Geckofest and back to the gym

September 4, 2011 at 3:11 pm

Finally! Yes, today was the first day I went back to the gym since August 5th. More on that in a minute, but first let me back up a little bit.

On Friday Cal brought this globe project home from school.


When I went to his class’ open house last week his teacher, Mrs. W, said that they are reintroducing a bit more social studies into the curriculum after years of sacrificing it for more science, math and writing. She said that none of the kids had any idea what the equator or prime meridian were. Wow. At least now he knows what those two things are!

This morning when we were leaving to go out to breakfast Mack said, “Wow Cal! You look like a teenager!” I guess it was what he was wearing or something. Cal was embarrassed, but after looking at that photo above, it really is true. He turns ten and all of a sudden it’s like he’s left boyhood behind.

Here’s a random photo I took of Mack on Friday right after I took the globe one above:


Can you tell he didn’t want me to take his picture?

Yesterday, Chad took the boys to Geckofest in Gulfport.

gecko poster collage

The boys said it was awesome, and they were especially effusive about how cool this guy was (the muscley dude pointing to something):


He had six kids line up (including Cal and Mack)…


then he had them bend over and he ran and did a flip in the air across the top of all six of them, landing on the other side. Chad had our crappy old camera and didn’t get a picture of the guy in the air, but this is right before he took off:


Very cool. The boys were also really impressed that he could do hand-stand push-ups.


They also had these things at Geckofest:



They inflate them with a leaf-blower so it’s really loud.


You know the boys loved this.


And one last sweet photo from Geckofest:


I guess I’d give Chad an “A” for his blog-husband photography at this event. If he had gotten the guy flipping in the air I would have given him an “A+”.

I was actually very productive yesterday while all the boys were gone. I emptied and put away the suitcases that were still in the foyer from Hilton Head and Universal Studios (not surprised they were still there, right?), did two loads of laundry, cleaned the hallway bathroom (now that is a shocker), and wrote four blog posts! That may have been productivity, but it was also a deflection from exercising, which I did not do. However, I finally bit the bullet and got back on the exercise train this morning.

First, the boys and I went to Tick Tock for breakfast.


I guess I forgot to tell Cal to brush his hair this morning…



and after breakfast we went to the gym.


I can’t believe I haven’t been there in a month! Granted, I was out of town for almost half of that time, but still, I wasn’t out of town the past two weeks. Anyway, you can only move forward, so…

20 minutes on the elliptical first.


Then Bodypump.


It wasn’t so bad. I definitely went lighter than normal on the weights, but I know I’ll still be sore tomorrow. Overall, though, it felt good to be back.

As if to exacerbate my feelings of guilt about not exercising, especially about not running, these posters were plastered all over the gym:


Okay internet, I’m putting this out there to make myself accountable…I plan to get up early tomorrow, on a holiday no less, and go for a run. I WILL DO IT!

My plan is to run/walk this half and then continue to train over the cooler months and hopefully be able to run the entire distance at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half that I’m registered for in February. Lesson learned…no more registering for long races before the New Year. It’s just too hot in Florida to train for a long distance in the summer. Well, all my awesome IrunMommies are hard-core and getting it done. Just not me.

So I’m going to figure out a training plan that has me run/walking longer distances up until the race. I really don’t want to completely bag it and not do the race at all. The medal looks so cool! For this one, I just want to finish at least. The race is eleven weeks from today, so if I don’t have any other set-backs, I should be able to do okay.

That’s it for today. We really have no holiday plans for tomorrow. How about you? Is anybody else (besides my friend Barb) super excited about the season premiere of Sons of Anarchy on Tuesday? I’m beyond ready for my Charlie fix…mmmm Jax.