Mother’s Lunch Friday

May 6, 2011 at 8:20 pm

Today has been crazy. My back hurts.

I started off on shaky ground because I had to have blood drawn this morning and it had to be fasting. So that meant no coffee or breakfast beforehand. By the time it was time to leave to walk the boys to school I was feeling really crappy. Obviously my body is really addicted to my two cups of pre-walk coffee (with splenda and milk). I mostly felt like I was starving, but I usually don’t eat breakfast until after the walk anyway, so it wasn’t food I was missing.

Anyway, I made it through the walk to school, mailbox in tow.


As soon as I got back home I immediately got in the car to go to the lab to have my blood drawn (doctor’s appointment coming up in a week or so).



Fake pouting makes me look like an apple-head doll. You don’t know what an apple-head doll is? You obviously did not grow up in Appalachia like me.


I had my “on the go” breakfast all ready for me in my car, but of course the first thing I attacked was the coffee.


I think I inhaled all of this by the time I got to the first stoplight on the way home. Once there, I quickly showered, dressed and gave my hair about a two minute blow-dry.

Then I headed to Chick-fil-a to get lunch, or rather breakfast for lunch since it was so early, for both of the boys. Today was “Mother’s Lunch” at their school, and Mack’s lunch is at 10:35, so I had a very tight schedule. I put mascara on while sitting in the drive-thru line at Chick-fil-a.

But I made it to the school before Mack’s lunch and just minutes before it started pouring rain. One benefit of Mack’s early lunch time is that I managed to get a decent parking space (I always have good parking karma).


After Mack finished eating in his classroom we went to the cafeteria to wait for Cal, who luckily had an early lunch today because he has gifted class on Fridays. Normally his lunch is late, like 12:30, but today it was at 11:00, right after Mack’s.


kissing mack-2

Once Cal arrived we had our photo taken all together by a professional and I entered us in the Mother/Kid look-alike contest, much to Cal’s mortification. I mean, come on…


Don’t we look alike? I do think it was supposed to be a mother/daughter look-alike contest, but whatever. Look how cute our friends Molly and Tanya are in their look-alike outfits:


Tanya just forgot her pink cowboy boots.

After we got our photo taken I went with Cal back to his gifted classroom to eat “brunch” with him.


I just ate a fruit salad to give me some energy for my next agenda item, but I wanted to have my usual huge salad later at home.


After I ate my fruit I left Cal to finish his lunch with his friends because I wanted to make it to the noon Bodypump class at the gym. I did, and it was awesome. I have never done the class at that time and I really liked the instructor.

I am very proud of myself for managing to walk my kids to school, have blood drawn, shower, dry my hair, put on makeup (well, mascara only), buy Chick-fil-a, eat lunch with both boys and make it to Bodypump. Whew, what a morning.

After I got home from the gym and ate my huge salad I went to Publix to do our final party food shopping. It was a big haul. I barely made it home before the boys got home via carpool.

When they got home I got another early Mother’s Day gift from Cal.


It is this cute flower card.


Each petal has a nice message.


I also got a coupon book!

coupon book-2

The Mother/Daughter day was a mistake, as Cal was sitting with a bunch of girls and they all kept saying “mother/daughter” so he just wrote that. He thought it was funny so he left it that way. My favorites are the “1 hour of being quiet” and the “1 day of Cal being a manservant”. Can’t wait to redeem these!

The rest of the day has been nothing but cleaning. I didn’t sit down all afternoon until I sat down to write this blog post and eat dinner. I feel like the little lady in “Poltergeist”…THIS HOUSE IS CLEAN! Well, as clean as it ever is. Clean enough. Mack was a big help.



I have since picked up the ubiquitous pile of tennis shoes. Actually, I still have to do the guest bathroom but I needed a break.

Chad just had to run back out to Publix because I forgot to buy mint (hello? Mint Juleps?), eggs (definitely necessary for Derby Pies), and I bought the wrong kind of wine. I know nothing about wine. Don’t ever ask me to buy wine.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to run 5 miles, go to Bodyflow, go to Publix, and get everything ready for the party by 3 p.m. Wish me luck. Okay, I better go clean the bathroom now.

P.S. Mmmmm. Chad just brought me a lick of Derby Pie filling (he is the pie maker). So full of bourbony goodness. Now I’m really excited about tomorrow.

Way to go Wednesday

May 4, 2011 at 6:33 pm

This morning was just so awesome. I think I figured out how to run earlier in the day, at least on Wednesdays, at least until school is out.

This morning I decided to eat half of my breakfast before our walk to school, so I had toast with almond butter and some fruit before we walked. As soon as I got home from walking the boys to school I ate the other half of my breakfast (eggbeaters with mushrooms and scallions, two slices of turkey bacon) and drank my third cup of coffee. Then I suited up and went to the gym.

Look, my new running shoes are at Bodypump:


How did they get there? Well, they ran of course. I RAN TO THE GYM!

Yes, you read that right. I ran to the gym. I have run home from the gym before after Chad dropped me off there, so it’s not like totally crazy or anything. It’s about three miles to the gym. I only took the bare necessities:


In the little backpack were a dry t-shirt, my small gym towel and a ziplock with my driver’s license and $20. Everything else I carried on my body. Phone and camera in my fanny pack sports belt, key and gym key tag in the pocket on my hand-held water bottle cover. It really worked out great. The backpack was no problem when running. I pulled the shoulder straps together to a point between my boobs and tied a hair elastic around them to keep them together in the front, so it was snugger and the straps didn’t fall off at all. It was really even hardly noticeable that I had it on.

I was worried that after running I wouldn’t have the energy for Bodypump, but that wasn’t the case at all. Bodypump felt awesome. I was also worried that after Bodypump I wouldn’t have the energy to run home, but again I was surprised that I felt so good.

So I ran about 2.75 miles on the way there, then 2.25 miles on the way home. I took a few walking breaks to drink water, and stopped my Garmin when I hit 5 miles and walked the last quarter mile or so home. The stats are on my “Still Running” page. It really was great. I just love feeling like my feet are my transportation. I took my kids to school and went to the gym and my car never left our house! You’re welcome Earth. You’re welcome Wallet.

Also, instead of being in the middle of a 5 mile run at noon, I was home by noon. Sweet! Resisting the urge to put a big smiley here.

IMG_0016So I came home and showered and had my usual amazingly huge salad for lunch. It was so wonderful with smoked salmon and avocado that I just had to take a picture. I’ll leave it really small in case you couldn’t care less. You can click on it if you care. Not going to put a smiley here.

This afternoon, after homework/reading/working on Cal’s gifted project, the boys and I worked on cleaning up the outside of the house for our party on Saturday. This mostly just entailed scrubbing the back porch, washing our lovely plastic chairs and straightening up the scooters, bikes, skateboards, balls, frisbees, and beach toys under the house.


This is the type of chore that they love.


It involves spraying hoses, going shirtless and trying to get as many suds on your brother as possible.


They really were a big help.

At some point I had a Chobani with some granola on top for a snack.


I love Chobani. I really love the shape of the container. It is theoretically possible to put your entire lower jaw completely into the container, thereby allowing your tongue to reach the bottom and lick the whole thing clean. This is just theoretical, mind you.

For dinner I roasted a humongous pan of veggies. It was brussels sprouts, carrots, parsnips and potatoes. First, I tossed them all in a huge bowl with some olive oil and Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Salt.


Tossing veggies in olive oil is an excellent moisturizer for your hands.

Then I spread them out and roasted them for about 30 minutes at 400 degrees.


Somebody was very interested in all the prep work.


He loves the ends of veggies and can hear the sound of them being chopped from the other side of the house. Or maybe he smells them. Somehow he always ends up right by my side.

Delicacies for beagles:


I ended up taking the brussels sprouts out first as they were done more quickly than the other veggies.


They are so delicious that I kept snacking on them while making the rest of dinner. I had to stop myself from eating all of them.


I sauteed a couple of chicken breasts to go with the veggies.

The boys’ dinner:


My dinner:


So good. Chad will fend for himself but probably eat a bunch of the veggies also.

Oops, Chewie is howling, so he must be home. Gotta get ready for the evening family walk. I’m out.