Push ‘em out Tuesday

January 24, 2012 at 5:19 pm

Other than a beautiful sunrise…


yesterday was a total waste.

I didn’t end up running last night. The laziness won out. But I felt like crap all day since I wasn’t feeding the monkey brain.

I woke up determined to do better and feel better today. We drove to school as a concession to Cal’s snottiness, although hard-ass was tsking about this and thought I should have made him walk. As soon as I got home from driving them, though, I set off on a five mile run.


This is just past the one-mile mark at the St. Raphael’s bridge. I know I brag about it constantly, but I do seriously love where I live.


I wanted to get my run in early today instead of waiting until tonight for the IRunMommies group run because it is going to be hot today…near 80! I wanted to take advantage of the coolest part of the day.


I had a great run with no walking (just a quick photo stop close to one mile, and a few seconds to sip water at my turn-around point near 2.5 miles). I need to always remind myself to push through the first few miles. Everything seems easier after mile three.

I updated my “Still Running” page with all my latest runs if you care about the stats. That ad reminds me of my awesome Adidas Adistar running shoes (shown in the next picture), which I am loving. They are definitely my favorite running shoes that I have tried so far (versus Asics and Saucony). Thanks again to my cousin Carrie for helping to hook me up with two pair!

I usually ignore phone notifications while I’m running, but I did hear it ding a few times this morning, so once I hit my five mile mark and stopped my Garmin I checked it to see that I had been hit up by the Push “Em Out Challenge that I joined on Facebook this week.


Basically if you join the challenge and add your phone number to the list, any other members of the challenge can text you at any time during the day. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you are supposed to drop and do 20 push-ups. Posting pictures is part of the fun. I had to prop my phone up on a garbage can to take the above photo of me pushing them out in the street. Yesterday I had to do 60 push-ups…Mack took this one of me in the kitchen:


and so far today I’ve had to do 40. Pretty fun, I guess. The best part of the challenge is the motto: Do Work! Don’t Suck!

After running, showering and eating a quick breakfast I headed to the gym for Bodyflow.


Bodyflow felt great today and I am really liking the new release. I always dislike new releases at first, then end up loving them. One of the reasons I really like Bodypump and Bodyflow is that every few months there is a new routine. For two weeks after a new release the instructors do that one exclusively, then until the next new release they mix it up between new and old releases. Variety is good.

When I got home from the gym I worked on laundry, ate lunch, worked on this blog post, then went to pick up the boys. After homework/snack, it was time to go to karate. While the boys were in karate I went to Publix.


No parking karma, which was probably foreshadowing. I realized when I was in Publix that I didn’t have my wallet. Of course I realized this in the check-out line after half of the groceries were rung up. I did have my check book and Chad’s drivers license number on a scrap of paper, so I was able to write a check. Whew. However, I also needed to go by Office Depot to get graph paper for Cal. According to him, it was critical. He needed it to finish tonight’s homework. I managed to scrounge up enough change in the car and my purse to buy a small pack.


Whew again. Luckily, my car and purse are as messy as my house and there was lots of loose change everywhere. Also, luckily this pack of graph paper was only $1.99.

Tonight’s dinner is a rotisserie chicken, roasted potatoes and broccoli. Love those Publix rotisserie chickens.

I’m meeting up with a bunch of my girls for a group “Push ‘em out” photo in a bit, after the family evening walk. Maybe I’ll have a photo of that for the blog tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Gym, Pottery, Target, Swim Friday

January 20, 2012 at 5:02 pm

No school today! But lots of fun stuff.

I made pancakes for breakfast then the boys and I went to the gym.


I wasn’t sore at all after Bodypump on Wednesday, so today I increased my weights a bit and put in a little more effort.


I felt about 80% back to pre-holiday fitness in Bodypump today.

After the gym, the boys and I went by Praktically Pikasso to pick up the masterpieces that I made for them last week with my IRunMommies kickball team.


I thought the boys wouldn’t care about these little bowls, but they actually genuinely seemed to love them.


Maybe that was because I told them we could put them to use after dinner tonight. I’ll take what I can get.

Next, we went to Target to get Cal’s friend a gift card for her birthday and a few other items, including $1 foam axes because we needed more toy weapons.


We saw some of our friends both at Praktically Pikasso and at Target. Northeast St. Pete is a very small town.

We came home for lunch and reading/quiet time and then decided to go to North Shore Pool for the afternoon. It was a really gorgeous day! Cal and I are doing the St. Anthony’s Meek & Mighty Triathlon in April, so we need to get some swim time in before then.


I had not just eaten corn on the cob in that picture, but rather had just slathered sunscreen lip balm all over my mouth. My lips have been so chapped lately! Also, I did not swim in my huge sunglasses. I was watching Cal swim laps when I took that picture.

It wasn’t the best afternoon at the pool. I wanted to do 2000 yards, but I spent so much time reprimanding the boys that I was only able to do 1600. Cal swam a few 100’s also, but the boys mostly played. Cal requested that no photos of him from the pool or the beach go on the blog today, so here is Mack…


North Shore Pool is right next to North Shore Beach (duh) near downtown St. Pete, so after swimming we walked over to the beach and sat on a bench for the boys to have a snack.



There were tons of people out there today enjoying the warm sunshine. We wore long pants because we thought we’d be chilly after swimming, but we should have worn shorts as it was really warm.

Now we’re back home and the boys are watching television. I’m making pork tenderloin and broccoli for dinner then hopefully we’ll get a family evening walk in if Chad gets home in time. He’s been working his butt off all week and I feel like we’ve hardly seen him.

Lots of plans for this weekend!