Whole30, Day 26 … Chewie’s eye boo-boo

February 2, 2013 at 1:34 pm

We walked to school today!

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-8

It was pretty chilly by Florida standards…low 50’s.

After I got home I took Cal to the bus stop and made my breakfast.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-10

The green pile is spinach, prosciutto, bell peppers, mushrooms, and green onions. Dang, could my Whole30 breakfasts be any more beautiful?

After breakfast I took Chewie to the vet.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-11

He was pretty excited about going in the car. He loves car rides.

I was taking him to the vet to have this bump on his eye examined.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-12

We noticed it about a week ago and it hasn’t gotten better. He doesn’t scratch at it, but it seems painful and he doesn’t want you to mess with it.

Chewie’s excitement about our trip waned once he realized our destination.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-13

He was pretty anxious in the exam room.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-14

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-16

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-15

The vet said that it was either an infected bug bite or a tumor. He gave us two weeks worth of antibiotics and if it doesn’t go away then they will have to remove whatever it is. I’m hoping for infected bug bite. I really do think that’s what it seems like.

After Chewie and I got home I got all my swimming stuff together and biked to the pool.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-7

It was still a little chilly, but a phenomenally beautiful day.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-6

Confused squirrel:

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-5

Cool air, warm water:

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-3

I did 2500 yards as 6X400 IM + 100 freestyle in about an hour.

Awesome eight miles on the bike.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-1

Once I got home I made lunch.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-17

I made a great tuna salad with homemade paleo mayo (this last batch is fantastic, made with half super light olive oil and half avocado oil) served on top of spinach, tomatoes and roasted golden beets. I drizzled some vinaigrette around the veggies.

I got my lunch all prepared but didn’t have time to eat it before going to pick up Mack. My lunch ended up being really late because Chewie’s vet appointment pushed my morning back. I think I inhaled that salad at 2 p.m.

Mack had a friend over to play after school and they sampled the new Chobani tubes.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-9

Rockin’ Blueberry and Jammin’ Strawberry are eight year old approved.

Once Cal got home he tried one of the raspberry/dark chocolate chunk Chobani bites.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-18

He said it was great.

After Chad got off of work the boys and I met him and our realtor at the house I looked at yesterday. I wanted Chad to get a feel for what we are looking at and see what he thought about this one. He liked it, but it’s definitely not perfect. Good layout, great location, good price, but needs upgrades. Here’s another shot from the house…the master bathroom. It is very spacious but also very dated.


Plus, we’re not at the stage yet to make an offer on anything. We want our current house to be marketable before we make an offer on another house and there are many things we need to do to this house before we can put it on the market. And of course we want to look at more houses.

Once we all got home I reheated crockpot Mongolian beef for dinner. The boys had it with whole wheat couscous and I had it with the leftover cauliflower rice.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-19

That’s it for Day 26! I’m headed to bed early because I have a race in the morning. I’m doing the Best Damn Race 10K. Yikes. 6:30 a.m. start time in Safety Harbor, about 30 minutes away. I haven’t gotten up super early for a race in so long. I’m excited to wear my IRunMommies uniform again. I feel like it’s been forever.


Whole30, Day 22

January 29, 2013 at 2:48 pm

We couldn’t walk Mack to school this morning. As soon as I dropped Mack off, Cal, our carpool buddies, and I headed to Cal’s school for a Jaguar Family Breakfast. I packed my own Whole30 breakfast, but did snag an apple there.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-1

Cal enjoyed the breakfast they served, however, and two cups of coffee (they were more like half-cups).

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-2

The kid loves coffee! I only rarely let him have it.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-3

After everyone was served breakfast they had a trivia contest.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-4

We didn’t do so great…

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-5

but Cal did get a spirit bracelet as a prize.

After I said goodbye to Cal and took my carpool partner home, I headed out on the bike towards the pool.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-6

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-7

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-8

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-9

I did 1500 yards as 3X400 IM + 300 freestyle, then biked home (8 miles total on the bike). It was another gorgeous day.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-10

Once home I made lunch.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-11(leftover salmon, beets, avocado, tomato, bell pepper, lettuce, spinach, vinaigrette)

After lunch I picked up both boys from school a little early for an ophthalmologist appointment.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-12

I love the artwork at All Children’s Hospital.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-13

I also love the awesome view of our postcard city from the sixth floor.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-14

Cal has been complaining all year about his vision and both boys had less than perfect vision screenings at school this year. This appointment was overdue but was the soonest that they could be seen by the pediatric ophthalmologist that Cal saw a couple of years ago. His vision was normal at that time despite his complaining even then that he couldn’t see the clock and things like that.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-15

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-16

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-17

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-18

Mack reverted to toddlerhood with this familiar toy:

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-19

Mack’s vision tested normal, but Cal’s was far from perfect.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-20

I actually think he and I have the same prescription now. We were surprised that Cal needed glasses because neither his father nor I had glasses as children. I didn’t need glasses until I was 22 years old and Chad still doesn’t have prescription glasses although he does wear readers sometimes. The doctor said to blame it on a great uncle.

Off to the glasses store we went.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-21

Cal REALLY wanted the Napoleon Dynamite frames…

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-22

but I refused.

Mack really wanted some glasses just for fun…

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-23

but again I said, “No.”

Here are the other rejects:

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-25

I liked the first two, but Cal settled on a similar but thicker pair. The third were definitely too big for his face and the fourth were just for fun (he said they were granny glasses).

He ended up getting these:

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-26

and since VisionWorks has BOGO, he also got this lighter pair:

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-24

I don’t think a kid has ever been happier or more grateful about getting glasses. He was thrilled and so happy that we were able to pick them up later the same day.

First I dropped the boys off at karate and went out to the storage unit to drop off the first round of Christmas boxes.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-28

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-27

Then I went back to karate…

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-29

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-31

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-30

until Cal was done with his class and then he and I went to pick up his glasses. Chad was picking up Mack from karate, so Cal and I headed home to get dinner ready.

I made these Trader Joe’s (Whole30 compliant) chicken sausages.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-35

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-34

That’s it for Day 22. Kicking Whole30 ass and feeling awesome.