Clean-ish Car Wednesday

April 18, 2012 at 4:21 pm

Last night I went to meet my friend Christie of Karna Fitness at the waterfront for a Restore the Core class.


A few minutes after I got there my friends (IRunMommies) came running in, having completed three miles. I felt lame for not running. But since I am literally lame, it was to be expected.


Restore the Core was good. At least I got some exercise.


I hate to continually talk about my sore hip, but until it is no longer sore, I probably will. I am now having sympathetic pains in my back and right quad from compensating for my sore hip. I definitely felt the back pain just a bit during the core class. All that stuff is connected in there.

When I got home I was thoroughly chastised by my physical therapist friend on Facebook chat. She was nice enough to give me advice about my hip last week, and upon reading my blog she couldn’t sit on her hands any longer. Here’s what she said:

I feel the need to be a little more clear (in case I was not previously so). When it comes to inflammatory processes (such as bursitis), it is very important to stop irritating the area and rest. When I say rest, what I mean is no Bodypump, no walking more than necessary for normal activities of daily living (e.g. grocery shopping), etc. I know it is very, very difficult for someone as motivated and active such as you to take a break from exercise. But let me assure you, you will not recover if you continue to stress the tissues and you may end up with further problems. I speak from experience and education. The only exercise that I would consider appropriate would be swimming, and that would be with emphasis on upper body (no pure kicking drills). Please do not take this the wrong way; I feel like I would be a poor advisor if I did not spell it out more clearly. I know that what you have been doing lately may seem a break to you, but it is not what I meant by “rest”.

Okay, okay. I am going to rest from now until Sunday. I will consider it an adventure. I will find out what it’s like to try to finish a half marathon when you have done zero cardio for 12 days. Exciting!

I could always just throw in the towel on the whole exercise and healthy eating BS and just get a feeding tube.

So I drove the boys to school this morning, and did not go to Bodypump.


I did laundry and cleaned the kitchen.


Too bad the kitchen ceiling still looks like this:


Man, that looks so bad. I really need to finish that stupid project. It would take maybe a half hour and I’ve put it off for six months or so? That’s kind of our m.o. around here.

We tend to ignore things that aren’t somehow keeping us from getting from day to day. House projects never get done. The clutter piles up. We ignore it.

Until one day, like today, I inexplicably have a hissy fit regarding the state of my car and yell at the boys and make them clean it out the second they get home from school.




They found two watches, innumerable comics, tons of Legos, and a bag’s worth of garbage.


Now we are hanging at home and I am sitting and icing my hip. Despite feeling my fitness diminishing by the day, I entered our family in the America’s Fittest Family contest currently being held by Macaroni Kid Family Fitness.


Here are the pictures I sent them with my entry form:


Don’t we look like America’s Fittest Family? What, you think your family is fitter than my family? Well, go ahead and enter then! Kathy, I’m looking at you, since you and your kids are in a bunch of those photos too!

I made pork tenderloin and veggies in the crock pot yesterday, so tonight we are having the leftovers as barbecue pork sandwiches. Leftovers are awesome.


Sunrise Friday

February 3, 2012 at 4:46 pm

Did anybody catch our local Fox News affiliate last night? My beloved IRunMommies were featured in a story!

Ack, I can’t get the video to embed. Stupid No time to fool with it right now. Check it out at this link, please!

I wish I could have been there, but I was volunteering at the boys’ school. It’s that darn “mommies” part of the whole IRunMommies thing. My friends Shelley, Robyn and Christie were such great spokeswomen for the group and my friends Kimi and Katie look so great running with those strollers! Love all you guys.

Check out my friend Callie’s post today on The Wannabe Athlete about her love for the IRunMommies and why you should find a running group in your area. Like they said in the news clip, our group is like combining Mom’s Night Out with fitness. Perfect.

So today…generally, six days a week I leave my house before roosters are awake, either to walk the boys to school or to do my Saturday run. Crawling out of bed at 5:00 or 5:30 a.m. epically sucks, but so often I am rewarded with a breathtaking sunrise and feel thereby gratified. It’s my reward.


I’m sure that one day my life with arrange itself in such a way that I am not up before the buttcrack of dawn every day, and I can’t say that I don’t somewhat long for that day. But for now I will just enjoy the sunrises in my life.

After Chewie and I got home from walking the boys to school I ate breakfast, did some laundry, then headed to the gym on my bike.


In addition to the Fit Club promotion that Lifestyles is currently running, they are also running this promotion:



Any of my locals interested in a free 7-day guest pass to Lifestyle Family Fitness for you and a friend in exchange for giving them this information?


Let me know, because I could really use another free water bottle. Actually, the gym bag looks pretty nice.

Today was Bodypump.




Then I biked home.

When I got home from the gym I cleaned the bathroom. The only reason I did this is that we are having friends over for the Super Bowl on Sunday, and I’m not sure that their threshold tolerance level for slovenliness is as high as ours. Living with three boys has made me somewhat immune to the disgusting bathroom phenomenon. I’m pretty sure they take as much pleasure in spreading their urine everywhere as Chewie. I think big boys are worse about this than little boys.

My method for cleaning the bathroom is environmentally unfriendly and somewhat poisonous. It involves at least two rolls of paper towels and the reckless mixture of bleach and ammonia products. Yes, I know this combination is toxic. I appreciate your concern, but the buzz is one of the few perks of this thankless job. Really all I get out of it is the chemical buzz and the absence of urine smell for maybe 72 hours at the most. It doesn’t help that our bathrooms are very old and decrepit (both have holes in the drywall, gaps in the tile grout, corroded faucets, etc.), so no matter how much you clean them they still look like crap.


When I am finished, though, I just want to channel that tiny woman from Poltergeist, stand on the toilet and spread my arms and declare, “This bathroom is CLEAN!”

zelda rubenstein

After cleaning the bathroom I took a shower to make sure I didn’t have any lingering toxic chemicals on me, than ate lunch. Then it was time to go get the boys from school.

After the boys did their reading and had snack (no homework on Friday), we spent an hour cleaning their room. Here are the befores and afters. I know there is not a huge improvement, but it was as much as we could get done in an hour. At least now I can vacuum and wash the sheets.

Chewie carefully supervised the whole time. See him there on “his” bed, that he allows Mack to share?

View 1:

View 2:

Stop working so hard Chewie.

View 3:

View 4:

Relax Chewie.

View 5:



Thanks for all the help, Chewie.

I apologize for Chewie’s immodesty.

Why do the boys have full-size bunkbeds and a full-size mattress on the floor? That’s a long story for another time, but I hope to be getting rid of the bed on the floor soon. I hope I hope I hope. Nobody sleeps up top right now, so it is being used as a catch-all. They just have too much stuff.

Now I’m going to go make dinner…a pork medallion and apple/mushroom barley recipe from Clean Eating Magazine. Cleaning the boy’s room (even just quickie cleaning it) is totally mentally exhausting. They helped the whole time, which really just makes it worse.

Family evening walk tonight, then my last long run before the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon. I’m planning another 12-miler.