St. Petersburg International Folk Fair Society festival

November 3, 2012 at 11:13 pm

Thursday I somehow got roped into chaperoning on a fieldtrip for the gifted center at Mack’s school. If you are following along and paying attention, this is the third day in a row that I volunteered at Mack’s school. I think I deserve a medal or something.

Outfit of the volunteering day (OOTVD) #3 this week:


The adult restroom in the school’s office has been transformed to a Thanksgiving/Fall theme obviously.



I had a pretty bad attitude about being back at the school because fieldtrips are not my favorite thing, especially when I have to ride on a school bus which I was slated to do.


Luckily things started looking up when my friend, the other Caroline, arrived and it turned out that I could ride in her car.



In the end it was a great fieldtrip and my mood improved as the day wore on. It was all worth it because Mack told me repeatedly that he was so glad that I was there and thanked me for coming on the fieldtrip several times.


I’m sorry that I’m a fieldtrip curmudgeon. I’ve just been there/done that but I know that I should cherish these days when my kids are still young and I that I am very privileged to be able to be involved with all these school activities.

The St. Petersburg International Folk Fair Society festival was awesome! There was so much to see and do. The kids had a blast and I have to admit that I did too. We got to meet many interesting people, learn things about many cultures, eat some good food, and see dolphins in the bay.

So here’s 129 (unedited) photos from our fun day:


Thanks for looking!

St. Raphael’s Festival

October 21, 2012 at 7:29 pm

I’ve had another jam-packed weekend. Jam-packed with fitness, fun, and awesomeness, that is. I think I’m going to dole out each event in a separate post rather than creating one of my usual never-ending tomes.

Yesterday after my one mile ocean swim and 25 mile bike ride I was beat and pretty much sat right here in my comfy office chair with my feet up for several hours. When I couldn’t avoid it any longer I finally showered and got dressed to head to the St. Raphael’s Festival right in our neighborhood with the family.


The festival is hosted by St. Raphael’s Catholic Church and has all the amenities of a big carnival with none of the drawbacks. Yes to big rides, fun games, and good food. No to big crowds and long lines. We have gone to the festival several times and always had a blast. Click here to see our evening at St. Raphael’s Festival last year (plus some other crazy stuff in that post).


They have a “little kids” area with rides geared towards the younger set and the boys hit that up first to ride the Frog Hopper.


After that we walked over to the main part of the carnival and came to this climbing/sliding contraption that Cal was too big to enter.


He’s faking an annoyed face in that photo. I could tell he was psyched to be “too big” for something. Mack was NOT too big.




Next was bumper cars.



Then Tap Out.




Next was whatever this is called:


By this time it was nearing sunset so we decided to go on the Ferris wheel. I LOVE the Ferris wheel here because we get such an amazing view of our neighborhood, downtown St. Pete, and Tampa Bay.


Sunset over St. Pete:


I used the fancy panoramic function on my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 to take this one:

20121020-DSC02010(click on the image to see it much larger)



It was an amazingly gorgeous fall evening. This has been the most beautiful weekend. It was almost chilly last night after the sun went down!



After the Ferris wheel we headed back over to the little kids area to hit up the super slide.




Back over to the big kids’ rides. It was starting to get dark outside.


About this time I was too tired to stand around watching the boys ride anymore, so I went to sit and listen to the band while Chad took the boys on another round of rides.



They came and got me so that I could watch Cal ride the mechanical bull.


RideEmCalboy(Click on the above image to see Cal ride the bull!)

The festival was so pretty all brightly lit at night that we decided to ride the Ferris wheel one more time as our last hurrah.





We were treated to fireworks over downtown!



The glow from Tampa, which my camera greatly magnified:


We had a great night and saw lots of our friends. Thank you St. Raphael’s!

Tomorrow I plan to take it easy and stay home, so hopefully I’ll get around to blogging my fun events from today. I hope your weekend was as fabulous a mine.