Secret Sunday

March 13, 2011 at 7:10 pm

Last night was another gathering of the inner sanctum, my top secret association. You can read about the other meetings of this secret society that I have attended here, here and here. We were a little low on attendance this time.

In case you can’t tell, there was a St. Patrick’s day theme in observance.

Of course there was the obligatory spread of questionably healthy food.

However, I was very good and just made a small plate. I was tempted to keep grazing all night, but I didn’t want to take pictures of lots of little bites, so I managed to abstain. I posted everything I ate and drank on my “I Eat” page. (Posting all my food and being committed to utter honesty about it on my blog is working!) After two alcoholic beverages, I even switched to water.

I’m such a good girl. Or maybe not. At one point during the meeting I was worried that I had gone too far. Said too much. Crossed the line.

But then everybody laughed and they made me the queen, at least for a moment!

I do belong with this special group of women after all! They don’t find me offensive 🙂 . Amazing.

So today is a special day around here. It’s Chad’s birthday! I made waffles for the boys and then we headed to the gym to let Daddy sleep. While that is pretty much what we do every Sunday, this morning we left Dad a little surprise with his waffle:

At the gym I did 40 minutes on the elliptical then took a Bodypump class. Wicked shoulder track today! Hurts so good.

After the gym the boys and I went to Coldstone Creamery to pick up Chad’s birthday ice cream cake.

Just the thought of Coldstone ice cream made the boys kind of giddy.

They were so excited that I caved in and asked the lady if they could have a sample. She was more than happy to oblige. Cal got a taste of Oreo cream filling and Mack had a taste of the mint. Again, I just pressed my face against the glass and didn’t have anything 🙁 .

I was just biding my time until later when I could have some of the main attraction. You know it’s a good thing when your ice cream treat comes in a humongous bag!

After lunch and nap (Mack) and quiet time/weekend homework (Cal), the boys and I spent 30 minutes working in their room. We missed our 15 minutes yesterday so we doubled up today. We are really making progress! We’re almost ready to move all those toys in the great room into their room.

Then the boys and I headed out to run some errands and give Daddy some more peace and quiet. We went to Target just for the heck of it, then went to pick up dinner at Casual Clam.

If your name is Tom, watch your toes! I am very proud of myself because although the boys ate fries and hushpuppies (and the little boys also had fried fish), I didn’t eat any fried stuff because I didn’t want to take a picture of it. Yay for food blogging! You can see my dinner here.

So finally it was time for the big event…the ice cream cake! Chad wanted sweet cream ice cream with yellow cake and strawberries on top. I had them add coconut to the sides as a surprise and then we added a bunch of fresh strawberries to the kind of paltry frozen ones and everybody was happy.

That inferno is from four little candles and two bigger candles. Can you figure out how old Daddy is? I’m having my cake later and I’ll be sure to post a picture of it on my “I Eat” page. It may require multiple pictures if I can’t stop at one slice 🙂 .