Making preparations

December 27, 2012 at 6:18 pm

Christmas Trees

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Last day of November

November 30, 2012 at 3:03 pm

Wasn’t it nice to have sort of an “extra” week after Thanksgiving before December? I thought so, although I don’t know where it went. Well, I know where some of the last two days went because I took pictures. Let’s see…I left off just before dinner Wednesday night, which was a pot roast and veggies in the crock pot.

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I used a mushroom and onion dry soup mix as seasoning and browned the roast just a little before putting it in the crock pot. I added as little water as possible so the crock pot wouldn’t be dry, but I have realized that you end up with so much more liquid after the meat cooks down. I hate that “boiled” meat thing. I added the veggies in stages as the day went on, adding the mushrooms last when there was only about an hour of cooking time left. Everything came out great.

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Meat and potatoes meal.

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I thickened some of the left behind crock pot liquid to make a gravy.

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I joined the boys for the family evening walk Wednesday night.

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More and more Christmas lights are appearing in the neighborhood.

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I have made a real effort the past few days to get back in the swing of regularly walking to school. Thursday morning:

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Thursday’s breakfast was pumpkin walnut Kodiak Cakes. My favorite.

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Thursday morning I ran a bunch of errands (that last one is our storage unit).

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Payless had ballet flats on sale, and I stocked up.

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Lately I’ve been wanting to wear flats instead of flip flops or croc sandals all the time.

Thursday’s lunch:

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Gifted art project that Mack brought home Thursday:

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Their gifted theme this year is ancient civilizations and this is obviously the Nile. Mack wanted me to be sure to tell you that he didn’t have time to finish it, so there should be more animals and plants and stuff.

Yesterday afternoon I taught Mack how to do division.

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Last night was pizza night, as usual from Tour de Pizza.

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Well, it was pizza night for the boys…

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but I’ve been making an effort to eat really mindfully the past few days in my quest to get my mojo back, so I had Persian Beef Casserole leftovers from the freezer with plain Greek yogurt on top.

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I definitely think pizza can be part of a healthy, balanced diet, but it also kind of a trigger food for me. I decided to skip it this week just to give myself the best chance of getting through the evening without late night eating. It worked!

Mack and I spent the evening working on his gifted project that is due next week.

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It’s not finished, but we got a lot done.

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This morning we walked to school again. That makes three days in a row!

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It’s been warmer the last few days so that has made it easier to get back out there at 6:30 in the morning.

This morning’s breakfast:

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After breakfast I got out on my bike! It’s been a while.

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I couldn’t take photos on my bike like I usually do because my beater camera’s battery was dead. I had to carry our good camera in my back pack. I’m not allowed to carry it while biking due to the fact that I have dropped the beater camera about a dozen times while on the bike. I did stop to take a picture of an asshole sprinkler violation:

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My destination:

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I went to Gold’s Gym to sign up!

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I have been at such loose ends without a gym. Gold’s has picked up the Les Mills classes and while they don’t have as many as I would like yet, I’m hoping as their popularity becomes evident they will add more classes. Out with the old, in with the new:

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As I was leaving I ran into several of my good gym buddies from Lifestyles/LA Fitness, so it seemed like a sign that this was the right decision. I just joined on a month to month basis so I can look for something else if I’m not happy there. But I’m optimistic and excited!

After I left Gold’s I went through the ATM drive-thru on my bike to get some cash for the weekend. I love running errands on my bike!

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-31

There are two ways to get to Gold’s gym from my neighborhood. One way is a little longer but has a nice bike path and less traffic. I decided to go to Gold’s the long way, then go home the short way so I could compare.

bike route

Lap 1 was the long way to the gym, and lap 2 was the short way home:

bike garmin

LA Fitness was exactly 3 miles from my house, 6 miles round trip. So Gold’s is a mile further the long way, but half a mile closer the short way. I guess which route I take will depend on how much time I have.

Once home I showered and then made lunch.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-32

Now it’s mid-afternoon and I just picked Mack up from school. In a bit I’ll be picking up Cal and we have some really fun family plans for tonight. Actually, my whole weekend is going to be packed with super awesome fun. It may take me a while to blog all the fabulousness.

Tomorrow kicks off a new month, and the Mom Power Team has really motivated me to be Dedicated in December. There are lots of fun challenges starting tomorrow that I plan to take part in (and really really try not to flake out like usual). I want to have a Merry #Fitmas! I’ll be sharing my fellow Power Team members challenges here and on Facebook and Twitter, but here are a couple of fun challenges I plan to take part in:

Several of the Tampa Bay Lady Bloggers, along with a few other bloggers, have devised a photo-a-day challenge for Instagram for December. You can read details here on my friend Kat’s blog. But here’s the gist of it:


I’ve tried to do IG photo-a-day challenges before but always gave up after a few days. This one looks really fun so I’m going to try to keep up.

I also want to do Grow Soul Beautiful’s Yoga-A-Day Instagram challenge in December. You can see the recap of November’s challenge here, and here is the December challenge:


I met the ladies behind GrowSoulBeatiful at Fitbloggin’ and they were so nice. Remember this photo they took of me?


Let’s see…what else? Oh yeah, my friend Beth from Discom-BOB-ulated Runner clued me in to a challenge to run/walk at least one mile every single day in December (details here). I can do that, right? Even on Christmas day and New Years Eve and while traveling? Yes!

Okay, so none of these challenges are super CHALLENGING, except for finding the time and remaining dedicated. Those are really always the biggest obstacles to anything. But I want to be Dedicated in December and these fun things are a good start.

Hope you have a great weekend!