Staycation Monday

June 13, 2011 at 8:27 pm

Today was the last day of our little St. Pete staycation. We’re back home now, and everyone (including Chewie) is exhausted. But before I get to today, here are a few photos I took yesterday with my real camera (as opposed to my cell phone…hope the cell phone blogging didn’t suck too badly).

They had this huge three-story inflatable water slide that the boys got day-passes for (thanks for the coupons Paula!).




The boys at dinner (waiting for more French fries):


So Chad arrived at the beach late last night and we hung out talking with our friends until midnight. Since we knew we would be up earlier than most this morning (our kids are notorious early risers…especially Cal) we decided we would get up and take a long walk up the beach.


It was already HOT at 8:00 a.m., but this guy looks totally chill…


as did the swans on the playground…


The humans, however, were quickly hot and sweaty.

20110613-Walking to the Don

There was no hard-pack to walk on as it was high tide, so most of the walk was through very soft and deep sand. It was rough! We walked 1.5 miles from the Tradewinds to the Don Cesar.

me and boys at don cesar-2

By the time we finished walking three miles through quicksand, we were exhausted and starving. We went to a restaurant in the resort and had a huge buffet breakfast. Seriously awesome bacon. We were all much happier after our bellies were full.

Today was “Daddy Day” since Chad wasn’t there on Sunday, so he did lots of things with the boys. He took them for a ride on the paddleboats through the little canal that snakes through the resort.


He paddled out and the boys paddled all the way back.

boys on paddleboats

Chad bought the boys snow cones (in a two-day vacation they had strawberry smoothies, ice cream cones, snow cones, and French fries for three meals).


Chad spent the last couple of hours we were there out at the beach with Mack and I stayed back near the pool with Cal. I pretty much just tried to stay in the shade today. I was so happy to have Daddy on beach duty! Thanks honey.

After Chad and Mack came back in and we all had lunch it was time to say goodbye to our friends (who, lucky dogs, are staying a couple more days…next year we’re in for three nights!), it was time to leave and head back home. We had someone very important to pick up…


Chewie! When we arrived at the kennel he was in daycare, so he was having a blast running around and wreaking havoc in a furnished house with a bunch of other dogs. Picture “Hotel for Dogs” on a slightly smaller scale.

He was exhausted from his fun weekend and so are we all. We’ll all sleep very well tonight. Tomorrow we are all staying out of the sun!

P.S. I realized when we got home today that the boys did not brush their teeth the entire time we were away. Oops. Good thing it was only a one-night staycation.