Ode to Cari

January 13, 2011 at 9:10 pm

My friend Cari is the best. First of all, she has the most amazing hair. The kind of hair that people like me, with completely limp, lifeless, boring hair can only whistfully imagine. Cari’s hair makes an impression. She’s gorgeous.

And we sort of have a thing. Don’t be jealous.

We have been in many situations, somehow, that resulted in fairly embarrassing photos. The ones above are pretty tame. The ones below are Cari’s fabulous work.

Despite having a million things going on in her life right before the holidays, she took the time to drive to Safety Harbor and take these family photos for us at Philippe Park. She also dealt with my harassing texts asking for the shots ASAP and got them to me in time to do our Christmas cards. Here’s the photo we used for that:

Here’s a few more of the shots she took that day:

I ordered that last one as a 16X20 canvas print, and it is kind of freaky-looking, but I like it. Mack’s expression is a little trance-like. We kept having to run to the curb when cars came and try to compose ourselves quickly, so this photo was fun. I think Mack was just over it by this time.

Thank you so much Cari! You are totally awesome.

Check out Cari Anne Photography.

Sunday’s a Brand New Week

January 9, 2011 at 6:01 pm

Because my Garmin automatically files the data on my runs and walks in files by weeks going from Sunday to Saturday, I have begun thinking of the week as starting on Sunday. All day I’ve thought, “It’s day one. The week has begun. Let’s get going on this week’s goals.” But Sunday is just intuitively a “relax” day. I still really think that productivity always has to start on Monday. So I haven’t listened to that voice in my head saying, “Chop chop. The week has begun. There are things to be done around here.” However, I did prioritize my exercise above all else. And here I am accomplishing a blog post. And the boys have been fed, clothed and transported.

I had breakfast and coffee at home (whole wheat toast with almond butter and sliced bananas), but the boys wanted to go out this morning. We went to our favorite North St. Pete diner, Tick Tock.

I love this picture because you can see what we all brought to read at the restaurant. Cal: James Patterson’s “Maximum Ride” graphic novel. Mack: The Lego Star Wars Dictionary. Me: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller (reading for a book club blog I’m participating in…Women, Food & Blog).

After the boys had their french toast and sausage, we hit the gym. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical (working on getting my heart rate up for extended periods hoping to help my running speed) and then Bodypump. I felt really good in Bodypump, finally not sore and pretty much back to my pre-Christmas weights. So there’s my Day One of the workout week.

After lunch I did Mommy duty and took the boys to a birthday party for a good friend who turned 4 today.

Here’s some other cute pics of Cole with Cal and Mack. My Mom took these at the PTA gingerbread man decorating party.

Cole’s party was at a neighborhood park. It was a gorgeous day, sunny and mid-60’s. A perfect day for a party in the park.

This park has awesome trees and really cool sticks which have come home for the collection in the carport. Palm fronds create the best sword/sticks.

There were epic cupcakes, kick-ball, and bicycles involved.

Florida in January is the best. When we got home our neighbor was playing frisbee in the street with his son wearing a short-sleeve t-shirt, shorts and barefoot. Personally, I think it was a bit chilly for that, but still gotta love Florida.

We also saw some crazy birds when we left the park. This dude is about as tall as a 3 year old, just hanging out in someone’s front yard.

He led us to the bird house. I count 16 in this picture. We were able to distinguish four different species. Ibis, egrets, cranes and then something that looked kind of like a smaller, plumper egret but with a blue beak. The roof was disgusting.

Yes, Florida is awesome, especially in January. I highly recommend it.