Beautiful Monday

March 5, 2012 at 4:24 pm

diet coke injection

It’s been a week since I had a Diet Coke! Our recycling bin seems practically empty. Cal told me this morning that I should give all my empty plastic bottles to him because he wants to build a robot with them. I think it’s going to be a while before that robot gets built. Not many empty plastic bottles around here these days. We’ll see how long I can hold out. I am almost 100% sure that the tipping point will be one day when I am out of tea and really want something sweet to drink. It will start with just one…

Last night Chad worked for a while then he and I watched The Walking Dead. I’m over this season and ready for them to move on to the next set piece. Chad has read the comics and is constantly pointing out all the differences, which is kind of annoying. I need to read the comics because I know they are awesome, but the compendium is bigger than one of my old law school texts. Daunting. I don’t know how to fit in reading time. When I get on a reading jag everything else doesn’t happen, like blogging. Maybe on the next vacation.

While we watched television I had some Samoas ice cream…the last of the carton.


Approximately 340 calories, which brought my total calories for yesterday to around 1850.

This morning Chewie, the boys, and I had a chilly walk to school.


The days are definitely getting longer and we are no longer walking to school in total darkness. By the time I’m on my way home the sun is fully up. I need to remember to start bringing my sunglasses.

My breakfast:


Around 405 calories.

Monday is usually my “rest” day, but I just couldn’t do it today. It was such a perfectly gorgeous day, I had to get out and take advantage of it. I decided to run an errand on my bike.


My long-sleeved tech tee from the St. Pete Beach Classic 10K was the perfect windbreaker. I saw other people biking in tank tops or short sleeves, but I was just joy riding and I was happy in my long sleeves. It was around seventy degrees.

I wore my new Pearl Izumi bike gloves that I got for Christmas but forgot that I had.


This is the first time that I wore them. They are pretty nice. The extra padding for the ulnar nerves on the palm is nice.

Coffee Pot Bayou bridge:



I love this route.



My destination…the Trek Store of St. Petersburg.


I hit up my friend Anne, one of the owners, with a pile of flyers for the Shore Acres 5/5 5K, and also talked to her about possible sponsorship.


Of course she was super nice and agreed to display the flyers in the store. I think they are also considering some level of sponsorship. Thanks Anne!


Love that place.

After dropping off the flyers I biked around the Crisp Park area a little, just to prolong my bike ride and enjoy this amazing day. Such blue, cloudless skies.


I love to be on a bike when the weather is so nice.


If I hadn’t had to get home for important things like laundry and making hard-boiled eggs and eating lunch, I would have just biked for hours.


Back at the Coffee Pot Bayou bridge:


The Vinoy Golf Club on Snell Isle:


The bridge next to St. Raphael’s and the entrance to Smacks Bayou (taken while biking up and over the bridge where there is no bike lane).


Almost home…


I decided to take another little detour just to prolong the ride even a little bit more. Channeling Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood…these are the McMansions in my neighborhood, in my neighborhood…




overlooking Tampa Bay…



the McMansions that you meet, when you’re biking down the street…


Must be nice.

In all I biked over ten miles. It was great.

Once home I flipped laundry, boiled eggs, took a shower, then ate lunch.


Approximately 320 calories.

After lunch I made a meal plan for the week then went out to run some errands before picking up the boys from school. I planned a quick stop by the post office to mail a box, but the post office had other plans…


a random long line on a Monday? Maybe because it was lunch time. Apparently the postal service is teaming up with The Biggest Loser to try to get more people to use snail mail.



I bought a few of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge commemorative stamps because they are so cool.

skyway stamp

After the post office I went by Publix…


where, among other things, this happened:


I couldn’t let the house go 24 hours without Samoas ice cream. I don’t know how the Thin Mint got in there. They have “light” and regular versions of both of these. Even the “light” version has big chunks of Samoas in it. The ice cream is kind of just secondary. I’m assuming the Thin Mint will be the same, but I’ll let you know. The light versions are 30 calories less per 1/2 cup serving. Suits me. Both of the above are 120 calories per half cup, but of course I use the scale to weigh out my servings. Measuring a half cup of ice cream would be annoying.

After dropping the groceries off at home, I picked up the boys from school and then it was the usual afternoon mayhem. That half hour immediately after we get home from school is my least favorite portion of the day. It’s too much. The boys are wired and misbehaving. I have to corral them into doing their homework. It’s me constantly saying, “Stop talking! Do your work! Quit playing with that! Do your work! Are those comics? (blowing gasket) Put those away! Do homework!”

I’m repeating that mantra while signing agendas, looking through papers, making snacks, cleaning out lunchboxes, and making lunches for the next day. Loathe that half hour.

Finally, with the boys settled, I retreated to my desk to start working on this blog post and have a snack.


Cottage cheese, Cutie, pretzels. 185 calories. I really love the combination of cottage cheese and pretzels.

Tonight for dinner I am making chicken on a stick (all pre-marinated and everything from Publix…just going to throw them on the George Foreman) and a Roasted Cumin Cauliflower and Carrots recipe from my current favorite cookbook, Slim & Scrumptious by Joy Bauer.


Much like her recipe for Turkey Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts, which is just Brussels sprouts wrapped in turkey bacon and baked, this recipe is just cauliflower and carrots spread out on a baking sheet, sprinkled with cumin and salt, and roasted. I may jazz it up with some Garlic Gold nuggets. Still, sounds good to me. I’m debating whether to make a carb on the side or not. I’ll think of something.


Must blog Wednesday

February 22, 2012 at 4:34 pm

Not feeling it. But anyway. Complete sentences…who needs them?

Had fun last night celebrating our Rock ‘n’ Roll St. Pete Half Marathon finish (again) with the IRunMommies. It was mostly a different set of women than last week, as some couldn’t make it last week and some couldn’t make it this week. Of course, I must do everything, so I went to both. I think eating at Red Mesa Cantina twice in one week is a good thing.

I got there a few minutes before everyone else. I’m always over-eager. Not an attractive quality. I entertained myself by experimenting with my camera and the remote shutter-release.


Entertaining the bartender. This was my only margarita last night, by the way. I was a good girl.


I ate tofu. It was awesome.


These are Bombas balls. Not my Bombas balls, but just Bombas balls in general.


I have the best running group ever. They weren’t even totally mortified when I whipped out the tripod. Not totally.


This morning Chewie and I walked the boys to school.


Gotta have a pat and a scratch by Denver Park.


Came home and looked for the overnight oats I made last night, but couldn’t find them in the fridge. Finally found them in the cabinet. I guess that’s where my auto-pilot thinks peanut butter jars should go. I didn’t think almond milk was too safe after spending the night in the cabinet, so I trashed it. What a waste of remnants of good peanut butter. I ate something else.

Then I biked to the gym.


Very overcast day, high 60’s.


Lots of people on the golf course enjoying the overcast.


My friend Victoria Bodpumped with me. That just sounds so dirty.


Fiddled with my camera the whole class. I kind of can’t believe that they’ve never asked me to refrain from taking pictures at the gym. I’m sure it’s against the rules.


Biked home. I hate when people park across the bike path or the sidewalk.


I know it’s their driveway and all and they are perfectly within their rights. I still hate it.

That reminds me…my young friend Jenna read my blog post yesterday about what goes through my head on a five mile run. She said I used the word “Suck” too much. I thought I had used great restraint in my use of the term “suck”. If I actually conveyed how pervasive the suckage is, I would have just written suck,suck,suck,suck,suck,suck,suck…for an hour. Jenna, why don’t you go run five miles without stopping and try not to think of the term “suck”, okay? Let me know how that goes.

When I got home from the gym I ate lunch, read blogs, did laundry, etc. I spent a bunch of time watching the videos in this blog post: Flawlessness is Killing Us Softly. The lecture in the videos is kind of lengthy, but so compelling and awesome. You should watch it. If you do, let me know what you think. I’ve been texting with a friend about it all afternoon.

Cal had book club after school, so I just picked up Mack and we went to get his hair cut.

mack before-2

mack after-2

Then we ran by here.


I had to pick up a little something something for two amazing, kind, beautiful, wonderful women who have birthdays this week. They know who they are. And now they know what they are getting from me for their birthday.

Then we picked up Cal and then it was homework/snacks/yadda-yadda-yadda. Joey Z. is here as usual. Thinking about dinner…

dinner every night

and that I need to go attend to more laundry.

Okay, that’s it. I didn’t want to do it, but I did it.