St. Pete Saturday

May 19, 2012 at 5:59 pm

Yesterday I lolled around reveling in my birthday all day and wrote a little post where I reminisced about being 34 (the flip side of my actual 43 years). Today I lolled about all morning, pretending it was still my birthday, but knowing I had actual plans for the afternoon so a shower would be required. Before the shower, however, I realized that my self-indulgence on the blog yesterday made me miss recording some fascinating events of the last couple of days.

Thursday evening, right after karate, the boys I went to their school for the PTA Writer’s Write night for grades K-2. Mack was going to read a poem, just like Cal did at the same event for the upper grades a few weeks ago. They served a hot dog dinner before the poetry reading.

hot dog

Mack was really excited to be reading his poem in front of the whole PTA meeting.


There was actually a preview of this poem in a post I wrote about a month ago, called Wonder Feet at School.


Here is Mack’s finished product:


And for the grandparents, here is Mack reading his poem (it’s less than a minute):

Mack reads his poem, “Dark Morning”


Thursday night was Chad’s pool league night. I joined in on a Twitter party from 8-10 p.m. hosted in part by one of my favorites, Technology for Mom’s Sarah Kimmel (@tech4moms) and sponsored by Intel (#IntelSocialButterfly). It was fun talking about social media and specifically about these infographics generated by Intel using an integration of your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube usage.

intel infographic

You can create your own “What About Me?” infographic here.

Then yesterday (Friday) was my birthday. Chad was on boy duty all day while I mostly did nothing but watch television and play on social media. Chad also fed me all day and made an awesome grilled steak dinner with a bunch of side dishes from the Fresh Market.


The boys also got me a carrot cake from Fresh Market for my birthday.

birthday cake square-2

Is it sad or awesome that all of the pictures of me from both Mother’s Day and my birthday are me in my pajamas with my glasses on?

This morning while I was being lazy (I promise an end to this laziness…Monday!), Chad took the boys to the Saturday Morning Market.


Next weekend is the last weekend for the market until next fall.


It looks like they took full advantage of it.


There is always something going on in St. Pete. Often there are multiple options to choose from, but today we were able to take advantage of two fun local events in one day. In the morning it was the Saturday Morning Market, and in the afternoon it was the Craft Beer & Food Truck Festival in the Grand Central District of downtown St. Pete.


I’ll try to write a separate post about the food truck festival if I can get it together.


It was hot and we ate a bunch of yummy food.


We skipped the beer this time, but it looked like everyone was enjoying it.

This was technically a treat for my birthday because I will stretch it out for as long as possible. Tomorrow I am going to just start to get back in the swing of things by going to Bodypump. I am planning to recommit to clean eating on Monday. Like really. For real. I mean it.

Carnival Saturday

April 14, 2012 at 4:20 pm

Mack woke up feeling good this morning! No fever. Thank goodness. Thank you to everyone who sent Mack get-well wishes. They worked.

I woke up with a still-sore hip. It’s getting better, but still hurts. I iced it, took some Aleve, and sat on my ass all morning. It felt good to sleep in, but I feel like such a slug not running or exercising at all. I want to go out and at least walk, maybe try to run a little, but I’m worried about straining it more or straining it again, and my main priority at the moment is to be able to finish the Iron Girl Half Marathon next Sunday. So I’m doing nothing and feeling bad about it.

My only activity today was manning one of the bouncy houses at the boys’ school carnival.


This was my view for two hours:


I took tickets, yelled at kids, and got covered in dirt. Apparently dirt is not such a great sunscreen, though, because the tops of my white runners’ feet got sunburnt (I did sunscreen my upper half, just not my legs or feet).

Mack was able to enjoy the carnival, but he did get worn out and hung out with me for a while, taking tickets.


Cal was running around with his posse the whole time. Occasionally I would catch a glimpse of his hair flying.


It was a fun day, and I’m very grateful to all the Shore Acre parents who put in so much time to make the carnival happen. My pathetic two hours standing at a bouncy house were literally the least I could do.

Now we’re all relaxing at home. I need to go make some jugs of margaritas to pack in the cooler. Soon it will be time to go get the babysitter. We’re headed to the waterfront to meet some friends and watch American Stage’s production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the park.


Can’t wait!