My head is spinning, but it’s all good

March 27, 2013 at 5:57 pm

Before I get off on a tangent and forget, we’re having another Mom Power Team chat tomorrow night on Twitter! This chat will be sponsored by NLA Performance and NLA for Her.

NLA Twitter Chat

These chats are always super fun. Even if you are a newbie to Twitter, you will figure it out and have a blast.


Please join us!

So I mentioned on Saturday that we had just put an offer in on a house and that there was another offer on the table as well. For about 24 hours we were DYING of anxiety. We were actually not really looking forward to going to the Yelp Burger 21 event because we were expecting a call any moment. But about a half hour before we were leaving we got a text from our realtor telling us that OUR OFFER WAS ACCEPTED! We got the house! We lingered at home just long enough to get the signed contract from the sellers and sign it ourselves and return it. Then we were totally happy to be going to the Yelp event to celebrate! We are supposed to close on April 30th. This will be our new front porch!

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-21

We are thrilled and so excited. The boys are on spring break this week but we are not doing all of the fun things I had sort of been planning. I have spent every day on the phone and e-mail constantly with our realtor, insurance agents, and moving companies. Today we have had landscapers…

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-1

painters pressure-washing,

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-2

and a moving company rep at the house. I am getting quotes from several moving companies and they like to actually come out and see what they are in for before giving an estimate.

The boys have spent all week packing their room.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-5

They are maybe 30% done in there and already have a whole corner full of boxes packed to move (mostly books…we have a book problem).

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-3

They have also filled many boxes with toys and books they no longer want.

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-4

We plan to have a big garage sale at the old house after we move and then will donate everything left to Goodwill.

It may not be the most fun spring break imaginable, but the boys are going to be rewarded with their own rooms and a pool at the new house! They agree that it’s worth it. We still have five weeks until we move, but the boys never have any time during the week when they are in school, so this is the perfect week for them to work on packing up their room.

Now for a few public service announcements…

PSA #1:

Remember when I went to the Container Store Tampa grand opening preview? It’s been a while, but I finally had Cal draw a winner for the swag bag!

My Fascinating Life Caroline Calcote-6

Congratulations Karl! I know that I’m terrible about giveaways, but I don’t forget…I get to them eventually.

PSA #2:

On this Saturday (March 30th) the family and I are going to be VIP guests (that’s my disclosure!) at the 2nd Annual Cuban Sandwich Festival in Ybor City!

cuban sandwich festival

The Cuban Sandwich Festival is a contest to find THE BEST traditional and non-traditional Cuban Sandwiches in Florida and beyond. Over 20 restaurants are going to be competing. It’s also a festival in celebration of Florida’s rich Cuban cultural heritage. They will have live cultural musical and dance performances and over 50 Latino food, art and cultural exhibitors.  Admission is free.

We went to the first Cuban Sandwich Festival last year and were pretty disappointed. You can read my blog post about the first Cuban Sandwich Festival here. The organizers saw my post and invited us back as VIP guests this year. They assured me that they learned a lot from their inaugural year and this year is going to be much better. We’re looking forward to checking it out and seeing if they are correct!

PSA #3:

On Saturday April 6th the West Gandy Boulevard Walmart is hosting the Walmart Steak-Over Challenge. (This mention is NOT sponsored. I am just letting you about it because I think it’s cool and want to help support our local firehouses.)

Firefighters from two Tampa firehouses are firing-up the grill to go head-to-head in the Walmart Steak-Over Challenge presented by Kingsford Charcoal, Dr. Pepper and A.1. Saturday, April 6. From noon – 2 p.m. in the 4302 W. Gandy Blvd. Walmart store parking lot, they’ll each be grilling their own “top secret” recipes, and shoppers will vote for who has the best steak in town. Whoever wins will go on to represent Tampa in the national finale event in Los Angeles, for a chance to win the grand prize of $20,000.

This will be a fun, interactive, and family-friendly event in the Tampa community. If you are in the area, head over there to try some of Sergio’s Seasoned Dr. Pepper® Rib-eyes, a recipe created by the Tampa Bay Fire Department (photo courtesy of them).

PACIFICA, CALIF - Walmart Steakover program.  TAMPA Sergio's Dr. Pepper Ribeye Recipe..Photo by John Lee.

Looks tasty!

Now I need to go run to a bunch of places looking for more empty boxes and take some more signed papers to the UPS store to send to our lender. Back to obsessing over the new house!


Whole30, Day 21

January 28, 2013 at 7:26 pm

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They have sworn that there will not be a lower registration price offered (and no Groupons or anything), so if you want to do it, sign up now!

So it’s Sunday. My hip is not really bad today. My legs and hips are all a little sore because that was a long run for me yesterday, but my right hip does not seem particularly sore and I am not limping. Yay!

I’m taking a rest day today, other than strolling an art show and doing housework.


My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-1

After breakfast the boys and I went to the Beth-El Art Festival.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-44

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-3

This is a huge art show and it’s really nice because most of it is either indoors or in covered breezeways. We thought that the art show started at 10, but it actually started at 11, so we were early. Luckily, we could check out all of the large outdoor sculptures while we waited.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-4

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-5

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-6

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-7

The boys were really intrigued by this found-object crane sculpture.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-8

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-60

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-16

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-15

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-19

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-24

We all thought the steampunk-esque fish were awesome.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-25

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-26

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-28

The names of all of these pieces were cool. Barbiecuda:

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-29

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-34

 My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-31

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-32

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-35

My sister needs these horseshoe sculptures on her farm:

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-40

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-43

Finally after hanging out for a while…

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-42

they let us into the synagogue.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-39

We weren’t allowed to photograph all of the amazing artwork that filled the temple, but I did sneak a photo of the beautiful sanctuary.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-45

I saw so much artwork that I LOVED. In particular, I was obsessed with Daryl Thetford. He was there and I met him and talked to him for several minutes. His pieces were amazing and I kept picturing them in our new house (if we ever actually get one). This is the piece that I really, really, really want (it’s ginormous IRL):

woman on a bike for fb

It was on display at the art show and seemed more red than pink in real life. Oh look, there is a Daryl Thetford Facebook page! I am now stalking him.

Once back outside I took one final photo of these little bats which I also loved.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-46

After we saw everything at the art show twice, we headed over to Earth Origins to get some lunch for the boys and to do a little shopping.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-47

I got them a sandwich and some sides from the hot/cold bar and set them up in the café while I shopped.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-51

I really like this little healthy grocery store. I wish it was on our side of town. I love Rollin’ Oats as well, but they have a much bigger produce section at Earth Origins.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-48

Rollin’ Oats is currently building an expansion, however, so I’m excited about that!

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-49

I just picked up a few essentials, plus chocolate for my little art aficionados.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-50

Once we got home I made my lunch, which was just a big salad with leftover ground beef/bbq sauce/veggie mixture dumped on top.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-52

I spent the afternoon cleaning house, doing laundry, and prepping food.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-56

New paleo mayonnaise…this time with avocado oil and light olive oil. I think it came out much better than the last batch which was too olive oily.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-57

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-53

I like putting individual sheets of aluminum foil under each of the various veggies. That way you can take them out as they get done since they are all different sizes and require different cooking times.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-54

Chad baked a huge piece of salmon for dinner.

My Facinating Life Caroline Calcote-55

That’s it for Day 21. 9 days to go on my Whole30. Here’s to a new week!