Halloween Postmorten, Part I

November 1, 2010 at 2:23 pm

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! I totally just wasn’t feeling the blog over the weekend, so I am way behind on my brain-and-photo dumping. I’m going to have to back up and spread it out. It will be hard, because life is so exciting around here that if I get behind in sharing, I may never catch up. But I’ll try!

We had a fun weekend filled with Halloweeny and celebratory types of things. Friday night was soccer and then a Trunk or Treat at the boys’ school. It seems like the T-or-T thing is a popular phenomenon these days, as I saw them happening everywhere. We were very late getting there after soccer, but the boys got some candy, saw some friends, and it really got them in the spirit for the real thing on Sunday. Maybe that wasn’t actually necessary, since they’ve been in the Halloween spirit all month anyway.

Saturday Chad took the boys to a birthday party for awesome Molly at the bowling alley. I took the time to go to a BodyFlow (yoga-ish) class at the gym and take a nice long walk all by myself. I am grateful for my Baby Daddy! Then Sunday we carved pumpkins and hit the neighborhood up for candy. I’ll have to share more from all of that later this week, but for now I’m going to back up a few days.

Whenever a package or a box arrives at our house, the boys immediately think it is something for them. That is because they have been utterly spoiled since birth by their grandparents and their great-aunt (Chad’s Aunt Kathie). They get boxes for birthdays and Christmas, naturally. But they also get boxes for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Columbus Day. Well, maybe not that last one. But suffice it to say, they are box-addicts. I have an entire scrapbook that is nothing but pictures of them opening boxes. It’s fascinating. They had already opened Aunt Kathie’s box (awesome) and this one was from Gramma, Paw and Nana:

Chewie is always super-excited about boxes too. And sometimes they actually contain something for him. He’s always hoping 🙂

The boys always open the cards first, because they often contain something that is the perfect size and color! Gramma knows what they like 🙂

She also knows what I like. The things left in the box below, being utterly ignored by the boys, are CLOTHES! Thank you Gramma!

Here’s the aftermath:

Two very happily spoiled boys, one disappointed dog, and one mama with a big mess to clean up. Okay, I’m lying. I just yelled and threatened to take away all their new loot until they reluctantly picked up all the garbage. Such a good mama.

Now Halloween is over and we can get back to real life. For a moment. I have it on good authority that there are still cards from Grandma Viv and Grandaddy Mack in the mail! The spoiling just never stops around here.

Decorative Gourd Season

October 27, 2010 at 5:07 pm

Even though we already visited a farm and bought two big pumpkins, the boys have been begging to go to the pumpkin patch at the church where they both went to preschool and buy some mini-pumpkins. And since I’ve had a hankering for decorative gourds after re-reading THIS ARTICLE (yes, I’m linking to it AGAIN, because it is awesome) I wanted to go too. I thought we were going to go Sunday, but ended up not going. So since today is their short day at school, we went right after dropping off the carpool. And look what they had:

Lovely, no? They had plenty of tiny pumpkins for the boys to pick from:

And they had lots of rather unusual pumpkins this year. Many of them looked almost blue, like the one Mack is holding here (well, that one looks sort of green, but I swear some of them looked blue):

Soon after we got there, a friend of Mack’s from school showed up, so they were thrilled to run around the patch together.

So now our total pumpkin/gourd haul looks like this:

And I can make pretty decorative gourd vignettes like this:

But I might just have to hang them from the chandelier.

P.S. I ran two miles today! And didn’t die! Check it out on my C25K page.