We Had a Time

November 8, 2010 at 8:42 pm

I felt great today. I was worried that after feeling so crappy all day yesterday that it would affect me working out and running today, but it didn’t. I walked the boys to school this morning and went to a class called Total Tone at the gym. This is like the third or fourth time I’ve done this class, and I have finally decided, after giving it a fair chance, that I just really don’t like it. But it’s at the right time. Bodypump on Mondays is at noon, and only a 45 minute “lunch break” class. I much prefer to get a class out of the way earlier. So even though I don’t really like the class, I may still go. It’s just kind of frenetic and haphazard. No structure. Maybe I’ll get brave and see if there is a spinning class at that time. Maybe not. Anyway, I ran 2.8 miles after Total Tone. It felt great. I wrote about it on my C25K page. Also, I did post pictures and a list of what we got in our first CSA share on my gratitude blog, if you are interested. We’ve been enjoying the bounty!

So out of 100 or so pictures from Katie’s birthday party, I could only find a few that I felt comfortable sharing publicly. Needless to say, it was really fun. I totally meant to take it slow and pace myself and not go nuts. Then I don’t know what happened. But we had a time.

Mandy, you are in like almost every picture. And usually laughing hysterically. Awesome. Katie, I will love you forever. Caroline (the other one), thank you thank you thank you.


October 25, 2009 at 1:19 pm

Good start to the day today. Nice cool weather for a quick morning walk with Chewie down to the park and back, with Mack accompanying me on his scooter. Afterwards I took the boys to McDonald’s for breakfast, as they have really been wanting an Astro-boy McDonald’s toy. Those damn TV commercials! I brought the boys home afterwards instead of taking them with me to the gym, since they have both recently been sick. I had a great day at the gym…felt back in the game today. I’m psyched to get back on track after playing nursemaid for the past week.

Miraculously, Mack has had normal temperatures yesterday and this morning, so maybe he had a one-day flu? Who knows. Now I’m really torn about whether he will need the H1N1 vaccine or not. I know Cal tested positive for H1N1, so he doesn’t need the vaccine. I figured when Mack came down with a high temperature a week later that he had the same thing. I spoke with the Doctor’s office on the phone and they agreed that it was a safe assumption that he had the same thing. I decided not to take him to the doctor, as they said they were packed and the wait would be really long. Now I’m not sure.

I’m excited that Chad and I are going on a date tonight. One of his friends from pool is in a band and doing some kind of hokey show tonight (Elvis tribute, costumes and all?) so we have a babysitter and are going together. I’m just excited because I feel like I haven’t gotten to go out in forever. Who knows whether I’ll enjoy the show, but after a few drinks I know I’ll enjoy myself regardless ­čÖé