Kids’ Firehouse Museum

June 28, 2007 at 11:09 pm

Very busy day today. This morning the boys and I went to the Kids’ Firehouse Museum in Largo for MOMS Club Chapter playgroup. It was great! They had 12 antique firetrucks plus TONS of firefighting paraphenelia. The boys absolutely loved it. Cal thanked me like six times for taking them there. So cute.

They had a huge shaded playground behind the museum, with all this retro (read: dangerous) equipment totally reminiscent of the playground equipment of my childhood. And the kids got to watch a Sesame Street video about fire safety and firefighting, which they loved. And all this was FREE. We did make a donation, but still, such a great outing for the kiddos. I got lots of great pictures of all the MOMS Club kids.

We came home around noon and had lunch. An appraiser came over to appraise the house for a refinance we are doing to get some cash to do some home improvements. Then after nap we went to Cal’s karate lesson and THEN I took the boys to get haircuts. Whew. Like I said, busy day. But fun. And good.

Chad’s at pool league tonight, so I got some scrapping in. Here’s the page I finished tonight:

special moments

What else did we do this week? Let’s see…

Tuesday: free movie at Parkside; Flushed Away. Mack was scared of the bad guys at the beginning, but he eased up by half way through and enjoyed it. We took Joey and Jillian with us. Then lunch at Chick-fil-a. This was also a MOMS Club playgroup (the Tues. Jungle group), so we all went to lunch there afterwards. Cal accidentally hurt Erin Reynolds while they were playing. He fessed up immediately to Roisin, Erin’s Mom, saying, “I did it. I accidentally hurt her. I’m sorry! I said I was sorry!” He kept apologizing to Erin and obviously felt terrible. Erin refused to acknowledge his apology, and I could tell his feelings were hurt. I felt sorry for him. And proud of him. They were playing on the slide and he pulled on her somehow and hurt her. Ah, kids….um, then karate in the afternoon, of course.

Wednesday: swimming lessons for both boys…can’t remember what else.

Going to a crop tomorrow night at Scrapbooking in Paradise with Katie. Assuming she is feeling better. She has been way sick.

Monday morning

June 25, 2007 at 9:26 am

We had a pretty fun weekend.

I spent all day Saturday at a crop in Tampa with Katie. The crop was hosted by my friend Cari of The Scrapyard group I belong to…basically a yahoo group for Florida scrappers (mostly Tampa Bay area, but now we have members from all over the state). I mostly worked on a mini album of pics from a trip to Tennessee in Dec. 2005 (when my Dad broke his hip), but also did a class taught by Cari. Here is the layout we made in her class:

You three

Yesterday we had a stay-at-home day, not doing much. Chad worked from home most of the day and I just played with the boys and scrapbooked a little bit. Chad made crock pot chicken and vegetable soup and homemade rolls for dinner…yum!

Today, no plans yet. Still trying to decide what to do. We’ll probably just go run some errands.

eta: We did run some errands…Office Depot, Party City, Target. The usual haunts.

Really just came back to add this layout that I did last night:

it's cold outside