Wonder Feet and Fro-Yo Friday

March 30, 2012 at 5:01 pm

Check out my new shoes!


This is how I entertained myself while the boys were in karate yesterday afternoon.


Aren’t they awesome? These will definitely have to be “volunteer at school” shoes.

This morning I drug the boys to the gym so that I could do Bodypump.


I thought that this week might be kind of sketchy on the exercise front since it was spring break week, but I have managed to get all of my workouts in except for Bodyflow, which I pretty much knew would be sacrificed. Poor Bodyflow…it’s the first to go when things get busy. However, Bodyflow was replaced with swimming, so it’s really a zero-sum game.

After the gym the boys and I ran by our storage unit to get the Easter box and to return the Valentine’s/St. Patrick’s box.


For anybody who reads this blog and somehow extrapolates that I have it all together (although I don’t know how you could think that), just know that Mack and I just took down the Valentine’s decorations this morning since we knew we were going to storage. The St. Patrick’s Day decorations never even came out of the box.

After storage we stopped by this new “Pita’s Republic” to grab lunch on the way home.


It smelled so good in this place. They have a pretty big menu…


The boys both got turkey pitas and I got the Feta Supreme with Gyros:


Mine was awesome and the boys both liked theirs, except that I forgot to say “no sauce” on Mack’s, so his had chipotle sauce on it which he wasn’t crazy about. I tried to wipe as much off as I could. He ate it anyway. I got a punch card for buy 10 get one free, and I hope to go back and try something else. The Eggplant-n-Falafel pita sounds awesome.

After lunch we hung out at home for a while then decided to take a bike ride to Yogurtology.


It was a hot and sunny afternoon.


From our house to Yogurtology is four miles.


Luckily it is sidewalks and bike lanes almost the whole way.


Of course the best part is the waterfront along Coffee Pot Bayou.


Almost there!


We parked our bikes and loaded up our cups. I decided I just wanted something fruity and refreshing, so I got the Pink Grapefruit Tart.


There was a huge glare on the display screens. It says “non-fat, low-calorie, gluten-free, healthy probiotic cultures”. I should have gotten the Raspberry which was probably less “healthy”, but would have tasted better. The pink grapefruit sort of had an artificial sweetener kind of flavor.

I told the boys to stick to one spoonful of candy and the rest fresh fruit.


So many too choose from.


I stuck with just blueberries.




I’m glad that the boys think that frozen yogurt is a good-enough incentive for an eight mile bike ride (round trip).



Now we’re home and chilling and I need to go make dinner. Something super simple like pasta. Ten miles and a St. Petersburg bridge are calling my name for the morning.

Thurgood Three Times

March 23, 2012 at 6:06 pm

Last night after we had an early dinner (Tour de Pizza) we headed to Thurgood Marshall Middle School for a meeting about choosing Cal’s elective classes for next year.



They had tables set up in the main hallway with information about the various elective courses and the jazz band was playing at the end of the hall. It was pretty cool and they were good!


This is why we were there:


And here are the descriptions of the courses:


They had short presentations from teachers about the courses, and then everybody had to fill out the form. This is how Cal ranked his top four choices:


I think he made the best choice (he only gets one elective next year). At first he was leaning towards putting Art as his first choice. But then after reading the description of the Engineering course, which incorporates art and graphic design as well as science, math and music, he decided that it was a better fit. We spoke for a while with the art teacher, who also teaches part of the Engineering course, and the conversation bolstered Cal’s decision.

I think choosing classes and being back in the school really got the kids excited about middle school.


Chad played pool last night and I watched the season finale of Project Runway Allstars. I love Austin Scarlet, but I think Mondo was the right winner.

This morning I drove Mack to school, then I took Cal back to Thurgood Marshall…


for the South County Gifted Math Meet.


Parents couldn’t stay and spectate which sorely disappointed me (yeah right), but I sucked it up and went to the gym. 35 minutes on the elliptical and Bodypump:


After the gym I changed shirts and ran a bunch of errands, including the bank, Target…


and running downtown to pick something up. As I was driving down 4th Street I ran into an anti-Obama prayer rally being held by a bunch of political Catholics.


religious hudu-2

This is all I have to say about that:


Sorry to get all political there. The eye is watching.

After I ran my errands I barely had time to run home and shower and change before it was time to go back to Thurgood for the math meet’s awards ceremony. I went with wet hair.


I made Cal a lunch this morning before I remembered that they were having pizza at the meet, so I ate Cal’s lunch in the car on my way to Thurgood.


It was a plain ham sandwich. Very dry. That’s the way the boys want them, but I would have appreciated a condiment. The Pirate’s Booty was pretty dry too.

Back at Thurgood for the third time in less than 24 hours, with my straggly wet hair blowing in the wind and looking a mess:


Florida fauna:


When I got to the school the kids were still outside finishing up their lunch. Cal’s team was called the “Diverse Divers” because their year-long theme in gifted this year is oceanography.


We soon all headed into the media center (called a library back in the day) for the awards ceremony.


Two of Cal’s teammates placed in the top four individuals and his team took first place overall!


Cal was very happy to get a trophy (the plaque is for their classroom).


Way to go Cal! Check out the fourth grade gifted math meet that Cal participated in last year here. He looks so much younger!

After the math meet, Cal and I went to pick up Mack from our friends’, the G’s, house. My friend Tanya graciously picked him up from school for me today since I had to go get Cal. Thank you so much Tanya! We all decided to go to Yogurtology to celebrated Cal’s team’s win and all four of these kids’ recent awesome report cards.


My crew’s cups (mine is the one with no colorful candy…brown is the best color for candy):



Molly and Mack, second grade superstars:


Cameron and Cal, fifth grade long-hairs:


The most awesome moms in the world, according to our kids while they were dribbling yogurt down their shirts:


We learned today that they have “Yoghund” yogurt for dogs at Yogurtology! This guy was digging it:


After Yogurtology we took the G’s home then headed home ourselves. No homework today because it is officially SPRING BREAK! We have lots of fun things planned, tentatively, for next week.

Joey Z. came over to play and I made pork chops, roasted cabbage and rice for dinner. I’m doing a 9+ mile bridge run tomorrow. Worried about it and excited about it at the same time. Why do I always get running anxiety? Running hasn’t been so great this week, so maybe it will redeem itself a little tomorrow.

Happy Weekend!