile route and run a little over three miles out of those four. I stopped to walk and take pictures a few times. Here are the stats on just the running (I stopped my Garmin whenever I stopped to walk or take a picture)…

I actually managed not to screw up my Garmin this time. I will be writing more about this run on my main page (check it out here). I’m nervous and excited to begin my half-marathon training plan soon! It will be fun to do the training with the Irunmommies group this time around.

7/23/11 – Saturday – I ran with IRunMommies again this morning at sunrise. I did the same route again, so it was 3.86 miles. Again, I screwed up my Garmin. Here’s what I got…

It’s screwed up because “Lap 1” is actually from Tuesday when the battery died at .3 miles. I forgot to hit start this morning when we started. At about the same point that it died on Tuesday I remembered to turn it on. But, I hadn’t reset it since Tuesday. Thus, the date shown is 7/19. So, although Lap 1 is from Tuesday, actually the total distance shown is really about what I ran today. It’s kind of funny. Anyway, I did the first two and a half miles or so without walking, but the last mile I stopped several times to take pictures and walk a bit, but I never paused my Garmin (although it auto-pauses if I actually totally stop). Overall I felt better than Tuesday. Pictures from this run will be on my main page (check them out here).

7/19/11 – Tuesday – Yes, that’s right. I didn’t run for more than two weeks. No real reason. Just went through a lazy phase. Tonight I ran with my IRunMommies group downtown. My Garmin died after the first quarter mile, so I’m not exactly sure of my distance or time, but I did the exact same route I did the first time I ran with group, which was 3.86 miles. It was so hard and there was some walking mixed in. I will be writing more about this run on my main page.

7/3/11 – Sunday – 1 mile on the treadmill, 9:27. Definitely felt pukey, which actually lasted all throughout Bodypump. But hey, it’s under 9:30!

7/2/11 – Saturday – 6 miles with IRunMommies! Great sunrise run. I was feeling so good for most of this run. Very strong. Not fast, but I didn’t feel like I was going to die. I’m very happy with this run.

I will be writing more about this run on my main page.

7/1/11 – Friday – One mile on the treadmill, 9:34. Shaved off another second 🙂

6/28/11 – Tuesday AGAIN! – Tonight I ran for the first time with my IRunMommies running group. It was great. We met at 8 p.m. and ran along the downtown waterfront. Here are the stats:

I’m planning on running with the group regularly now on Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings. It will be good incentive to keep me running outside! Pictures and more commentary about this run will be on my main page.

6/28/11 – Tuesday – 1 mile, 9:35. 5 more seconds gone.

06/26/11 – Sunday – 1 mile, 9:40. Shaving off the seconds!

06/25/11 – Saturday – 1 mile, 9:45, 6.2 mph pace the whole time.

Actually, I did three minutes at that pace then accidentally knocked out the safety magnet thingy, so I had to start over. I walked a bit until I was breathing normally and then started the 10 minutes over again. So really, I did 13 minutes at that pace. Whatever. I sped up at the end a little (that’s why the pace in the picture above says 6.5) because I felt like I had it in me. Next time I think I’ll start at 6.2 and try to pick it up to 6.3 at half a mile.

06/24/11 – Friday – 5 miles…NO walking!

It was hot. I was determined. It was slow. But I didn’t walk. I was even one of those crazy people who jog in place at intersections while waiting on traffic before they can cross. The last mile was all mental focus. My body was screaming at me to walk. I really just had to push through it. The last quarter mile I was feeling pukey. When I finally hit 5 miles and walked I felt pretty woozy. So damn hot! I was hydrated though, because I used my Camelbak. However, I had not had breakfast yet. I wrote more about this run on my page page.

06/22/11 – Wednesday – One mile, 9:44, on the treadmill. Did the whole thing at 6.2 MPH. I was really struggling for the last tenth and felt pretty pukey when I got off, so I think I’ll be sticking here for a while.

06/21/11 – Tuesday – One mile, 10 minutes, on the treadmill. I did the whole 10 minutes at 6.1 mph today to make up for the time the treadmill is getting up to speed at the beginning. That was perfect to bring me in just under 10 minutes by the end. Definitely felt less pukey today. I think I’m going to bump up to 6.2 mph next time.

06/20/11 – Monday – I ran 3.5 miles outside and it was really hard. I left at 8:30 and it was already so hot and humid that when I got really winded I just felt like I couldn’t breath. Like there was no air! Grrrr. How am I going to keep running all summer? I guess 7 a.m. would be the ideal time to run, but I can run at that time. It still seems HOT in the evenings to me. I don’t want to run a NIGHT like at 8:00…that is relaxation time for me. I guess I’ll just keep doing the best I can. The stats on this sad run:

06/19/11 – Sunday – One mile, 10 minutes, on the treadmill at the gym. Still felt slightly heaving by the end.

06/18/11 – Saturday – I decided that I’m going to run one mile on the treadmill every time I go to the gym, assuming I can get there early enough to do it before whatever class I’m doing starts. Maybe if I know all I have to do is one mile I won’t hate the treadmill so much. I want to run this one mile as fast as I can. Which is not fast by many standards, but maybe if I do this I’ll get faster? Today I did a 10-minute mile, which is super fast for me. I was dying by the end.

06/17/11 – Friday – Ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill in about 32 minutes. It sucked. There was some walking. Whatever.

06/12/11 – Sunday – 5 miles. Wrote more about it on my main page, here. Here are the stats:

I’m happy that I managed to keep my average pace under 12 minutes.

06/08/11 – Wednesday – 5 miles. I ran to the gym, 3 miles, mostly without stopping. I had to stop once for traffic at an intersection, but otherwise I ran the whole way there. After Bodypump I decided not to push myself to run the entire way home, but decided to just make the 3 miles home a run/walk. I ran a total of two miles out of that three. Here are the stats:
Garmin run june 8

Pretty slow, I know (even for me, and I’m always slow) but it was so hot and humid, especially on the way home when it was getting closer to noon. Whatever…I ran five miles today!

06/04/11 – Saturday – “Spring into Summer 5K” with my friend Kathy. Here are the stats:

You can read more about this run on my main page, here.

06/02/11 – Thursday – 3.5 miles. I hadn’t run in a week because I just didn’t want to. It’s so hot and miserable outside. But I am running a 5K on Saturday, so I thought I better get at least one run in before that just so I don’t totally crash and burn at the race. Today’s run actually wasn’t that bad. Here are the stats:

I know it only shows 3.3 miles. That’s because after the first .2 miles I realized that my Garmin was still in “biking” mode, so I had to stop and reset it to “running” mode. My pace is still slower than it was a couple of weeks ago and I am going to blame that on the heat and humidity. And I don’t really care. Also, I did not carry water today as I knew that would mean stops and I wanted to do the run without walking. I think anything less than five miles is totally doable for me without water.
05/25/11 – Wednesday – 6 miles. This run was AWESOME! I have felt lately that I have not been pushing myself to run without walking breaks. I think it’s because for the last month or more it’s been so hot and I’ve carried water/SOBE with me on my runs. I just can’t get the hang of drinking while running. I have to walk a few steps while drinking, then resume running. I actually think it was carrying the water and knowing it was there that was causing me to stop more frequently than I really needed to. I was getting worried about my stamina, so today I decided to do something differently. I didn’t carry water.

I ran to the gym (3 miles) WITHOUT STOPPING. Then I did Bodypump (and guzzled water/SOBE throughout). Then I ran home (3 miles) WITHOUT STOPPING. Awesome.  Here are the stats:

I know I’m slow by most standards. Whatever. I’m fine with 12 minute miles.

I have to say that during that last mile my mind was SCREAMING at me to stop and walk. But I didn’t. I knew my body could do it. I just needed to remind myself that running is all mental.

05/23/11 – Monday – 7 miles. I hadn’t run in a week, but I felt OK. Lots of walking/drinking breaks in the last few miles. Still slow. I don’t really care about that right now, though. Here are the stats:

I accidentally hit the “lap” button there at mile 7, thus the extra lap. I’m going to write a little more about this run on my main page, here.

05/16/11 – Monday – 7 miles. Dead legs from long bike ride yesterday. Slow.

By mile 6 I was seriously dragging. But I did it. Wrote more about it here.

05/13/11 – Friday – 3 miles. Gah. Hot. Stupid. Wrote about it on my main page, here. Stats:

05/11/11 – Wednesday – 5 miles. I did the “run to the gym/bodypump/run home” thing again. So the first three laps are the run to the gym and the last three laps are the run home.

It felt tough today since my legs were kind of dead after biking 17+ miles yesterday, but I did it. Lots of walking breaks for water in the last three legs, but I always pause my Garmin when I walk, so the stats only include when I was actually running.

05/09/11 – Monday – 7 miles today! I’m going to write about this run on my main page (here), but here are the stats:

I kept a pretty steady running pace, it seems, although there were definitely lots of water stops (where I paused my Garmin for a few seconds…I just can not drink while I’m running or I choke and cough and have to stop anyway) during the last few miles.

05/07/11 – Saturday – It’s Derby Day! Although I don’t usually run on Saturdays I didn’t get to run yesterday due to Mother’s Lunch at the boys’ school, so I got up early today to get it in. It was really great. I took off a little after 7 a.m. and it was really nice outside. I have learned that the humidity is greatest right before sunrise, so I will NOT be running before sunrise again. I did five miles in two loops, stopping back by the house in the middle to pee (hello two cups of coffee before running). Here are the stats:

I accidentally hit the lap button on my Garmin there in the middle of the last mile. Great run and a great way to start my day off!

05/04/11 – Wednesday – Woohoo! Awesome 5 miles today, broken up into two parts. Here’s the stats:

That strange Lap 4 was when I accidentally hit some button while I was in the gym. Anyway, I ran to the gym, did Bodypump and ran home. So that’s why it’s split up that way. But anyway, five miles total and kind of an awesome pace (for me). I felt really good about this. I’m going to write more about it on my main page, here.

05/02/11 – Monday – Really great five mile run this morning. I left the house about 9:00 (no breakfast) and did a semi out-and-back with a tiny variation at the end. But it felt so good. So much better than my last run. I was happy with my new shoes too. Here are the stats:

I’m so happy to have a good run again! The last few have been so tough. Definitely getting out earlier is key. I’m going to write a little more about this run on my main page, here.

04/29/11 – Friday – Miserable run at 4:30 a.m. It was my only option for any exercise today (other than the family evening walk), so I had to do it. It totally sucked. It didn’t seem any easier or less humid than running at noon. Actually, I felt more uncomfortable because I didn’t feel like any of my sweat was evaporating or drying at all. I was drenched (see my main page for picture). The stats are pretty miserable too:

That pace is so much slower than I have been running. Maybe because I had only just woken up? I don’t know, but it sucked. At least I did it. Oh, I had intended to do 5 miles, but I was just improvising a route and I ended up near home at 4.5 miles, so I just stopped. Whatever.

04/27/11 – Wednesday – Hot, hot, hot run today. 5 miles. Noonish. Stupid.

Done. Actually, I managed a pretty consistent pace, but again I paused my Garmin whenever I stopped to walk a few paces so I could drink water. If I hadn’t done that, I’m pretty sure I would have stroked out.

04/25/11 – Monday – The boys and I went to Fort DeSoto this morning and banged out five miles…them on their bikes, me running. It was really fun! Great biking trail there. We’ll definitely be doing that again. Here’s my stats:

I’ll be writing more about this run with the boys on my main page, here.

04/22/11 – Friday – Today was better than Wednesday, but still hard. I can definitely tell that the earlier I run, the cooler it is, and the less difficult the run is. Today it was about 10:45 (well, I see below it was 10:51) and about noon when I finished. And it was HOT, but every half-hour earlier makes a big difference. I did manage to get five miles in. The stats:

The only reason that I ended up with a decent pace (for me…I realize that this would be slow for many people) is that the last two miles involved lots of short walking breaks to drink water. I don’t seem to be able to drink while I’m running. I try to take a sip, but then it kind of chokes me and I cough and it messes up my breathing and just makes it so much harder. So I pause my Garmin, walk a few steps, drink a couple sips, start running again and unpause my Garmin. So all of the stats above are when I was actually running, not including any of the walking. I really only walk for maybe ten or fifteen paces, just enough to drink a few sips, then start running again. But anyway, it is rejuvenating and allowed me to keep my pace up a little.

Today I ran from Covenant (some kind of church? I don’t know…across the street from Riviera UMC) down 1st Street all the way to Coffee Pot Park, then jutted over to Coffee Pot Blvd. and ran to the Coffee Pot/Snell Isle bridge. They are putting in a new wide bike/pedestrian sidewalk that whole way and it is nice. That distance is a little over 2.5 miles, so it was perfect to run (and walk a little bit) and get in 5 miles total round trip.

04/20/11 – Wednesday – Today’s run was HARD. It was after Bodypump and about 11:30 when I got started. It was super hot. I was dying by mile 3. But I managed to churn out 5 miles. And didn’t die. Just almost. The stats:

You can see my pace was a bit slower than I have been lately. It was a seriously difficult run for me. Just too hot. Wahhhh. What am I going to do all summer? I have an aversion to the treadmill.

04/18/11 – Monday – Today I had the run I wanted Friday. 7 miles and it was great. I got a relatively early start (10 a.m.) so it wasn’t too hot, at least at the beginning. Here’s the stats:

Loved my route today, which was along the Coffee Pot Bayou and downtown waterfront. Admittedly, the last couple miles were really tough and it was pretty warm by then, but afterwards I felt amazing. Yay for a good LONG (for me) run! I wrote more about this run on my main page, here.

04/15/11 – Friday – The worst possible time to run? How about at 4 p.m. when it’s 90+° outside. Yeah, that’s when I ran today. It sucked. After the first mile I had to walk and drink water every half mile. But in total I ran four miles. I stopped my Garmin every time I walked, so the stats only include times when I was actually running (not walking):

It was pure torture, but I did it. I’m thinking running outside may not be a good form of exercise in Florida in the summer.

04/13/11 – Wednesday – I ran four miles today. It was after having walked the boys to school and going to Bodypump, but I was determined to do it. It was about 11:30ish when I ran today and although it was warm, there was a nice breeze. I think it was in the upper 70’s around that time (what passes for a cold front these days in Florida). I did a usual route on 62nd Avenue but enjoyed detouring along the way through an unfamiliar neighborhood (to stretch the usual 3 mi. route out to 4). Here are the stats:

Much slower than my race pace from Sunday, but as long as I’m under 12 minute miles, I’m happy 🙂 .

04/10/11 – Sunday – I ran the Iron Girl 5K in Clearwater. It was awesome. I wrote about it on my home page today. You can read about it here.

04/06/11 – Wednesday – Super nice day today. I ran after Bodypump on 62nd Avenue and when I went past the boys’ school the marquee said it was 72 degrees. Awesome. I did 3.5 miles. The stats:

I’m happy with my average pace and with the negative splits for the last mile and a half. Feeling good for the 5K on Sunday with my friends!

04/04/11 – Monday – Every time I have an awesome run, I get sick and don’t run for a while. Haven’t run in six days. Today I did 4 miles. It was super hot. Here’s the stats:

I’m happy with that.

03/29/11 – Tuesday – Best. Run. Ever. It was gorgeous and sunny and in the upper 30’s. I ran out in the countryside here in Lancaster (outskirts of Charlotte area…South/North Carolina state line) again. Beautiful. I felt like I could have run together. Also, best pace ever. Check it out:

6.25 miles in 1:11. Last two miles were the fastest and the last full mile was under 11 minutes! The quarter mile nubbin I really ran my hardest and it was at an 8:42 pace! I know I couldn’t keep that up for much longer, but even for a quarter mile at that pace I am very proud of myself. Very proud of my average pace of 11:20 for a long run. 🙂

03/27/11 – Sunday – Today I wanted to go to the gym, but it just wasn’t working out logistically while here in Charlotte on vacation. So I decided to go for a run instead. Luckily, the rain slacked off long enough for me to run in just a light mist. It was pretty chilly…mid-40’s. But I ended up having a really nice run through rural Lancaster, South Carolina. I wrote about it more on my main page. Here are the stats:

garmin mar 27

It was all hills…either going up or down. I’m really happy with my pace (that last half mile was downright speedy, for me).

03/25/11 – Friday – The schedule said 3.5 miles for today, but I intended to do 4 just because. But then, at about mile two, I got a phone call from the school. Cal was sick and I needed to go get him. So I ran one more mile home for a total of 3. Better than nothing! Here’s the stats:

garmin mar 25

That last mile was pretty speedy (for me)! I guess wanting to get home to go get my sick kid made me faster. My next run will be in Charlotte 🙂 .

03/23/11 – Wednesday – I did 3.6 miles today after Bodypump. It was hot, and around 11:30 a.m. I carried my new water bottle (wrote about yesterday), which I LOVE. Here are the stats:

garmin mar 23

I am really happy with my pace. Every mile under 12 minutes and average pace of 11:49/mi. ! I drank a SOBE lifewater mixed half with water as I ran. Maybe being hydrated helped. Felt great.

03/21/11 – Monday – I went ahead and stepped it up to six miles today since I ran 5 miles twice last week, and adjusted my training/workout plan accordingly. I knew it would be HOT today so I tried to get as early a start as possible, which was around 10 a.m. It was still HOT. So I carried water with me. Actually G2 (low-cal Gatorade) mixed with water. I think from now on I’m going to have to carry water for anything over 3 miles. I did stop my Garmin twice to walk and drink water for about 10 seconds each time. I really have a hard time drinking and running at the same time. Anyway, here are the stats:

I’m happy to see two sub-12 minute miles in there. It’s already in the upper 70’s here now at noon. I’m thinking this summer I may have to sub spinning for running. I really want to keep running, though, and I can’t stand the treadmill. We’ll just have to see how long I can stand it, I guess. Maybe I will get up super early and run before Chad goes to work.

03/18/11 – Friday – Today was such a special run that I decided to write about it on my main page. But here are the stats:

I did 5 miles and was really happy with my pace! That last little “Lap 6” was an accident when I was pulling my Garmin out of my purse while driving. It doesn’t count 🙂 . Here are the actual stats at the end of my run per my Garmin:

It’s hard to read because I find it impossible to get a good photo of my Garmin with my camera phone, no matter how far away I try to hold my wrist. My shoe (which I cropped out) was in perfect focus. Maybe I should lay my Garmin on my shoe next time. It shows 5 miles in 59:18, with an average pace of 11:52 per mile. Very happy with that!

03/16/11 – Wednesday – Warm and sunny, mid-70’s. I improved on my pace a little bit. Felt pretty good. 3.5 miles.

03/14/11 – Monday – I had 4.5 miles on the schedule today, but it was nice and sunny and relatively cool (high 60’s) and once I got past four miles I started thinking that pretty soon I’d be running in the 80’s and possibly 90’s and I should take advantage of the cool breeze. So I ended up running 5 miles in just over an hour. Here’s the stats:

I’d still like to see my pace under 12 minute miles (which I KNOW most “runners” would still consider very slow, but I’m not a “runner”!) but I think it will come. It was a beautiful morning to be outside breathing hard and sweating 🙂 . Oh, and I flip-flopped once again on the issue and registered for the Iron Girl 5K in April! Woohoo!

03/11/11 – Friday – Today felt better than Wednesday. It was sunny and nice and chilly (mid 60’s) and I just felt better the whole time. I was sure that I would have a better pace today, but I made an effort not to look at my Garmin constantly. So I was surprised at the end to see that my average pace was almost the same as on Wednesday. Here’s the stats:

Maybe the difference was that last time I got slower with each mile and this time I got faster with each mile? Today the first mile definitely felt like the hardest and on Wednesday the opposite was true. I don’t know. Whatever. Today felt good. Probably mostly because of the temperature.

03/09/11 – Wednesday – 3 miles today was harder than 4 miles on Monday. I think it was mostly because it was MUCH warmer (near 80 degrees) and it was very windy. I felt like I was fighting the wind the entire time. Also, I did Bodypump before running, so maybe I had less energy reserves. So my average pace was a bit slower, but that’s OK.  Here’s the stats:

At least I got one 12-minute mile in there! I hear it should be cooler on Friday, but it’s hard to really be happy about that when you know that summer is coming and soon there will be NO cool days in sight. I wonder if I will be able to keep running all summer in the heat? I started C25K last summer, but by the time I was running several miles the worst of the heat was over.

[Edited to Add: I found out tonight when I tried to donate blood that my iron was low (too low to donate). Maybe that’s another reason why running felt harder today?]

03/07/11 – Monday – Woohoo! It was nice and cool this morning (low 60’s) and running felt great. I planned to push to 3.5 miles but when I got to that point I felt good so I decided to go for four. So, here’s the stats:

Average pace of 12:16/mile. That’s a minute off per mile from where I was last week for my first run after having been sick. And each mile I got faster and the last mile was under 12 minutes! I am very happy with that. I have revised my “workout/training” calendar to reflect a slow build up back to where I was distance-wise before being sick and to get to where I would like to be just as a regular runner. Eventually I’d like to run 20 miles per week consistently with one long run and two shorter runs every week. I have decided to not register for the Iron Girl 5K, which I was considering. It is on a Sunday, and Sunday races really aren’t fair to Chad since that is his day to sleep late. Races are fun, but not the reason I am running. I still want to do events occasionally, but I’m not focusing on that right now.

03/04/11 – Friday – Today was MUCH better than Wednesday. I ran 3 miles (and actually ran the whole distance). Here’s the stats:

My pace is still slower than before the sickness, but at least I stayed under 13 minutes/mile. Also, I just felt much better throughout the whole run today and especially afterwards. On Wednesday I was completely wiped out all afternoon after running. I did walk the boys to school this morning and go to Bodypump, so that is the same as on Wednesday. I guess the difference is that I am just starting to regain some fitness slowly. It is definitely starting to heat up here in Florida. I’m sure it was high 70’s while I was running this morning (around 11:00 a.m.). I guess I better get used to it because I doubt we’ll get any more real chilly weather. I am really happy with today’s run. It gives me encouragement to keep going!

03/02/11 – Wednesday – I ran today, but it wasn’t pretty. I think I overdid it in general today. I walked the boys to school, then went to Bodypump, then “ran” 3 miles. I say “ran” because it involved some walking. I was pooped after Bodypump, but determined to run because Wednesday is a run day and I am going to get back to running, DAMNIT. It’s hard to admit you can’t always do everything you want to do.  Anyway, I ran the first 1.4 miles at a pace of 12:49/mi., then walked/ran/walked the next .6 miles at a pace of 20:28/13:07/20:41 per mile, respectively. Then I was hell-bent to run the last mile, so I managed to do it in 13:24. So sad. I guess I am just not going to bounce right back to where I was, huh? I have read that in running, for however long you were sick, it takes twice that long to get back to where you were before you got sick. I was sick for two weeks, so theoretically it should take me a month to get back to where I was before I got sick. Maybe I should take it a bit more slowly?

2/28/11 – Monday – Wow, two weeks since my last update on this page. It’s strange to think that two weeks ago I ran 7 miles with a 12:05/mi. pace and that today I was basically starting over. However, it did feel great to be back out there running. I ran 2 miles with an average pace of 13:15/mi. I didn’t worry about my pace at all and didn’t want to push myself after having been so sick. Plus, my legs are super sore from going back to Bodypump yesterday. It was a beautiful, warm (80’s) day with a nice breeze. I had thought I might run a mile, walk a bit, then run another mile. But at one mile I felt like I could keep going so I just did. I’m not at all concerned with the pace or the distance today. I’m just happy to be running again!

2/14/11 – Monday – Valentine’s Day run…7 miles! And I was already sore from skiing on Saturday. The last mile today was really hard. I ran from my house to Publix and back via Snell Isle. Click on the map to see it larger.

I’m really happy with my pace. Here’s the stats:

That would be just over half of what I will have to run if I do the half-marathon. I know I could not have run one more mile today. I have to run one more mile next Monday and increase one mile a week until the race if I am going to do it. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. We’ll see. Right now, my legs are beat! I am going to be very stiff in yoga tomorrow.

2/11/11 – Friday – I ran 4 miles in Tahoe!!! I wrote about it here. Here’s the stats:

I love looking at the Google Earth maps of my run in Tahoe. In the view of the whole lake, you can see my run up at the top right of the lake.

Ahhh, Tahoe was so awesome. It seems like a dream.

2/9/11 – Wednesday – Today was a “short” or “maintenance” run. I can’t believe that my “short” runs are now 4 miles! It was a perfect day to run. Low 60’s and sunny.  I tried to keep my pace up a bit and it looks like I kept it pretty steady.

I revised my training plan to increase my long runs a bit so that I will be closer to race distance by the date of the Iron Girl Half-Marathon. I didn’t increase any of the short run distances, because Hal Higdon’s plan (which mine is based off of) had them maxing out at 5 miles anyway, then tapering before the race. Sounds good to me. I have until the end of February to register and still get the early registration rate. If I have been able to stick with my training plan until then, I’m going to register. Scary and thrilling at the same time. Friday I’ll be running in Tahoe (either outside if possible or on the treadmill)! Will probably have to update this page with that run after I get back. I wonder if the altitude will make a difference?

2/7/11 – Monday – I was sure I was going to have to run in the rain today as yesterday the forecast said it was supposed to rain ALL DAY today (and I was kind of looking forward to it, as I know some people LOVE running in the rain and I wanted to see what it was like). Well, no rain so far. I ran 6 miles today! The Plan only called for 5 miles, but I am thinking I need to up the ante a little if I am really going to run a half marathon. I don’t want 10 miles to be my longest run before running 13.1. And 6 miles was totally fine today. I purposely kept my pace slow so I wouldn’t be dying at the end, and my last two miles were my fastest. Here’s the stats:

I am amazed and very encouraged that six miles was really good today, especially since my tummy was kind of upset after indulging in Superbowl food yesterday. I may have to go back and revise the training plan a bit.

2/4/11 – Friday – 3.5 miles today. My pace was a bit slower and I am attributing that to the temperature. When I ran past my kids’ school the marquee said 79 degrees! So much for winter here. I think when it hits the 90’s I’m going to have to trade in running for spinning for the summer. I just can’t do the treadmill all summer. I guess I’ll figure it out when I have to. It is so much easier to run when the temps are low. Here’s today’s stats:

Of course I picked it up for the last half-mile. Next week my “short” runs are 4 miles (yikes) and one will be done on a treadmill in Tahoe!

2/2/11 – Wednesday – I thought I might have to run in the rain today, but it held off and I just got to run in the overcast, which was nice. It was pretty warm, though…low 70’s. I’ve never actually had to run in the rain, which is sort of unbelievable. I did 3.5 miles today.

It was good. As always, the first half was the hardest. I think it’s just the anticipation, knowing all the distance is ahead of you. My body says, “Just stop! Please! This is stupid!” But I keep my head in control and once I know I am past the half way mark suddenly my brain says, “We got this. No problem. On the home stretch now.” It’s just so mental.

1/31/11 – Monday – It was another beautiful day, high 60’s and sunny. Mondays are now my “long run” days, according to the training plan. So today I ran 5 miles, which may not seem like a long run to more experienced runners, but that is the longest distance I have ever run. It definitely wasn’t easy, but running is so funny. It’s so mental. While I was running it was hard and I kept repeating my mental  mantras, “You know you can do this”, “You aren’t about to collapse in the gutter”, “Just keep going”. But then after it’s over, it doesn’t seem like it was really that tough. It seems like it was awesome. I am really happy with my pace, which I didn’t concentrate on at all. The long run days are about distance, not speed. But still, not even worrying about pace, I did 5 miles in one hour!

I am not at all sure I can keep up with the training plan, though. It basically increases a mile a week, and I’m just not sure about that. But we’ll see.

1/28/11 – Friday – Great run! Just a beautiful morning. Here’s the stats:

I’m really happy with my pace…average 11.5 minutes per mile! Really seeing progress. I’ve mentioned below how awesome my Garmin Forerunner 205 is, and I want to show you some of the other cool things it does for me. For example, it gives me a graph of my run (I set up the “zones” myself, based on my pace):

It also shows me a map on the Garmin software, which I know looks pretty lame:

But, you can view the same map in Google Earth, which looks much cooler:

If you are local and you look at the large version of the map above (click on it), it is obvious that I ran from 1st St. N., all the way down to the end of 62nd Ave., did a little loop, then back to 1st St. I really like this route to break up the monotony of running right around my house. It is great to do this route right after the gym, which is close to the start point. Also, there are nice sidewalks on both sides of 62nd Ave. the entire way. I get to run by a pretty golf course, a not so pretty water treatment facility, and the boys’ school. Awesome run today.

1/26/11 – Wednesday – I think I had a pretty good run today. 3.5 miles. It was gorgeous, sunny, cool (around 60 degrees). Here’s the stats:

I cropped off the elevation cells…I’m basically at sea level the entire time, so it’s really not relevant. I can’t believe my average pace ended up exactly at 12 min./mile. I couldn’t have done that on purpose if I had wanted to! Obviously I picked it up in the last half mile, knowing that I didn’t have to keep anything in reserve. I really need to trust myself to be able to maintain a faster pace longer. I’ll pick it up, my heart rate will increase, and I’ll think, “There’s no way I can maintain this for two more miles,” or however much farther I have to go. So I back off and catch my breath, then repeat that over and over. But I’m happy with anything at a 12 minute mile average pace or better for now.

1/24/11 – Monday – My run today was hard, but awesome! I really pushed myself.

That’s right, I ran four miles and every one was under twelve minutes. It was a cool day (around 60 degrees) and a little overcast, so that was perfect. I really concentrated on pushing myself slightly beyond comfort the whole time. So, the whole run was uncomfortable, but obviously doable. I don’t know if I could have kept it up for another mile (I don’t think so…not yet), but I am really happy that I kept that pace for four miles. I see progress! BTW, aren’t the tables that my Garmin produce so cool? It also produces a map and a graph. I’ll have to include those some time. Love that thing 🙂

1/21/11 – Friday – I ran on the treadmill today, which, as usual, sucked. The boys were out of school so I knew it might be my only chance to get it in, and I had to get it in to stick to The Plan. I ran 3 miles in 35:54, so I did get my pace under 12 min./mi. which is where I want to be for the Gasparilla Classic 8K coming up in February. However, I know that running on the treadmill is easier than running on the road. I should qualify that, however. It’s easier physically, but much harder for me mentally. When I run on the treadmill I can’t help but look at the numbers constantly. It’s like a watched pot. The more you stare at it, or glance back at it, the longer it takes to boil. Although I ran 3 miles today faster than I have before, it felt soooo slow. Every hundredth of a mile seems to take forever to tick off. I start counting strides per hundredth of a mile, and that is just ridiculous. Running outside is so much nicer, mentally. Another reason running on the treadmill sucks is that I can’t use my Garmin, so I don’t get to see my run on the nice little graph that the Garmin software has. But hey, at least I did it.

1/19/11 – Wednesday – I ran today after having walked the boys to school (2.3 mi.) and doing Bodypump…so maybe that’s why it was so hard?
I felt like I was struggling through the whole thing. It’s amazing that four miles can feel really good on Monday, but three miles can feel really bad on Wednesday. It was pretty warm (70’s?), so maybe that was part of it. I just pushed against it, and amazingly my pace was OK (not 12 min./mi. where I want to be, but much closer than Monday). I actually didn’t feel like I was trying to keep up my pace and didn’t check my pace on my Garmin as I ran, but there it is. I guess that’s a positive. I’m actually really happy with that pace, but the whole thing, especially the last mile felt brutal. My pace slowed with each mile (Mile 1, 11:43. Mile 2, 12:47. Mile 3, 13:09) even though I felt like I was pushing it at the end. Oh well. Good days and not so good days. Also, my ankle has been a bit sore so I wore a light ankle brace at Bodypump and while running today. Hopefully that will help.

1/17/11 – Monday – It rained most of the day, so I ended up running this evening as soon as Chad got home from work. It has been a while since I ran at night.
It was really pleasant and I felt like I was trucking right along. Apparently not very quickly, however.
That’s okay, though. After my serious lack of runs last week I wasn’t really thinking about my pace. I just wanted to do four miles today, which I did.  I have sort of set up this ambitious “training plan” for some events coming up. I haven’t registered for anything yet, and whether or not I am keeping up with my training plan at the registration deadline will determine whether or not I sign up for the events. I’m 90% sure that I will be signing up for the Gasparilla Classic 8K this week, though (deadline is Friday). Again, I’m assuming Chad is not reading this page, but if you are interested you can see my training plan (and the three events I’m considering) here: Workout/Training/Event calendar.

1/14/11 – Friday – That’s right. It’s been a whole week since I ran. Why? Pure laziness. I just didn’t want to. But I paid for it today.

As you can see, I ran 3 miles at an average pace of 12:34/mi. Not as fast as I ran 1.8 mi. a week ago, but about on par with my pace from Jan. 3rd. And it was hard. It was a gorgeous day and quite chilly (mid 40’s), so that was not an issue. I’d say that is perfect running temperature. I ran in shorts and a long-sleeve t-shirt under a short-sleeve t-shirt and wore my awesome Lululemon ear muff hand-band thing. I was perfectly comfortable temp-wise. But in the first mile my legs felt like lead. I had to push through it and by the last mile I was actually feeling better. According to my Garmin, my pace was pretty consistent (12:20, 12:45, 12:33). So I need to shave a half minute off of each mile and keep it up for two more miles if I want to do that 8K in an hour. No more weeks off!

1/7/11 – Friday – I was very discouraged by my last run, so I decided today to run a shorter distance and try to keep my pace under 12 min./mi. It is a gorgeous day today…sunny and low 60’s, perfect for running. I intended to run two miles as fast as I could, however I ran into my friend Tanya at 1.8 miles so I stopped my Garmin there. Oh how I love my Garmin Forerunner. Anyway, my average pace was 11.22 min./mi.! My first mile was actually under eleven minutes and I didn’t die. I’m really happy about that. When I stopped to talk to Tanya I was really out of breath. I realize that although I have been running 4+ miles, I have been doing it at a pace where I really was not uncomfortable and barely winded. I hate being uncomfortable. It’s so darn hard. But I have to remember that I can do hard things, and just because something is hard is no reason not to do it. Often exactly the opposite. So now I am encouraged again.

1/5/11 – Wednesday – Today was a crap run. I intended to run at least four miles, even thinking I might stretch it out to 4.5 or 5 if I felt like it at the end. However, I  ended up only running 3.5 miles, at an average pace of 12:41/mi. About the same pace as my last run, which is good, but it felt so much harder today. I’m not really sure why. It already felt really hard into the first mile, but I kept plugging, thinking I would hit that point past the beginning where things smooth out and feel easier. But I never did get there. It was a real struggle the whole time. I was very conscious of keeping my pace in the 12 minute range (not letting it slip up into seeing that 13 in the pace box on my Garmin), but I was really huffing. Maybe because I ran right after Bodypump, and this was my first day back at Bodypump after missing it for two weeks. Maybe because it felt really warm today (low 70’s and very sunny…it was overcast on Monday and definitely a bit cooler). I don’t know why, but at the three mile mark I was really struggling and could only force out another half mile before I got that “gonna collapse in the gutter” feeling and just walked the last half mile home. I think I definitely lost some fitness over the past two weeks, despite running several times. I think I’ll explore this a bit in a full blog post today.

1/3/11 – Monday – First run of the new year!
I really tried to pay attention to my pace and pick things up a bit. On my last run, I did four miles in 54:52, for an average pace of 13:42 per mile. Today I did four miles in 50:26, for an average pace of 12:36 per mile. I’m really happy with that. I took over a minute off per mile! I’m planning to an 8K at the end of February, which is about 5 miles. I’ve decided my goal is to do the 8K in an hour or less. I just need to be able to lose another half-minute per mile and keep it up for one more mile. I know many would still consider this a pretty slow pace, but I’m excited!

12/31/10 – Friday – It was much warmer in Lexington today and I ran four miles at Shillito Park again. It was the first time I ran with my new Garmin Forerunner (I forgot it on Wednesday darn it). It was so cool being able to see my distance and pace as I ran. What I discovered is that I am super slow. Well, I already knew that. But I know for sure that my pace today was 13.5 min./mi. Most people would probably consider this a fast walk, but I swear I was jogging! Whatever. It was a great run today with no ice or snow to dodge. I wore capris and a long sleeve t-shirt under a shirtsleeve t-shirt and no jacket. I could have worn shorts! It was in the mid-50’s. I’m psyched to use my Garmin on my walks and runs at home and to know the distances exactly. Now I really feel inspired to increase my pace a bit.

12/29/10 – Wednesday – Wow, six days since I last ran. I haven’t gone more than two days without running in months. But Christmas, then traveling then weather have thwarted my intentions. But running today was awesome. I’m in Lexington visiting my in-laws and I ran at a local park that has a 2.5 mile paved trail. It was about 37 degrees and cloudy, but I was dying to run after watching the snow come down two days ago and then seeing all the snow and ice on every surface yesterday. So I sucked it up and piled on a few layers and got out there. There were intermittent patches of snow and slush on the trail but it worked out fine. I ran between the patches and then walked whenever I came to a patch (I was very paranoid about falling on ice). I did two laps, so five miles, in about an hour and ten minutes. I’m thinking I probably ran about four miles and walked about a mile. It felt great. I really love running in cold weather.

12/23/10 – Thursday – I had planned to go to the gym today, but the boys really wanted to go on another run with me! I don’t usually run two days in a row, but what the heck…if they are enthusiastic about it, I’m going to go with it. We did the same route as yesterday, just a little over three miles and stopped again at the park at the rec. center. So much fun to have them on a run with me. It’s just a great distraction from putting one foot in front of the other.

12/22/10 – Wednesday – Another run with the boys. We took a different route today, just a little over three miles. Cal rode his bike and Mack rode his scooter. We made a short pit stop about a mile from home for them to play on the park at the neighborhood rec. center. Another great run with my boys.

12/20/10 – Monday – The boys are out of school this week so I had planned to run at the gym on the treadmill (aka dreadmill). But Chad pointed out that they could just go with me on bikes/scooters. Genius! It was great. We just did a three mile route and both boys rode their bikes. It was so fun. I felt like three miles was effortless and I just didn’t think about running at all while I was doing it. I was too busy paying attention to the boys. I really loved it.

12/17/10 – Friday – 4.5 miles again in my neighborhood. Good times.

12/14/10 – Tuesday – I was excited to run outside again today, back in Florida, after having run on that damn treadmill twice in D.C. And it was awesome. Nice and chilly and sunny. I bundled up in some new lululemon running gear I bought in D.C. (an ear cover headband thingy and running gloves…LOVE) and ran 4 1/2  miles around the neighborhood. It was wonderful.

12/12/10 – Sunday – Despite deviating from the 5-point-plan last night and having a few too many drinks at the company holiday party (shut up), I still drug my ass out of bed early this morning to trudge to the hotel gym and run on the treadmill. Four Miles of Suck. But I did it.

12/10/10 – Friday – In D.C.! Our hotel is in a very industrial area. There is nothing close by except for highways and construction, so I really couldn’t run outside. I swear it wasn’t because it is FREEZING outside here! I got pretty bummed out about it, but then decided to suck it up and just get some running in one way or another. So I ran on the treadmill in the gym at the hotel for four miles. And it sucked. I really hate running on a treadmill. It is so boring. And the TV was on Fox News and I had no idea where the remote was. I watched the return of the verdict in the Elizabeth Smart trial for an hour. Awesome. But at least I ran.

12/9/10 – Thursday – Volunteered at school this morning, zoomed home, ran four miles, scarfed an awesome gourmet CSA organic farm-fresh veggie salad, and leaving momentarily to go back to school to volunteer in the other boy’s class. Awesome awesome awesome run. About 55 degrees and sunny. Seriously, the last mile was the best, and that’s the first time I’ve felt like that. I think I could have run another mile. I actually sprinted, like really sprinted, the last tenth of a mile. I would have added another half-mile except that I need to get back to school soon. I may have turned a corner with the running. I’ve heard people say they hit a stride after three miles, and today I believe it. Best run yet. I have aspirations to run tomorrow in D.C. after getting checked into the hotel. Chad will be working so I’ll have a few hours to kill. We’ll see if I’m motivated once I get there and if the cold does not dissuade me 🙂

12/7/10 – Tuesday – I ran 4 miles in my neighborhood today. It was mid-50’s so pretty chilly, but I really like running in the cold – or at least cold by Florida standards. We’ll see if I really like running in the cold in Kentucky after Christmas. I may even try to run in D.C. this weekend. But today was good. Sunny and a bit windy. I wore a long sleeve dry-wik t-shirt under a regular t-shirt and running shorts over bike shorts. I also wore gloves which I took off, put back on, took off, put back on, and finally took off again. My hands would get cold, then hot, etc. But it was fine. I didn’t have a problem running four miles today at all. I mean, as usual it was hard but I never felt like I had to quit, so I didn’t. After I got home I took Chewie for a half-mile walk, since we didn’t walk to school today (if it’s under 50 degrees I feel bad forcing the kids to walk over a mile to school…and it was mid 40’s this morning). Anyway – exercise for the day >> check!

12/4/10 – Saturday – This morning the boys dropped me off at the gym (Chad’s car is in the shop) and I did 25 minutes on the elliptical then took a Bodyflow class. After that I ran home from the gym. Did you hear me? I RAN HOME FROM THE GYM! Okay, maybe it’s not really that big of a deal. It is only about 3 miles, so not as far as I have run recently, but still. I used my legs as a means of practical transportation people! I think it’s exciting. It makes me feel capable, somehow. It is a totally gorgeous day. Low 60’s and perfectly sunny for my run. I still notice after about the first quarter mile that it feels tough. It’s never easy. But since the early days of C25K training, I find myself asking whether I’m going to collapse because it’s so hard. The answer is almost always “no” (except for at 3.75 miles two days below), so I just keep on going. And the feeling at the end, when I reach my destination, is so amazing.

12/2/10 – Thursday – I volunteered in Mack’s class this morning then hurried home to squeeze in a run before I have to go back to help in Cal’s class this afternoon. It is so gorgeous outside today. Sunny and clear and in the upper 50’s. I went on a five mile route and walked the first half mile, ran four miles, then walked the last half mile. It really felt great. It was the first time I’ve run in long sleeves!

11/30/10 – Tuesday – I intended to run 4 miles today. However, at about 3.75 miles I just had to stop and walk. Partially I think it was because of the heat. I ran down 62nd Ave. today from the gym. As I passed the boys’ school at 11:45 a.m. (at about a mile and a half into the run) the marquis said it was 85°. This morning on the news they said near record highs today. And it was really humid. I was really dragging by 3 1/2 miles. And my mouth was so dry. I don’t think I was well hydrated. I had just done a Bodyflow class (yoga/Pilates/taichi), and I sweat like crazy during that class. I did have a few sips of water, but not much (there are really no breaks in that class!). Anyway, after all those excuses, I just really had to stop about a quarter mile short, even with my ending spot in sight. I feel fine about it, though. No biggie. I still walked the kids to school this morning (2.2 miles), did BodyFlow and ran 3.75 miles for pete’s sake! AND a cold front is coming! Yippee Skippee. I’ll just glide through four miles on Thursday, I’m sure, when the highs are suppose to be mid-60’s 🙂

11/27/10 – Saturday – Ran 4 miles! Woohoo. I did get in trouble because I told Chad I’d be home by 1:00, and it was 1:20 when I got home. I walked a half mile, ran 4 miles, then walked another half mile. It took me a bit longer than I thought it would. He actually called me twice while I was out! Grrrrr. Whatever. I ran 4 miles!