Turkey Trottin’

November 25, 2010 at 11:50 am

Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve been up since 4 a.m., so I feel like it must be mid-afternoon, but it’s not. I met up with my friend Mandy at 5:15 this morning so we could head to Clearwater for the Turkey Trot 5K. It was pitch black outside and just felt wrong to be out so early, but we scored an awesome parking place so I’m glad we got an early start. Jeannie, I missed you! Hope your foot is feeling better, and we are definitely running in February.

In addition to scoring an awesome parking place, we also scored REAL bathrooms before the race (happy happy joy joy…oh how I hate porta-potties). Here we are in line for the bathroom (which was short…score again).

We wound our way around Clearwater High School to find the start line. It was crazy informal. No electronic timing that we were aware of (no chips on our numbers or shoe tags or anything). This was supposed to be a certified, competitive 5K (fun run was to start a half-hour later), but I don’t know how they timed it. I think Turkey Trots are generally more informal and we didn’t really care anyway.

Here’s a close-up of the silly race t-shirts.

According to the weather channel, sunrise this morning was at 7:00 a.m., exactly the time the race was to start. It was a beautiful morning.

There were thousands of people running this race. We tried to get in the middle of the pack for the start. When I crossed the start line, one minute had elapsed on the clock, so I knew to subtract one minute from the clock at the finish line. We split up very soon after we were able to start running, as Mandy is much faster than me. But I was psyched and ready for the run. I listened to a Two Fit Chicks podcast about running during the race.

The route wound through the residential streets around the high school. Many people were sitting in their driveways cheering the runners on. Every half mile or so there were bands playing to give us encouragement (like marching-band style, or a guitar/keyboard, or near the end bagpipes!). I could see a sea of runners ahead of me, so I thought I must be near the back. But then I looked behind me and saw a sea of runners, so I guess I was in the middle. Who knows? I just kept running. I feel like I kept a pretty steady pace the entire time.

Until the hill. On Hercules Ave. there was a huge hill, at least by Florida standards. My neighborhood where I usually run is right at sea-level by the bay…no hills. Maybe a canal bridge or two. This hill was not that steep, but it was LONG. I am most proud of myself for continuing to run all the way up that hill. After that, I knew the rest would be easy. And it really was. I finished in under 39 minutes (by my unscientific calculations), so I was happy with that. I’m thinking maybe I should push myself to go faster, because this run was not that hard at all (except the darn hill). Of course Mandy kicked my butt finishing in around 30 minutes (right Mandy? I’m not sure). But we met up at the finish line and got our bananas and water and snacks. Here we are all sweaty and happy in line for snacks:

Since apparently they were only posting the finish times for the top 125 finishers (of which we were not), we headed back to St. Pete and met up with my friend Caroline (the other one) and went for a three mile walk! It really was a gorgeous morning. We walked the path through Fossil Park and there were these trees everywhere with white fluffy seed pods blowing really thickly…Florida snow! I tried to snap a picture of it, but all I could get was this pretty vignette:

After running 3.1 miles and walking 3 more, my legs were beat. But I was really happy to have gotten out and worked some awesome exercise into my Thanksgiving Day.

Cal says he wants to do the Turkey Trot next year, so maybe we’ll do the fun run as a family. That would be great. Now I’m so ready for pie…Caroline, you know the one I want you to hide to make sure I get a piece!

One final thing this morning…my mom sent me a text last night that said, “Good luck, best wishes on your run. We’ll be pulling for u…” It totally made my night that she remembered my run and sent me that message. Warm fuzzies. Then this morning my sister sent me this text:

I don’t think two people could look more happy (my nephew Cody and my Mom). Missing you guys today! I love you and hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Almost Turkey Day Wednesday

November 24, 2010 at 8:49 pm

Can you feel it? The holiday madness is in full force. The kids are off school this entire week and I feel like we haven’t sat still for five minutes.

On Monday, I got up early and did my last training run before the 5K Turkey Trot tomorrow. I ran 3.5 miles (mentioned it on my C25K page). After breakfast, the boys and I went to the gym where I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and a Total Tone class (that class that I don’t really like, but keep doing because it is at the right time). The boys were prepared to go to the gym every day this week (besides Thursday), but they ended up having fun because several of their school friends were there at the same time. After the gym we went to Target, Rollin’ Oats (health food store) and Publix, where I bought lots of supplies to start holiday baking ­čÖé In the afternoon the boys went over to the Zawacki’s house and I drove up to Clearwater to pick up the t-shirts for the Turkey Trot. Chad did dinner for the boys (leftover crockpot asian wonderfulness) and then we went for our family walk. We watched “The Walking Dead” Monday night…our new favorite show!

On Tuesday, it was pretty much a variation on a theme. Gym: elliptical, Body Flow (Yoga-ish) class. Then we went to Home Depot.

I have been on a quest to find some stacking recycling-type bins to use for winter coats/gloves/scarves/etc. by our french doors. I thought this would be better than the big laundry basket full of jumbled jackets we usually have for about three months out of the year. Found some! Then it was home for lunch. While the boys read their research books for their gifted projects after lunch, I made the awesome sloppy joe sauce (shown here) so I would have dinner actually ready ahead of time and only have to reheat it after karate. Wow. Actually thinking ahead for dinner. So unlike me. I love that recipe because it uses up so many CSA veggies (eggplant, peppers, zuchini, and we had salad as a side, so the lettuce was CSA also). So then it was karate time.

You can see the stacking bins there on the left. They are a bit bigger than what I wanted, but they will do the job. On the way to karate, we stopped by the library to pick up a couple more books for the boys gifted projects that had come in to our branch (LOVE ordering library books online).

After karate it was home for dinner and then the family walk.Something happened while I was trying to tweet during Biggest Loser (makeover week!) and then #fitblog (twitter chat for fitness bloggers…not that I am one, but I feel more “fit” when I chat with those guys). All of a sudden at about 9:15 I couldn’t keep my eyes open and I pretty much passed out for the night. Guess I needed 9 hours of sleep last night! Oh, and the tooth fairy came last night.

So today. This morning was the gym (of course) for elliptical and Body Pump (my favorite. well, I really love Body Flow too.) The 30 minutes on the elliptical went really fast because I spent most of it texting with my wonderful college roommate/BFF Sean. They are in St. Pete visiting his wife Margaret’s parents for Thanksgiving. Yippee! We had afternoon plans! So it was home for lunch, then off to Northshore pool to meet our friends.

Those are Sean and Margaret’s kids Abby and Alex. They are 9 & 7, so perfect playmates for the boys. We visited them in Georgia for spring break a couple of years ago, and the boys have asked me MANY times when we were going to see them again. The answer: Today! It was a gorgeous day. Mid-80’s, sunny, almost no wind. Ahhh, I love Florida. And I love Northshore pool, perched right on the edge of Tampa Bay. The kids all got ice creams to top off the happiness.

There is a little park right next to the pool, so we went by there for a few minutes after swimming.

Great Day. And as I type this, the boys are at the movies to see Megamind 3D with Sean and his brood, so it’s nice and quiet around here. Awesome.

So tomorrow is turkey day. I’m excited to spend it with lots of friends. We are in charge of mashed potatoes. Well, Chad is in charge of that. I’ll be up at 4:30 a.m., meeting my friends at 5:15 so we can be in Clearwater by 6:00. Then we’ll be Turkey Trotting. I’m excited about that too. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!